'Heroes': Bring on the baddies!

92021__hero_l_2When it comes to superhero stories, the importance of villains cannot be overemphasized. So maybe that’s why the last night’s episode of Heroes — which suffered from a serious deficit of evil — felt a wee bit sluggish. This isn’t to say those scenes with Horn-Rimmed Glasses didn’t crackle. His simple "Shhh" as he hovered over rapist Brody’s hospital bed and ordered his mysterious minion to "hollow him out" was the evening’s highlight, but do we really know for sure that Horn-Rimmed is a baddie? He’s creepy, certainly, but the show’s writers continue to play his intentions close to the vest. Dude obviously has some kind of ulterior motive when it comes to his adopted daughter’s powers, but does that mean he doesn’t truly love her or want to protect her?

Speaking of love, how sweet was Matt’s steak dinner for his wife — at least until he started over-relying on his powers of telepathy? By the time he headed out for a post-coital coffee-ice-cream run, even the Mrs. looked wary. And who could blame her? After all, there’s a big difference between reading a woman’s mind and understanding her feelings. I did love the way Matt impulsively talked that convenience-store robber out of his crime, but even better was the frightening aftermath: Until Matt learns to balance the gift-curse ratio of his abilities, he’s going to remain a deeply conflicted man. Such a conundrum makes me wish NBC had left the similarly themed Medium in the 10 p.m. timeslot (what a nice two hour block that would’ve been!), but not even the most powerful clairvoyant could make sense of the minds of network executives, could they?

A few more questions I’ll be grappling with till next week’s episode:

- Is there a chance Nathan (Adrian Pasdar, pictured) will end up using his power of flight in the pursuit of evil? His snake-oil smile after scoring an extra $2 million from the mysterious Mr. Linderman’s henchwoman was yet another indicator that his obsession with power has the potential to get downright ugly. Also, which was cooler: Nathan’s jetpack-like propulsion or the way he burned his heels on landing?
- Was the throwaway line about Niki’s husband having slipped out of his cuffs another hint that he and Sylar are one and the same?
- Am I the only one who remains unconvinced by Mohinder’s Scully-like skepticism? And is it lackluster writing of Mohinder’s scenes or Sendhil Ramamurthy’s vague performance that’s the issue? Or both?
- What kind of injury is in store for Peter? Hiro’s comment during his trip back in time that the floppy-haired protagonist looked "different without the scar" certainly foreshadowed an injury in the not-too-distant future.
- And finally, was it a clue or mere coincidence that the sketched silhouette of Simone hovered in the background as Peter finished Isaac’s painting of the cheerleader? The third side of the Peter-Isaac love-triangle may not be bad, but she sure is drawn that way.

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  • JakesBoy

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Best New Show of 2006!!
    “Save the Cheerleader – Save the World”


  • Miles

    I for one LOVED last nights episode, and was waiting for this “tv watchless” show to be discussed here. I think it would be very smart for NBC to stop avoiding the cancellation of Studio 60 and match up this show with MEDIUM on monday nights ASAP. I for one know I would stick around, because last nights episode of Heroes was… and I am quoting myself as I called my sister to say… “isn’t this show breathtaking!” Breathtaking, I called a freaking show breathtaking, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.
    Anyway, I certainly wanted the thrills to continue but instead I got a “night of a thousand cliches over at Studio 60.” which was not breath taking, more like asthma inducing.
    oh, and can i be one of the first today to ask for a. HEROES TV WATCH!!!!

  • Chris

    Did it seem that the top of the Cheerleader’s head was cut off in the painting just as Isaac’s was in Hiro’s trip to the future? I wonder where that fits into the story:is someone trying to find what component of their brains is giving them their powers, or is that maybe the only way to kill them…

  • RB

    By far the best new show this season. BTW did anyone notice that in the preview that aired after the marathon on Sunday Night, one scene pictured the Glasses man in a room asking for Issac’s help and in the background stood the pixie haired chick from “Brick”. She is defintely evil.

