'Brothers & Sisters' falls off the wagon

154041__dave_lIt’s been a rocky start for this show and me. Last week’s episode gave me hope that it was becoming a much more stable and healthy thing between the two of us. But much like the pilot, last night’s episode left a bad taste in my mouth, its hour packed with tragedy with no relief in sight. And airing after a dark comedy like Desperate Housewives, which manages to ride the fine line of humor and tragedy quite delightfully, makes Brothers & Sisters all the more overly serious.

Between the flashback of Kitty’s experience in New York on 9/11, Justin ODing on drugs after being recalled to Iraq, the discovery of the deceased Mr. Walker’s illegitimate child Rebecca, Kevin getting dumped again, and the scandalous Sally Field sleeping with the carpenter on their first date (okay not so shocking), it was just really too much to cram into a one hour program. It’s even too much to cram into one damn sentence!

The entire episode was just awkward. The opening scene of Justin(Dave Annable, pictured) spelling "cantaloupe" out with his saliva on his poor boss/girlfriend’sbare back was not hot! But even more awkward than thatwas the way the show dealt with the 9/11 flashback that became a pityparty for Kitty. How the hell were we suppose to feel for Kitty, spoiled,self-obsessed Kitty? She wasn’t in the towers. She didn’t lose anyoneclose to her. She was in no real danger. Couldn’t she have tried toconvey, just once, how bad she felt for the unlucky ones?

And finally, Justin, Justin… you really dashed my hopes. Iunderstand now that you are just too weak for me to become attached to.It’s too soon in the show for you to fall off the wagon. We we’re juststarting to get to know you as a recovering drug addict. You reallyblew it last night. Your boss/girlfriend, played by the lovely MarikaDominczyk, whom fellow blogger Mike Slezak seems to think is a Cameron Diaz lookalike,is totally smokin’, whether she looks like Cam or not. You reallyscrewed that one up, Justin! Was the girl you cheated on her with evenof legal age?

Are you guys on my side? Did Sally Field and Company let you down this week too?


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  • Paul

    I thought the cantelope scene was pretty hot (and I am gay).
    I thought the flashbacks took away from the story. It is like they took a page from the Lost book, which is NOT a good thing. The previous episodes were fine without flashbacks; keep it that way.
    I am sure it will get back on the wagon next week. Next to Ugly Betty, this is the best new show on TV this season.

  • Elizabeth

    I agree that the show is a bit too intense. Especially on a Sunday night when you’re trying to relax before having to go back to work the next day (yuck).

  • Fatima

    I like this show, and while I thought the 9/11 scene was WAAAAAAY overdone,(plz Sally, you are a two time oscar winner. show a bit of restraint)I think its annoyingly premature to say it “Fell off the wagon”
    what next? Will it “Jump the shark” within the first 10 episodes? that’s not even possible.

  • junior

    Are you kidding me? If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen! Last night’s episode was fantastic TV!
    Loved the Sarah/Holly smackdown, loved the Sarah/stepkid bonding, loved Sarah’s too cute kids (anything Sarah I loved), loved the Kitty breakdown, loved Nora’s 9/11 reaction (she overdid it, please? how did u react to that image), didn’t love the end of Scotty and Kevin (for the record, there was no official “break-up” when Kevin acted like a jerk and basically shot himself in the foot) but it was great too, loved Nora & Treat Williams in bed, and even didn’t mind the flashbacks which were well weaved into the story. Hated Sally’s flashback wig but we won’t discuss.
    Samantha, who ever you are, where are Michael and Annie for some real “B&S” love.

  • matt

    Last night’s ep of Brothers and Sisters was excellent tv! wow, the reviewer is way way way off! Dramatic, well-acted and written. Everyone brought their A game on, and this show keeps getting better & better!

  • pfitz

    Sorry Samantha, but I must disagree—the tongue-spelling was SUPER hot!!!!
    I do agree that the flashbacks seemed overwrought and not as effective as I would have expected and hoped for….look out, tho–I hear there are more to come. The best part is to see Tom Skerrit some more.

  • Jusa

    I too thought it was an overall teriffic ep. For reals though, I’m with junior about SF’s flasback wig. What was up with that?
    That Justin overdosed was not a surprise. I thought that his recovery was just a bit soon. He was constantly getting high, then all of a sudden he was clean. It just didn’t sit right with me.

  • Lame episode

    Agree with the reviewer – terrible episode. We’re supposed to believe that super code-cracking guy and his code-cracking programs wouldn’t have thought to use the first initials of Dad Walker’s kids? Plus the 9/11 scenes were overdone – and not believable. Kitty said she was on the phone for “hours” with her parents as the tragedy unfolded (she saw bodies, they saw paper). First, the phones were down (Nora even said so). Second, it didn’t take hours. Third, highly unlikely that the Walker clan was watching it ‘live’ given that they were on the west coast.

  • Ernesto

    Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND Samantha whatever your last name is…Calista Flockhart managed to make her breakdown scene recall of the awful feelings I have about 9/11 and even got a tear or two out of my eyes, hard to watch but something that was real, just because her character wasn´t in the towers doesn´t mean she didn’t feel a thing, besides she mentioned PEOPLE JUMPING OUT OF THE BUILDING…she nailed that scene and she should submit this episode for an Emmy nomination…David Annable also was great in this episode trying to desperately get away from reality…I love this show more and more…GIVE CALISTA THE EMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fatima

    Who said that Kitty was only on the phone when the event was actually happening? She very well could have been on the phone for hours. That’s not even an arguement.
    I did like the episode, I just got a little embarrassed watching Sally Field react like that. But I’m not a mother so maybe I just don’t get it.

  • Vance

    I totally disagree as well. I was just thinking Brothers and Sisters is finally getting good over the past few eps (though the previous episode from Nov 5th was possibly the best) and is quickly moving up my charts as one of my faves period.
    Who is this reviewer? Totally way off like the other posters say.

  • Evie

    Every time they showed a 9/11 flashback I had to change the channel so I wouldn’t have to see Sally Field and Tom Skerrit re-inact “shock!!” and “horror!!” And I wish Treat Williams still had his Everwood beard. That almost would have made the show worth watching.

  • Tyler

    The episode was perfectly fine. I have no idea what you’re talking about Samantha. Do you have nothing better to do? It’s just a t.v show. They do it how they want to. They’re not going to change it around because.. what? It follows Desperate Housewives? Gimme a break.
    .. and how was the 9/11 thing overdone? A mother fearing for her daughter who lives 6 blocks from the towers? A daughter feeling disturbed seeing people jump from buildings? Wtf? I would be the same way.

  • alex

    My favorite part went something like this…
    Sally Field: “I had sex with the contractor.”
    Calista Flockhart: “Your son is going back to war.”
    The writers managed to stick those two sentences together so quickly, not even the atmospheric music could catch up in time.

  • Vicki

    No way, the cantelope scene was SMOKING hot!

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