Note to 'Ugly Betty' writers: ¡More Justin, por favor!

192329__justin_lDear Ugly Betty writing staff,

You know I love you. You’ve helped me break my Survivor addiction. You’ve given me addictive catchphrases and descriptive terms like, "Hoe-lah," "Did you just gesture at me when you said Kwanzaa?" and "fabulously douche-y." You’ve even inspired me to consider redecorating my kitchen in sterile Wilhelmina chic.

But I’ve got a small bone to pick with you: Where the heck is my favorite futuregay, Justin? He was conspicuously absent from the November 2 episode, and last night, he had only a handful of lines. Granted, his "Martha Stewart?!" moment was hilarious, but I’m hoping, as TV Watch reader Rose fretted on our message boards this morning, that you didn’t get some note from corporate to "Ixnay on the aygay idkay!" Tell me it isn’t so. Tell me we’ll get at least one major Justin scene per episode for the rest of the season. In fact, tell me right this minute, Justin’s auditioning for the school musical, and he’ll need Betty and Hilda’s help to run lines. And, finally, tell me you’re taking out an ad in Variety pushing Mark Indelicato’s Best Supporting Actor Emmy bid. Because the kid deserves it.

All together now. (Slow clap.) Jus-tin! Jus-tin! Jus-TIN! JUS-TIN!


P.S. One other nitpick. I know Betty is Queens to the bone, but the prom dress last night? Seriously? Our heroine knows better than that, and you should, too.


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  • Vance

    More Justin! and while we’re at it, more Marc and Amanda as well and bring back Christopher Gorham as the nerdy accountant! Plus give Christina more to do! Ashley Jensen was hilarious on Extras and needs to be given more than her closet work (no gay pun intended).

  • t

    MORE JUSTIN!!! Less dad-needs-a-lawyer-blah-blah-blah serious. Please?!!

  • Rahul

    I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, but based on the previous week’s, I’m totally with Michael. Justin is so great.

  • Gretchen Weiners

    Amen, Slezak. Amen.

  • Ugly Joe

    If you want to watch a real show on Thursdays, flip to NBC at 8:30 and watch The Office.

  • justin

    i agree. i love the show and Justin is def. worth tuning in for…i loved the sailor outfit and the dance he did….too funny

  • Ed

    Michael, thank god you’re addressing this issue. I love this character because nobody seems to be paying attention to the future/gay boy. His mom, aunt and granddad all ignore it.
    The sailor outfit was so funny, I had to watch it again.
    By the way, The Office SUCKS!

  • Phil

    Hey Slezak…Where’s the Snapjudgement for the TERRIBLE new Gwen Stefani video “Wind It Up” currently streaming on today? I mean her first single from “Love.Angel.Music.Baby” was crappy too, but at least the video for “What You Waiting For?” made up for it, this video is just plain horrid & very cheap looking!
    Long live Justin! Give the kid more screen time, his character on UGLY BETTY is spot on funny!!!

  • MK

    Jus-tin! Jus-tin! Jus-TIN! JUS-TIN!

  • kinglouieXVIII

    This show is great. The writers are coming up with some funny, funny stuff. I think the first step to Emmy glory will be the upcoming Golden Globe Awards. If BETTY can score nods for “best comedy” and “best actress” (for the non-ugly America Ferrera then their bound to land Emmy nominations as well.
    The entire cast deserves nominations, but my favorite supporting character is Tony Plana as Betty’s dad. He joins the ranks of Enrico Colantoni (Veronica’s Papa Mars) and Sally Field (Brothers&Sisters’ Nora) as on of the coolest parents on primetime television.
    I could do without Betty’s boss. Can the actor playing him BE any more bland?

  • brandonk

    I can’t wait for this to come out on DVD! I saw one episode, and it was great!

  • Josh

    I love Ugly Betty & The Office both. I’m guessing that now we’ve met his dad, there will be some more scenes for Justin coming up. I’m already looking forward to the Thanksgiving episode

  • Nick

    At last, thanks for saying something, that Justin is so so funny, he does need some more lines. I kinda like that no one says he is gay (besides he is still young), they just accept him as he is, which I think is wonderful. MORE JUSTIN! Yes!

  • James

    Sorry Michael, but some characters become overused when their unique talents should only be used sporaditically. Edie on Desperate Housewives, Rose on Lost, any small character on The Simpsons benefit from us wanting to see them again by not seeing them so much. Remember Mimi on the Drew Carey Show or Urkel on Family Matters? Actually lets not remember them.

  • Daryl

    Justin is a great character and the young actor who plays him is charming and talented for his age! I too would like to see more of him and enjoy seeing that his family loves him, even with his “special” tendencies! Its my favorite new show of the tv. Viva Betty la fea!

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