A Roundup of Exciting, Yet Baffling Movie Projects

9549__superman_l_1Demand and supply: I read somewhere they’re related. So how to explain the following projects? Don’t get me wrong: I’m excited about each and every one of them.My media-nerd heart leaps like a gazelle in a "Bloom County" T-shirt. And yet, I wonder, as I often wonder, about mass audiences — is there sufficient appeal to drive the following projects?

-Bruno, Da Ali G Show‘s flaming Austrian fashion reporter, is Sacha Baron Cohen’s third-best-known character, after Ali G and Borat. Now, the latter just saw his film’s distribution plan scaled back because… he wasn’t well-known enough. I imagined no one was breaking down Baron Cohen’s door for a Bruno movie. I imagined wrong. Universal just paid $43 mil for worldwide rights. So what the hell do I know.

-Superman Re-Returns? Yup — despite not-so-much in the returns department, Bryan Singer’s on deck for a 2009 follow-up. This time, the budget will be a highly frugal $200 million, or so they say. This, after Returns (pictured) only just crossed $200 mil at the domestic box office. But don’t talk economics to Supes: He is not bound by your weak "Earth gravity."

addCredit(“Superman Returns: Sony Pictures Imageworks”)

-One Che movie would be revolutionary. Two Che movies?It’s gonna happen, according to director Stephen Soderbergh and hisfive-year plan. If quotas are not met, star Benicio Del Toro will,regrettably, be purged.

-As many of you now, all laws of economics are repealed when you’re baked. Thus, Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam: A one-of-a-kind will attempt to be two-of-a-kind. Are they saving the search for Curly’s gold for H&K3?

-Finally, there’s a movie from beyond the grave: Stanley Kubrick is set tobecome the Tupac of celluloid with the discovery and revival of Lunatic at Large, a lost film treatment he wrote with Jim Thompson (the noir-velist who wrote The Grifters and After Dark, My Sweet).

Like I said: Exciting projects, all. But all fraught withpotentially lethal risks:  Can Chris Palmer, a commercial director,translate Kubrick? Can Bryan Singer crack the Superman formula and stayunder budget? Does a $43 million deal raise the stakes too high forBruno?

Ah, economics, schmeconomics. Bring ‘em on, these excited andill-advised projects! Money, as we know it, won’t even exist in five orsix years. It’ll be replaced with a cunning system of bartered bakedgoods. At least, this is what I’ve been telling my credit card company.

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  • Sally

    Superman – no way JOSE. Die Superman Die.

  • Laura

    Do I want to see another Bryan Singer “Superman” movie, with the same cast? In a word: NO.

  • Rob

    Superman Returns was my favorite film of the year so far. So DEFINITELY YEAH!!

  • Dre

    A Superman sequel could be good, just like X2 was significantly better than the first X-Men movie. Kubrick’s lost film should be left alone, Eyes Wide Shut pretty much proved that a film can really stink if it doesn’t have the creator’s vision and direction to see it through. Bruno? I was a fan of him on Ali G, but the Ali G movie stunk. I haven’t seen Borat yet, which looks funny, but I’m not sure how well Bruno will translate into film.

  • Craig S

    I will be there front and center for another Superman film. There really needs to be a different villian than Lex Luthor though. Brainiac, Bizzaro Superman, Doomsday, Darkseid, Metallo, or Zod.
    Honestly though, I’d rather they were able to get Batman and Superman in the same movie. Maybe even have a few other Justice Leaguers too. DC’s universe is full of superheroes, and yet we only see Superman and Lex in these movies. (Superman 2 not withstanding.)

  • Kat

    I’m very excited about the Superman follow-up. I loved the last one. I just wish they’d recast Lois Lane, or force some food down Bosworth’s throat.

  • brendan

    i highly doubt anyone could translate kubrick correctly. my vote however goes to anyone but brett ratner

  • fredric

    Money isn’t everything. Superman Returns was a good film.

  • dee

    Gee, u never stop, do you? you have endlessly slammed SR. It’s almost comical, if not pathetic. U remain in disbelief that there people who actually enjoyed it like me. SR made the mistake of being released at the wrong time (and forgetting that its fan base is split btwn comic book fans, tv fans, and fans strickly of the movies Supes I &II) but it was a good movie that was completely undeserving of this kind of bashing. Singer, as some have noted, has a good record when it comes to sequels. I’m excited to see what comes next. It is Singer’s formula to amp up the action in the second installment while still giving attention to the romantic themes. Supes, the comic book movie franchise that started is all is back…deal w/ it!!

  • JenJen

    I really liked Superman Returns, and can’t wait for the sequel. It was so much better than people give it credit for, and it got some great reviews. Honestly, $200 million domestically isn’t that bad!

  • Ricky

    Actually the budget for the Superman sequel will be between 140 and 175 million. Much lower then the final cost for Superman Returns. Personally I can’t wait for the sequel.

  • great scott

    The villain plot & villain casting will be key for SR. Lex will likely return since he knows an important secret but they need a bigger baddie. Variety said the studio only had the option to change Routh. that won’t happen since he is very well cast. I would find any casting changes too disruptive anyway. i do wish they would add a female to their writing team. The writing for the Lois character was lacking and there has been a woman on the writing team in the past.

  • FilmNerdJamie

    Personally, I loved Superman Returns; gave it ***** and it’s on my Top Ten Films of 2006 list. I can’t wait for the sequel. Although that kid will probably be re-cast unless he can still pass for being 5 years old or Singer plans to address how he’s suddenly bigger in the course of a few weeks-months after the events of SR.

  • great scott

    You’re probabably right about the recasting of the kid unless the story progresses a couple of years since Superman Returns. However, i did like this kid and his amazing resemblance to two very different looking people. I disagreed w/ critics like ebert who thought he should be feisty like the kids from Spykids. I thought that was inappropriate for this first installment. I liked that he has a Clark Kent, weakling persona which will probably become more animated as the franchise moves on.

  • Marc

    Only valid reason to go see another Superman`s movie: Routh`s bulge!

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