'Top Chef': Anybody else really digging this season?

152728__top_l"Marisa,Josie, please pack your knives and go." Ah, sweet music to my ears. I’vebeen watching Top Chef rather devotedly these past few weeks, even going so faras to watch the reruns that are always airing on Bravo. I just love this show (I especially love the humble and hardworking Cliff, who better win!). Last night’s episode featured all of my favoritethings — hearts, kidneys, blood, chicken feet, and whiny pastry chef Marisa’s elimination (hallelujah). Eversince she made that patronizing fuss about fellow contestant Otto and the lychees, I’ve wantedher out! Out! Anybody want her recipe for Hockey-Puck Panna Cotta? Didn’t think so.

Rancid bits from last night:

– Betty wilting after last week’s humiliation, when she (unwittingly?) stretched the rules of a strict diet-food challenge. I think she was feeling dejected, and therefore wasn’t thinking clearly with the duck/puff pastry mess she and Mia made last night. Come back, Betty!

– Slacker Mike somehow getting on the winning team. What? That joker!

– Sam giving the guest judge his sexy face. Relax — you’re not that hot.

– Josie repeating, "I’m so talented. So much talent. So talented."

– The guest judge commenting about Elia and Carlos’ weird juice: "Thistasted like it sat out for 48 hours and went bad." Ewww.

– Bravo’s choices for its "most annoying" poll: Where were Marisa andMike?!

Tasty bits:

Mushroom paella and fried soft shell crab

– Sweetbread city… I’m ready to chow down on thymus and pancreas next time I do some finedining.

– Stifler’s Mom/Jennifer Coolidge popping up

– Cliff being helpful

– Ilan being nice to Mike (I know, it’s contradictory, but sometimes I feel sorry for lil’ Mikey)

Tony Bourdain is on as guest judge next week — can’t wait. Also, check out Tom Colicchio’s blog. Love him!


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  • Ali

    The most hilarious thing about last night was that Josie was surprised that she wasn’t going to win the whole show. She’s never even been in the top three. She’s been completly middle of the road week after week.

  • Brett Colbo

    Josie is SO annoying, I’m glad the Anime reject got canned. She seriously looks like a “Yu-Gi-Yo!” character. When she went off on Mike in week 2 I lost all respect for her. So, when she and Marisa went, I was cheering. Especially since, once again, Marisa still didn’t know how to make a good dessert style dish. Isn’t she a pastry chef? Girl, find another job. Only time you have been complimented was on using mint in a dish. My pick for the winner this year? Ilan. He is KILLIN’ it and really knows how to make a mean dish. I’m so excited for tubby to go off on Marcel next week, it’s the battle that has been a-brewin’ for a while now. And I agree that Betty needs to get her groove back, not that I think she is going to win, but I do think she deserves to be in the final 4.

  • Elizabeth

    I love this show! Even Marcell’s strangely aerodynamic hair.

  • sisterfriend

    I am just EATING up every episode!!!! Josie was a RIOT last night! Love that Betty. Also Cliff and Sam. Ha ha Marisa, you go bye bye now!!!

  • sisterfriend

    P.S. Chef Tom’s comments in the kitchen last night …. SIZZLIN’!!!!

  • jane

    Did you all see how steamed Collichio was at having to be in the kitchen, watching the chefs, instead of getting to hang out at the party? He looked outraged having to eat in the kitchen, like he wasn’t invited to the party. I guess that’s why they’re bringing back LeeAnne from last season, so that she can babysit while and he can go back to just sniffing and sneering in between making out with the celebrity guests.
    Has anyone else noticed that the judges have become jerks? Padmi is just as empty-headed as last year’s Katie Lee, Tom is meaner and never compliments anyone, and Gail doesn’t say anything pertinent, but is quick to follow up on the other judge’s complaints.
    By the way, Son of Sam does not look like Ashton Kutcher, and is not hot. He has the looks of someone who lives in a cabin in the woods, building bombs. Marisa couldn’t make a dessert to save her life, and for some reason none of the chefs seem to be on par with the chefs from last year.

  • cheftastic

    marcel’s hair is perfect villain hair… ahhhmayyzing. the season is getting better w/ every episode… and padma is a huge improvement over the old robot they had. now if they could just pull in a better celeb than stifler’s mom to cook for…

  • Julia

    I was also so thrilled to see the back of Marisa, a pastry chef who couldn’t make a decent dessert. My picks for the top two chefs so far are Cliff- cocky but definitely consistant- and Ilan, who I think is way cuter than Sam. Great season so far, let’s hope they keep it up!

  • AlexW

    As for Marcel’s hair, he is known at our house as “Jimmy Neutron”.

  • Pete

    Ilan and Cliff are by far the best, with sam in close contention.
    Marcel stupifies me. He’s never been in the top 3, he’s been in the bottom 3 what, twice? And that attitude? Make something remotely edible.

  • Jennifer

    Soooooooooo glad to see Marisa go. I haven’t liked her since day one, especially after her comment, “I use my looks to get what I want” or whatever she said. Sweety, I hate to be the one to break the news to you-but you ain’t that hot. Now, Sam on the other hand, “Meeeeeeeeyowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”. I think Ilan is kind of cute, too. I love Betty. I hope she wins. She seems so sweet.

  • ceej

    My bet is on Cliff, Sam and Ilan being the final three. Cliff out sushi’ed everyone a few weeks back (and he’s either in the top or middle every week), Sam has a great knowledge of the basics, and ilan is a great balance of creative and pratical.
    Marisa was such a snob. If she should get her crooked bulbous nose out of the air and get it fixed. She couldn’t even make ice cream. And Josie and her hair belong on the cartoon network. Did you hear her brag about “I worked at a Vietnamese restaurant” and she couldn’t even pronounce ‘pho’ correctly!
    As for Betty’s antics last week, she may have been innocent (or ignorant), but she was still wrong. Bad form! You’re cooking for kids with weight issues and special dietary needs and you think it’s OK to ‘fudge’ on the recipe? I would have sent her packing. 20 bucks she get caught cheating again and breaks out the waterworks again. She’s the type of manipulator who curries favor with everyone so that just in case she gets busted, people will blindly jump to her defense.
    And I highly doubt people were squirting olive oil as liberally as Sam proclaimed, simply because none of the 6 cameras in the kitchen showed it!
    Tom has every right to be mad… the last 2 challenges have brought about accusations of cheating (remember the Otto incident), and he can’t believe he has to baby-sit grown azz folks! I’d be peeved too!
    Lastly, Marcel… is it me or does he look dirtier than Mike. I mean, Mike might scratch is azz while cooking, but Marcel looks like he doesn’t even bother to bathe.

  • Mike

    I thought Tom’s facial expressions while in the kitchen were great. He could be the student double of Veronica Mars’s dad.
    It’s so refreshing to see 6-8 good chefs on a reality cooking show instead of the 1, maybe 2 decent cooks that were on the Gordon Ramsey show. That was ridiculous.

  • MojoJojo

    Wow!! Marisa-the Olive Oyl stunt double always grated my nerves, but, I kinda liked Josie.. I really like Cliff and Ilan, Sam’s undercover quietness is reminscent of Harold. But, Marcel’s hair is a constant bother. He looks like Wolverine’s wimpy, un-sexy younger brother!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    I think Marcel’s alleged hygiene issues spring more from the amount of crap in his hair–just makes it look like he never washes his hair.
    Josie physically and vocally reminded me of my kids’ high school bowling coach–the big difference is that their coach is a sweetheart. Josie was a loud, abrasive walking ego.
    Like Betty despite all the craziness but leaning toward Ilan in the final.

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