OMG, 'SNL' was actually funny!

145221__tony_l Yes, it’s Tuesday, but folks throughout EW HQ are still talking about this past weekend’s Alec Baldwin-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, saying it was the funniest episode in recent memory. (And we’re not the only ones still talking about it. NBC has some of the highlights streaming here.) Give some credit to the unusually sharp writing (the Britney-and-her-divorce-lawyer vignette, the carpool sketch). Props also to the surprise celebrity guests — a smug Steve Martin, a dazed Paul McCartney, and an extremely game Tony Bennett (pictured, right, alongside Baldwin impersonating the crooner), who also sang a lively duet with Christina Aguilera. But give most of the credit to Baldwin, who’s become our favorite comedy cleanup hitter, and whose practiced deadpan managed to sell lines like "Bobby McFerrin raped my grandmother." (Trust us, that was a really funny punchline.) Can he please host every week?

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  • Lynny

    So glad to see I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it so much. I truly do not remember the last time I laughed that hard watching SNL. Besides the funny, Tony Bennett and Christina Aguliera at the end was really great and Alec’s reaction to Paul McCartney’s obviously surprise appearance was priceless. Alec Baldwin is really becoming my favorite comic actor. He is reinventing himself and it is fun to watch.

  • Will Holston

    seriously…EW, who else could be entertainer of the year BUT Alec Baldwin?

  • Paul U.

    Baldwin for President!

  • Giselle

    I miss Schweaty Balls!

  • Lorenzo

    I agree with Will. He is so funny on “30 Rock”. Was perfect in “The Departed” and now he made “SNL” funny again. Alec Baldwin is an acting genuis. You should put him as Entertainer of the Year for your year-end magazine. Come on, you can do it. Just try to detox yourselves (like Issac from Heroes) from putting “Lost”, “Jon Stewart” or “Stephen Colbert”. He deserves it. Period.

  • clay

    This past episode of SNL was just one more reason people need to jump on the 30 ROCK bandwagon — BALDWIN IS PERFECTION! His comedic timing on 30 ROCK is unbelievable, and he is surrounded by talent which makes him even better! This Thursday – supersized Baldwin – what more could you ask for?!??

  • mike

    The best SNL in years. The two best lines of the night was the stomping on Steve Martin while yelling “I was in schwetty balls” and of course,” Bobby Mcfarrin raped my grandmother”.
    If Alec Baldwin was the star of the night, Kristen Wiig was second. From her wide-eyed Nancy Pelosi, to the driver of the car who was rescued by Celine Dion, she was great.

  • mike

    In third place was Tony Bennett. SNL uses the subject of a parody alot. Janet Reno, Judge Judy and Alex Trebek have come on the show. Tony Bennett was very game because Baldwin takes his act to an R rated level.
    Amy Poehler does a great Britney.

  • Cliff

    I’m jumping on Will and Lorenzo’s bandwagon…Baldwin IS the Entertainer of the Year. He’s had 3 stellar SNL appearances since last December (including a cameo when Steve Martin hosted), he’s in 3 movies this year, he’s consistently hilarious on 30 Rock, and he’s a standout guest on Bill Maher’s HBO show–funny, attentive, articulate, and actually willing to LISTEN to opposing viewpoints before tearing them apart. The last Alec this good was Guinness. Let the campaign begin!

  • Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV

    I agree, best episode since Will Ferrel left. This cast has a lot of potential and SNL should be consistently back on track in the near future.

  • tamuchi

    Word! We’ve been talking about it at work, too, these past few days. Y’all, that carpool sketch was just excellent and had me rolling on the floor y’all. But I think the best sketch Baldwin has ever done was the Glengarry Glen Ross parody with Santa’s elves – priceless.

  • brandonk

    Agreed, Alec Baldwin is hilarious! When did that happen?! LOL Loved the carpool sketch, as well as the one with Steve Martin and Martin Short (who totally stole my attention every time he popped up). Good show!

  • Catty Canuck

    Alec Baldwin is brilliant and fearless – an unbeatable combination.

  • bma

    Yup, best show this season! I’ve loved Alec since he was nekkid in “Working Girl”, but he’s really come into his own the past few years.
    And hellz yes, he gets my vote for Entertainer of the Year! Let the evidence speak for itself:
    30 Rock
    The Departed
    Running With Scissors
    Real Time With Bill Mahr

  • GoddessLu

    Wow, I tape SNL every weekend (cause I’m lame and fall asleep by about 11:45 every Saturday night) and get around to watching it when I have time. I’m making a date with the VCR (yes I’m a dinosaur) tonight. Woo hoo! That said, I love Alec too and 30 Rock rocks hard.

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