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145221__hereos_lLook, I don’t mean to kvetch mightily about Heroes (which I totally heart), but if Tim Kring and his staff are going to throw little nuggets our way, they should do it subtly. And by subtly, I don’t mean flashing messages like the "Are You Sure You Want to Quit?" on Mohinder’s computer so big and so often that even casual viewers balancing their checkbooks mid-episode will stop and go, "Ohhh! Mohinder must be questioning his decision not to continue his father’s work!" Don’t even trip because you know I’m right, people. Also, would you let a total stranger shave you with a straight razor, even if she had a cute pixie hairstyle? I didn’t think so. That’s all.

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  • Alicia

    I thought it was just me! Seriously, does anybody still use a straight razor? Every time I see one, I think about “The Color Purple” and Miss Celie nearly slitting Mr.’s throat. Anyway, that was very bizarre. I suppose it was meant to be, though.

  • Mac

    Well, no, but Pixie Girl apparently can convince you to do things you normally would not do. If she can talk the detoxed Isaac into getting back on the Horse, I figure allowing her to shave him should be a snap.

  • pbjunkie

    Sometimes the makers of “Heroes” like to slam things in our faces, like we’re not smart enough to figure stuff out on our own. The computer message was bothering me all episode.
    However, the show still kicks major ass.

  • Jael

    Alicia, I had the same question. Who has them? Where can you even buy a straight razor anymore?

  • jane

    I needed a straight edge razor for a student film I was directing and found one easily on eBay. They’re cool because they’re dangerous.

  • Carla

    Test comment.

  • Lorenzo

    Loved last night episode. I am almost had to cancel my date just to watch it. Yes, I am a fan whose is able to get dates and yes, it’s pathetic. I kinda wish the pixie hair girl had a better ability than the power of “persuasion” (doesn’t that some like type-casting to you?) But if she had this gift all the time, why didn’t she used it to make Mohinder stay in New York?

  • TsuKata

    I figured junkieIssac’s hands were probably shaky, hence him trusting the evil pixie cut with the task. As for why it had to be a straight razor…beats me. Maybe that’s just all they had around. :)

  • theTVaddict.com

    Completely Agree with you Slezak. How dumb does Kring thing the audience is. Seriously, we get it… Mohinder has a choice to make…

  • KP

    Did anyone else notice that from a distance, the dashes in the genetic code ont he computer screen made a series of symbols like a code? It looked like the symbols on the top of one of the father’s files. That might be why they left the “YES/NO” screen up so that wasn’t as obvious.
    If you re-watch, look for the scene where the camera is looking at Mohinder from above and at a distance.

  • KP

    Also, the symbols kind of looked like bad Niki’s tattoo.

  • Fatima

    Too funny Michael!

  • Richard

    Haiku for Mike’s return to Heroes Popwatching:
    Welcome Back, Slezak!
    You didn’t want to quit us.
    Shave you, anywhere?

  • The Other Kyle

    I thought the error message was just fine. It was double meaning that had a point to it. Whatever he finds on the computer will surely re-spark his interest.
    But I do agree on the razor part. Also, does anyone use a straight edge these days? Is he getting a shave & a hair cut for 2 bits?!
    And he wasn’t injured. He can shave himself. He was pretty much over his withdrawals.

  • Ceballos

    You’re posting about this?? Along with the pointless and misleading entry with the photo from Scrubs, it must’ve been a SLLLOOOOWWWWWW day over in Popwatch.

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