Were there new clues in last night's 'Lost' clip show?

17634__desmond_l I really hadn’t intended to watch last night’s Lost clip show, the one designed to catch up neophytes like Rosie O’Donnell who’d missed the first two seasons. But as it often does, my old pal inertia paid me a visit around 9 p.m., and so there I was, glued to the couch, and a second look at the adventures of the survivors of Oceanic 815. Even more interesting than the areas the show’s producers focused on were the ones they decided to omit. Like Time‘s James Poniewozik, I was perplexed by the failure to make even the briefest mention of ill-fated Boone, Shannon, and Libby (a move that hopefully doesn’t foreshadow smaller roles for Sayid and Hurley in Season 3). I’d also feel better if Lost neophytes had gotten a smidge of info on Claire’s abduction, the smoke monster, and Rosseau.

One other tidbit perplexed me: the narrator’s suggestion that Kelvin, the one time hatch-dweller accidentally killed by Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick, pictured), was responsible for drawing the island map that Locke saw while pinned under the hatch door. So I turned to EW’s resident Lost expert, Doc Jensen, for answers. Here’s what he had to say: ”The narration gave Kelvin too much credit for The Map: According to the season finale, Kelvin took over the painting of The Map from his former Hatchmate, the guy who blew his head off and left a blood spot on the ceiling.” Hmmm… wonder what we should make of that? Could the fact that the narrator sounded very much like one Henry Gale mean we should view the entire recap through skeptical eyes? And did any of you PopWatchers find other food for thought in last night’s clip show? Then by all means, do tell!

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  • Seth

    I believe the single best thing about “Lost” is the, “take everything you see with a grain of salt” approach…..With all of the theories floating around, I don’t even think the actors themselves know what’s coming…..Being a diehard Losty from the beginning, I hope the show lives up to the hype. I don’t want to have to search the internet for clues and find the secret Dharma initiative plans…Hopefully there is a plan and Cuse & Lindleof are laughing themselves to the bank, unless they don’t know where it’s going either….Also I am really tired of the “Catch-You-Up” Episodes. They happen far too often and I am pleased the network has decided to air 6 episodes in a row, take a break and then conclude with 19 consecutive episodes..Bring it on I say, and maybe we will all be surprised in the end.

  • David

    First, I thought that Kelvin (following after Radzinsky) HAD drawn (at least part) of the invisible map- we saw him doing it in Desmond’s flashback, using detergent!
    Secondly- the inclusion of the Hurley/Sayid short-wave-radio sequence (complete with Sayid’s remark that “they could be coming from anywhere” and Hurley’s response “…or any time”) could very well correspond to the theory that time is moving differently on the island than on the “real” world. Otherwise, there’s no reason for them to have included such an arbitrary scene (especially after erasing all evidence of Boone, Shannon, and Libby.)
    Just my thoughts.

  • Aron

    I also found it suprising that Hurley said the whole ‘time’ thing. They really wouldnt show that scene unless it had some importance. I personally dont buy the island being in a different time. And the omitted characters was sort of a bummer. I dont think Libby, Shannon, and Boone were intentionally omitted for a secret reason; but maybe they just arent important enough to cover in a short one hour clip show. At this point the one thing I really want to know is what that giant statue foot was at the end of the last season. I could not know anything else and still be happy if I knew what it was.

  • Will Holston

    There’s such a thing as reading TOO MUCH into something….

  • scott

    its not exactly in real time .. they’ve only been on the island for what 47? days.. which still makes in 2004 – so its not in present day really… but I think that has to be the only real distinction made, anything else is just a red herring in my opinion
    I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEAS0N 3!!! :)

  • Patti

    We thought the narrator was Tom Bodette trying to sound like Henry Gale. The voice was very hard to pin down.

  • newbie

    The voice-over definitely sounded like “Henry” to me…I could envision his creepy little smirk and nocturnally bulging eyes as he said every word. “We’re the good guys” indeed!!! I am now officially taking my Lost fever out of deep freeze in prep for next Wednesday!

  • David

    The narrator was most certainly, definately Michael Emerson, a.ka. Henry Gale.

  • Mak

    Probably reading too much into it.
    The reason that the deaths of certain characters like Shannon and the existence of characters like Radzinsky aren’t mentioned is because information is given on a need-to-know basis. Saying “well, techincally Kelvin didn’t draw the map, he finished it after this guy named Radzinsky killed himself” is an unnecessary waste of time. I’ve watched one or two other “Lost” clip shows, and deaths are NEVER mentioned.
    The absence of info on the smoke monster is puzzling, though, as Smokey is bound to make a future appearance. Newcomers will probably be confused when he first shows up.
    Anyway, I’d generally say that there were no real clues in last night’s eppy. There may have been though, who knows. The “Lost” producers, that’s who. Not me though.

  • Jay

    I think it’s very significant that the whole Hurley/Sayid conversation was played. Not only have the writers mentioned time before, but I think the fact they picked Glenn Miller may be significant. As Lostpedia points out:
    “Similar to the disappearance of Oceanic Flight 815, an aircraft containing Glenn Miller (the author of Moonlight Serenade) also mysteriously disappeared. The plane lost radio contact in flight and failed to land at Paris, the scheduled destination of the flight. The aircraft was never found, nor were the bodies of Miller and the two army officers on board.”

  • Deanna

    Did you not think Hurley’s, “or any time” comment was simply a reference to the movie, “Frequency”? The one where Bruce Willis is Jim Caviezel’s dad who died and they communicate through radio transmissions and change history? Not a great movie, but with Hurley being such a pop culture junkie, it would not surprise me at all if that comment was simply a sarcastic joke.

  • Stephen Cooper

    The only “clue” I picked up from the clip show was:
    When “Henry Gale” was being interrogated, he kept fearfully mentioning his boss, but only by saying “Him”, well in the season finale, Henry showed up and APPEARED to be the guy in charge, but we never knew how far down the totem pole he was. Well, at the end of the clip show, he said himself that he was the leader of the Others. I’m guessing that the producers decided that since Henry Gale was so popular and creepy, that they would make him the leader after all.

  • ryan

    Having notHenry narrate ties into the ad campaign for Season 3 (the taped photos of the Losties). Everyone’s under surveillance. By who is probably what Season 3 is about. (notHenry watches them, but who watches notHenry? We can ask Alan Moore I suppose.)
    Season 4 will deal with the history of the island, why it was picked by THF, and what the “incident” was. And Season 5 will be about finally leaving the island/breaking the curse/taking Smokey the Monster home a la Chunk taking Sloth home at the end of “The Goonies”.
    Or, you know, not. Either way.

  • Nancy

    “But as it often does, my old pal inertia paid me a visit around 9 p.m., and so there I was, glued to the couch,”: I totally LOVE this statement!!! Great write-up. I chose not to watch it but I did tape it on DVR in case I decided to watch. Maybe I’ll just skip it.

  • Matthew

    The Lost producers hinted a time issue at ComiCon this summer as well. I believe the statement was that time might not be moving at the same speed on the island as it is everywhere else. Given the showing of Hurley’s comment, I doubt that they’re in “another” time, like the past, but time might well be wonky in that place. For example, if the magnetic heeby-jeeby forces of the island slow down time there, then their approx. 47 days could be equivalent to our two years, and this could all be happening in a way coordinated with our real timeline (and parts of TLE?).

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