  • Meka

    This show is everything but “a wee bit sluggish.” My boyfriend and I can’t get enough…There are not even words to describe this show…I think Miles put it the best!!! BREATHTAKING

  • Lee

    Love this show! It’s developing nicely without being too obtuse. Can’t wait to see more people’s storylines come together. I think Peter’s superpower is that he absorbs the superpowers of those around him and can then use them, sort of like Rogue from X-Men. When he’s around his brother, he can fly. When he was around Isaac, he could “see” the future and paint.
    Also, is it just me or is the actor who plays Matt the telepathic cop the same one from “Sex and the City” who played the guy Miranda meets at Weight Watchers? When he was in bed with his wife last night I remember the “Weight Watchers face” scene.

  • melissa

    I like Sendhil Ramamurthy/Mohinder just fine. I do think he needs to get on board with the believing in the heroes, though. It is a wee bit irksome. I really enjoyed this episode, though, including the pairing of personality opposites excitable, happy Hiro and business-minded, serious Nathan. His flying rocked. I don’t know if it’d be more interesting for him to be villainous or heroic … or both.

  • Eric

    Umm, i think it’s obvious that Nikki’s husband is the glasses man’s psychic not Sylar. How else was he in her house undetected at the end of the show.

  • ag

    “Wee bit sluggish”?? Oh, I think not. Loved the meet-cute between Hiro & Nathan. Loved the creepiness overload from Glasses Man. Loved the future Hiro/Peter scene.
    One quibble: I agree with Slezak 100% on not buying Mohinder’s skepticism. Isn’t this the guy who MOVED TO NY FROM INDIA just to follow the clues to people just like Peter, who is now giving him all sorts of reasons to beieve he might actually be onto something, and NOW suddenly he’s a doubter?? Made absolutely NO SENSE.

  • James G

    Last night’s episode was good but not great. It did reveal some answers but wasn’t as good as some of the last ones. Curious to find out what the dad and his lackey did to Matt. After what they did to the QB, what do you think they might have done to the cop? I think maybe they put an implant, or a suggestion in his head to use him for later…maybe something evil?
    I did like that everyone was finally connecting with each other. For example when Peter went over to Issac’s place and finished that painting of Claire. It was good to know that Issac found someone who believed him.
    It is hard to say who might be evil on the show. The producers do give you hints at who has the potential to be evil. I think anybody COULD be evil. It would suck if it was too easy to guess who is good and who is evil. I like that the show keeps you guessing. I don’t try to overanalyze the show cuz it would drive me crazy! But in a good way.

  • Kevin

    If you read about Nicki’s husband through research on the internet, then you will find out that he has one power which is labeled as phasing. As shown in last night’s preview, he can phase in and out of solid matter. We see him phase in through a wall and grab Nicki. If Nicki’s husband is Sylar, then how did he have time to father Micah? Mohinder’s father spent years working with Sylar and researching him. Nicki’s husband and Sylar are not the same person.

  • DianaQ

    LOVE this show and it would be a mighty act for the peacock to pair it with Medium! I didn’t mind the HardCoreActionLess ep last night as the connections needed to be made, and they were indeed! Mohinders’ writing IS weak…the character is kind of dissolving. Could he be just the introduction to “Heroes”…our skeptic guide to how it all begins? “Hiro” is the breakout star, especially now that we’ve seen him all cool and studly from the future, but the cast, production and writing is stellar…Pasdar ROCKS! Save the Cheerleader!

  • dave

    I LOVED last night’s episode! When Nathan took off flying (and when he landed — what a great scene!), I practically giggled with delight. I’m glad we don’t know who the bad guys are, or if they’re several different ones, or which of the good guys might be bad guys. I’m willing to be kept guessing at this point if the episodes are this good.

  • Elizabeth

    I watch this show every week and try to pay attention to all the details, but I always miss things! I know that ep. of Sex in the City. Not the same dude. I definately think that Nathan Petrelli is a bad guy.

  • Eskimo

    We’ve seen enough of Sylar now to know that he’s a powerful telekinetic. So he’s definitely not Nikki’s husband. As to Peter’s scar, given what we’ve seen it’s likely someone tries to remove his brain at some point and fails. After all, he has no powers when he’s alone. Micah is the one who interests me the most. Both his parents are special. Mom says he’s a genius. What else has he got?

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