Three decades later, another 'Search & Destroy' mission for Iggy and the Stooges

144720__stooges_lTake heart, punk fans! The recent wave of every band ever getting back together (Genesis? Really?) has finally washed up on Iggy Pop’s shores for real, and now the Stooges (pictured, above, from left: Scott Asheton, Pop, and Ron Asheton) — who have been touring together for the last couple years — have recorded their first album in 34 years.

The record, called The Weirdness, will be released on Pop’s own label March 20. It will be produced by Steve Albini, who has worked with the Pixies, Nirvana, and the dreaded Joanna Newsom. The album’s release will be followed by a world tour, a concept which makes me a bit nervous, as I was in the crowd the night the Stooges played Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival in 2005, and found myself nearly crushed to death after Iggy screamed, "I want to see every person in Seattle on this m*therf*cking stage RIGHT NOW!!" The crowd complied. Please see photographic evidence of Whitney (below, left) clutching her purse like a frightened grandma and begging the Lord to take her quickly if those barricades gave way.

Anyway, enough about me and how I’m old — PopWatchers! THERE ARE NO MORE BANDS THAT NEED TO GET BACK TOGETHER! Can we agree on this? Or are you still holding out for that one special reunion?

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  • Ward

    Yes. Pink Floyd. Even though Live8 kinda blew.

  • EP Sato

    I’d like to see Hepcat reform. Back when Alex Dessert was fronting the group (he was the Black guy in “Swingers” and on “Becker”), they were at a peak. The line up kept changing to a degree that their last album hardly sounded like the same band that had released their first album. A return to form for these guys nearly five years after they stopped doing so would be, IMHO, totally worth it.
    Whitney, you totally needed to join the rest of the crazies in the crowd man! Nothing beats a good stage rush…

  • Joe

    Spice Girls!!!

  • Rebecca

    I would travel anywhere in the world to see The Smiths re-form, even if it’s just for one show.
    And Whitney, you should know by now – never bring your purse to a show! Leave it in the car and bring just your ticket, ID, and money.

  • Julie

    The Replacements.

  • McNutt

    The Police. Not to record any new material, but just to tour. I’d pay to see that.

  • furry_tom

    I’ll hold out judgement until the album comes out, but Skull Ring was really crappy (that Peaches song sounded like karaoke). So my hopes aren’t too high.
    I’d like to see a reunion of Dr. F√ľnke’s 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution.

  • cRAIG

    why not? with all the cr*p out there today (news flash: the Killers don’t rock), the Stooges just might make a good record. Cheap Trick and the Dolls did it last year. as for reunions: the Replacements, Jellyfish and Skid Row (w/Sebastian Bach)…

  • Dalyn

    After seeing Scratch Acid earlier this year, I’m pretty much done with reunions now.

  • RobC

    Would be nice to see the As and Bs who used to be ABBA do something together again…if only a group hug.

  • kennyk

    Nsync, anyone?
    ANYONE??? (I am beginning to sense evil stares of hatred across cyberspace)
    So I’ll just say bye bye bye…

  • Chaddogg

    While Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution would definitely make my top 5 list (along with the Hot Cops), I have only one thing to say:
    Guns ‘n Roses.
    Seriously, can we hear Chinese Democracy please? And could Axl, Slash, et. al. swallow their pride, paranoia, and chemical imbalances and reunite? Seriously, the rock gods demand it.

  • Ep Sato

    Chaddogg, you are so right. My buddy saw the GNR reuinion tour a few years back and said they were totally rockin’ out. GNR could have become a lasting rock act that still plays like Metallica, but instead became an instrument of their own destruction. Axl had many chances to become one of the biggest names in rock and seems to have blown every one of them. GNR, please come back!

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    You know, if a bio-movie were to be done on Pop the only person that would come close to actually looking like him would be Anthony Kedis from R.H.C.P. .

  • Jay

    Still waiting for that Smiths reunion…

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