Weekend To-Do List: Freak-you-out edition

135041__billdave_lSlezak and I thought it was only appropriate to begin this spooky Halloween weekend list with a terrifying yet captivating game called Cockroach Dreams. Now, I didn’t bother turning iTunes down for my first round. "Milk" by Garbage was playing, so I got to imagine that the digitized cadaver (with impressive 18-pack abs) was actually the one singing "I’m waiting, I’m waiting… for you" to the cockroaches. Dreamy, indeed. Warning: This game will cause shortness of breath. Tip: I was way better at it after drinking an enormous latte.

Bill O’Reilly and David Letterman (pictured) will duke it out on tonight’s Late Show (CBS, 11:35 p.m.). Like the cockroaches, this’ll also be really uncomfortable, and entirely worth watching, according to Page Six’s scoop from this week’s taping. O’Reilly’s quoted as saying "We’re a bad country. Bush is an evil liar." Out of context? Well, that is the man’s specialty. Watch and see.

A bunch of spooky flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street, The Old Dark House, 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and various Chucky movies (the "Killer" collection) are out on DVD and received A or B grades from EW.

While you’re at home all day Sunday, sewing costumes specifically designed to freak children out, why not watch six hours of Stephen King’s Rose Red? (Sci Fi, 1-7 p.m.)

What else? Scarface was scary. Try its video game.

The gory-chic Battle of the Album Covers video is on this week’s EW Must List.

Just to wrap up with something extra-freaky: The awesome geeks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (it would be so cool if this was an office park right off the highway) constructed a Robotic Dalek Pumpkin. Nothing will ever measure up to that for the rest of time, but they did also make a Cylon Jack-O’-Lantern.

What’s your pumpkin? Mine’s The Swan.

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  • aron

    I hope O’Reilly goes away forever and takes Fox news with him. How can anyone pay good money to buy this losers book?

  • eEllipsian

    “[W]hy not watch six hours of Stephen King’s Rose Red?”
    Because it blows, Annie. Becasue it blows.

  • Nick R

    I stopped reading pretty much as soon as I saw that you guys were listening to “Milk” by Garbage (Shirley Manson will be my gay wife). That made my night. Anyways, back to reading!

  • Karoline

    I watched Letterman last night after seeing your item about O’Reilly’s appearance. It was excellent – they both maintained their sense of humor. But if it had been a political debate, Dave would’ve won by a mile!

  • matt

    Letterman was great last night. He isn’t a political scientist, but he is sincere and generally can figure out the big picture. It’s funny to see O’ Reilly stumbling to a guy that isn’t even an expert. Dave proves he’s not only funny, but sincere as well. The whole “your putting words in my mouth, just like how you put artificial facts in your head” was brilliant. That’s my main beef with O’Reilly. Sure he’s a neocon who isn’t fair and balanced, but overall, he’s a rude and arrogant pundit who intentionally tries to make his guests look foolish.

  • Chris

    Bill made Dave look like a little boy trying to keep up with an adult, and I don’t even like Bill. Dave was the only one who was rude and used insults when he couldn’t keep up. People who think different are blinded by politics. There was no debate because Dave couldn’t bring anything to the table. I almost wish we just pulled the troops so that in a few years when things get much worse we can say “I told you so”.

  • jack

    O’reilly showed that he can’t debate unless the deck is stacked in his favor. Letterman is a comedian and wanted to keep the show light and funny, so he’s not going to go all out, but even with that, he made O’reilly look like a fool. “Do you want the U.S. to win in Iraq?” That is an asinine question when the definition of “winning” seems to change on a daily basis, we’re just trying to keep the peace in the middle of a civil war, there is no winning in that. Yeah, yeah, the democrats just want to “cut and run”, well if the neo cons can say such nonsense, then so can I, the republicans just want our troops to stay and die.
    I can’t see what staying another 10 years will accomplish, I don’t see it being any different 10 years from now than it will be 6 months from now. But, as long as Bush is in office, we will continue to put out a big buffet of Americans for the insurgents to kill. I can’t wait until that incompentent boob is out of office, whoever takes his place, democrat or republican, will have one giant mess to clean up, but at least when he’s gone, we can get started on fixing his horrific mistakes.

  • Chris

    Dave said we should just leave. That is “cut and run.” Bill corrected him and told him why it would be a bad idea. Dave didn’t make Bill look like a fool. It was the other way around. Once again politics are blinding judgment. Bill even admitted that it was a mistake that we went there and that we wouldn’t do it again knowing what we know now. Were those foolish statements too?

  • jack

    I think politics is what is blinding your judgement, I can play that game too. Unless O’Reilly can have his minions cut off the mike of his opponent, he does end up making a fool of himself, if you honestly see him as some great truth teller, and think a Jeffersonian democracy will appear like magic if we just stay in the middle of a civil war long enough, then more power to you. We will be there as long as Bush is president, but when we finally get a compentent leader, from either party, we will be leaving.

  • matt

    Bill is just a jerk. Plain and simple. “Do you really want to talk geo politics with me?” Come on. The guy thinks he’s some expert. If he was a real geo politic expert, than he would realize that a true democracy does not form in volatile areas of severe ethnic conflict. Also, “do you want America to win in Iraq” is an overly simplistic way of interpreting geo politics. Dave’s response was right on the mark. Bill goes for humiliating his opponents instead of engaging in constructive debate. However, this plan backfired badly on Letterman’s show.

  • JakesBoy

    A Bill O’Reilly bloodbath?!?! Count me in!!! Hope Letterman tears him apart!!!


    Online Poll – Jack vs. Sawyer – Who do you choose???


  • Kim

    What was more terrifying to me than Bill O’Reilly on Dave was Bill O’Reilly on Oprah. Where did she get those O’Reilly fans? I really didn’t believe they existed… I thought they were an urban legend. But no, they were there agreeing with Bill and just saying the stupidest things. I much preferred watching him on Dave and seeing someone question his ridiculous talking points.

  • taz

    “Bill even admitted that it was a mistake that we went there”
    Big deal, that’s like someone “admitting” that the sky is blue.

  • Chris

    “Big deal, that’s like someone ‘admitting’ that the sky is blue.”
    The sky really isn’t blue. Some things, like the Iraq War, aren’t as simple as you want them to be. It’s all about perception.

  • Dexter

    Yeah, how dare Letterman debate geo-politics with the former host of Inside Edition. I’m a fairly liberal guy, and I think Bill’s show is entertaining enough, and compared to people like Sean Hannity, he actually seems downright reasonable. But his press has really started to go to his head, Bill, you have fun little cable show, but William F. Buckley you’re not.

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