'The Nine': Something, anything, please happen

15198__nine_lOK, I have had it up to here with The Nine. (For all you know, I could be pointing to my kneecap.) I want this show to survive. I love some of the characters — Nick, Kathryn, Jeremy, and oddly enough, co-bank robber Lucas (Owain Yeoman, pictured) — and I admire the premise (people survive a mysterious hostage situation; we find out what happens gradually). I just didn’t know it would be this gradual. We’re four episodes in, and the flashbacks, compelling as they are, have only addressed maybe the first 15 minutes of the 52-hour holding.

The show seems to be an endless series of pauses, with more emphasis on sideways glances and silent suffering than actual dialogue and plot development. Sometimes it works — epsecially during the group scenes at the diner. I see The Nine moping around their respective lives all day and want to shout "Do something! Say something! Deal!" but when they all get together, the silence is so tense and uncertain it ends up being powerful. And powerfully uncomfortable to watch. I felt so weird spying on them that I ended up focusing on what everyone had ordered. Kim Raver really dug into that giant sandwich! I was so proud.

Burning questions this week:

  • Why did Lucas know Lizzie was pregnant before Jeremy?
  • Now that we know Randall spent time in jail with Eva’s husband Carlos, does that make Eva or Franny any more suspicious?
  • How brutal would it be to come home to your awesome single-dude apartment and see EGAN FOOTE sweating on the front step?
  • A yoga mat? Really?

Still tuning in?


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  • Osman

    yea i stopped after the 2nd ep…. i just hope it gets canncelled because if not… ill have to watch it lol..
    They NEED to put “The Traveller” in that spot… its actualy fits perfectly with lost and the pilot suggests its gonna be a breakout hit… its kept for a midseason replacement…
    To sum it up:
    “Greys Anatomy” is to “DH” as “The Traveller” is to “Lost”

  • t3hdow

    I’m with you on that thought Annie. The pilot episode was excellent and left me wanting more. The second episode was merely decent, but had such a wtf ending to it, I wanted to keep viewing. Unfortunately, after last week’s and yesterday’s tepid and slow episodes, I’m losing faith in this show. I felt so bored, I almost turned on my Xbox 360 and leave this show for good, but I decided to finish the episode. This show’s boring me more and more each week.
    What I find funny is that last week’s EW article of The Nine (along with Ugly Betty, Jericho, etc.) criticized Prison Break’s bad pacing during season 1’s second half. The Nine is four episodes in and a lot of viewers are getting bored to tears…last week’s blog made me realize that, along with my current attitude. At least with Prison Break, even at its worst, it has compelling enough characters and situations to keep it entertaining. Also, the first half of Break season 1 was so well done, I’m willing to put up with the mediocre stuff.
    Not so much with The Nine. A strong pilot isn’t enough to make this series stand. The only interesting characters are Felicia (AWOL last episode) and Egen. As for the situations…the post-robbery elements aren’t compelling anymore and they do too few flashbacks on the robbery. That cell phone convo between Lizzie and Kim Raver’s character (forgot her name)? Please…
    I give it another week or two, but if it doesn’t win me back by then, I call it quits.

  • Dave

    Why do people get so impatient with procedurals (The Nine, Lost, Prison Break, etc.). It’s only been FOUR episodes, and already people are complaining. Who knows what the writers have planned for the rest of the season? We should at least let the show make it half a season before we start griping about the pacing. Frankly, I’m enjoying the character development and actually care about everyone involved.

  • Nick

    To be honest, I’d be more happy with the show’s steady pacing and deliberate character development, if it were on at an earlier hour.
    Otherwise, ZZZZZzzzzzzz…..

  • Jaimie120

    I think anyone looking for a fast-action but shallow drama in The Nine will be disappointed. However, suspense, mystery, compelling characters that is what the show provides, and really well as we are seeing. A site with a lot of info on the show is at http://www.FidelityRepublic.com. I thought the revelation that the robbers could have escaped before the SWAT arrival was a stunner, and want to learn more. Ohhh that’s the point.

  • t3hdow

    To Dave:
    People are getting impatient, because The Nine is getting too cerebral for its own good. Although Prison Break had its mediocre moments, the characters and plot are compelling enough to put up with them. Same goes with Lost, despite an erratic second season (and couple that with awful airing schedule). Even newcomers like Jericho and Heroes understands the perfect balance between slow character development and plot progression; not too much of the former to make viewers impatent, but just enough of the latter to leave them wanting more.
    The Nine is the exact opposite. However, unlike Prison Break and Lost, it’s too soon for this show to start losing its edge. I might not complain so much if these characters were as compelling as Lost’s or PB’s, but most of them aren’t. Also, while all three of them started out with strong premises, The Nine feels more and more like a novelty overtime. Unless the writers are willing to throw a few curveballs (good example, the ending of episode two), viewers are going to start tuning out.

  • lauraelle

    Is this show still on. I was done after the annoying previews with that weird music.

  • Patricia

    Dear The Nine,
    Our first date was a disaster. I mean, you were really good-looking, but you just refused to tell me anything about you! Well, it was just a big turn-off. Surely you knew that when I didn’t kiss you goodnight? Now please stop calling me!

  • brandonk

    Does Owain Yeoman’s name rhyme with itself? Is it like “Owen Yeoman” or “Owayne Yeoman”?

  • Rich

    I’m about done with The Nine. I’m glad that Medium will be returning at the same time on NBC later next month.
    Does anyone else want to shew Kim Raver back to 24?

  • Carolynn

    I like this show and I’m going to stick with it. I think the complaints about it are another example of America’s ADD. Not every show has to be about instant gratification!

  • Josh

    I love The Nine. It’s a broadcast version of The Wire, not quite as great as that show but definitely compelling. The previews make it look like it’ll even be getting even better.

  • ShaneXtopher

    I absolutely LOVE this show. Along with Heroes, it is the best of the new shows this year. I get a bit impatient with it at times, but the payoffs so far have been great. I have not seen more dramatic, thought-provoking or touching television anywhere else this year. Unfortunately I think viewers lack the patience for the slow reveal, especially int he time-slot after LOST. Invasion failed last year, mostly for moving so slowly, and the Nine seems to be headed for the same fate. The would be wise to switch the show to another night, possibly Thursday at 10pm.

  • Lorenzo

    Like the show and last night episode was great even though I miss the last two because, well, I forgot. Even I like it, I hope it’s cancelled because I need to see Kim Raver back on 24. She is wasted on this show and I need to see my Audrey.

  • mileshigh

    I quit the show after the second episode. It got slow like Lost-in-the-middle-of-its-second-season-slow. I still can’t believe this made EW’s top 5 for best new show (as well as the lame Jericho). Slim pickins this TV season. Heroes started mediocre and is getting better, but the Nine started great and declined.

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