'24': Meet Jack Bauer's dad

151012__james_lIt’s hard to cultivate those family ties when you’re spending months at a time pretending you’re dead or being held captive by Chinese spies. So it’s no wonder it’s taken us until the forthcoming Season 6 of 24 to meet Jack Bauer’s estranged dad, Phillip Bauer. Fox announced today that he’ll be played by Six Feet Under‘s James Cromwell (pictured), whom I always enjoy thinking of as the corrupt and murderous police captain in L.A. Confidential. (”Have ye a valediction, boyo?”)

Also joining the cast is my favorite comedian, Eddie Izzard, in the role of Darren McCarthy, a villainous accomplice. (But to whom?) I wouldn’t get too attached to Darren, as Izzard is starring in The Riches, a drama series debuting in the spring on FX, in which he and Minnie Driver head up a family of suburban con artists. So he might be a little too busy for more than light duty over at sister station Fox.
Today’s announcement, as reported here on Zap2It, has a comprehensive summary of the new Season 6 cast members named so far, who their characters are, and what little we know about the situation and time frame relative to the shanghai-ing of Jack at the end of Season 5. Read at your own risk.

One more bit of stunt-casting: This season of fellow Fox series The Simpsons will include the show’s 400th episode, which will be a parody called ”24 Minutes” and will include Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub as their 24 characters. I say they should cross over in the other direction and make 24‘s Season 6 villain Montgomery Burns. That would be… ex-cellent.

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  • Ep Sato

    James Cromwell is the bomb! He played a total jerk in “the people vs. larry flynt” but then got total redemption as Zefram Cochrane, the lushy yet discover of Warp speed in Star Trek 8 (a movie that proved the inventor of the warp drive had a taste for women of color and tequila, sometimes at the same time).
    I’m not in any way a fan of 24, but am glad they’ve added yet another fantastic actor to its already great cast.
    As for the simpsons, they’ve been rehashing a lot of old plots lately. They already did a Sopranos parody a few years ago (as did Harvey Birdman and pretty much every cartoon on the planet for that matter), AND used a similar plot device in the episode titled “22 short stories about Springfield”. Anyway, I gave up on the Simpsons once they started shilling out their season dvds in shoddy quality cheapo easy to break packages, the newest edition in a long line of poorly made (and even more poorly executed) Krusty the Klown quality Simpsons garbage.

  • Lorenzo

    I need to ask: What the hell is going on? I think “24” is the best show on TV (not doing the Chase days, of course). So, I’m kind of worry with all of the cast changes and the un-established plot. I am glad that they are hiring very talented actors (a mistake they made with Elisha Cuthbert) who I know will bring their A-game with them this January but I’m very worry that the producers are just bringing the actors in for like 3 episodes and BOOM! they’re dead. (Sigh) I’m starting to think that “24” is getting too cocky and is going to be season 3 all over again. I’m praying that I am wrong and they will be better than ever.

  • t3hdow

    I’d be more convinced that Cromwell is Bauer’s grandfather than his father. But maybe I’m undershooting Bauer’s age. Nevertheless, if he’s as great an actor as everyone says he is, I’m sure he’ll be a good edition for the show.
    To Ep Sato, I gave up on the Simpsons after the awful season 13. I wouldn’t be surprised at the rehased (and often contradicting) plot ideas, considering the series is almost at its 400th episode. The first decade of the show is filled with enough classic moments, so why won’t this show end already?

  • Silas Bent

    Um, shouldn’t Jack Bauer be really old by now, since in-between each season is like 2 years?

  • Brett Colbo

    So… was Donald Sutherland too busy to come and play with his real son?
    Either way, James Cromwell is going to chew the scenery as Phillip Bauer. Agreed that he seems a tad old to be playing Jack’s pop, but remember 1-2 years passes with each season (so, what, we are 10 years later than when the show premiered?)
    Of course Eddie Izzard will die. With Graham (Dr. Romano) reprising his role, Eddie is the new “Mr. Yellow Tie” from last season. Here to establish plot then will be murdered off per Graham’s demands.
    All that really matters is that Jack is coming back! With a new President Palmer, Chloe and Morris O’Brian, and the return of Milo? Count me in.

  • alanna

    Sigh. While I’m sure Cromwell will be marvelous, 24 missed a golden opportunity by not casting Victor Garber. I’ve long dreamed of the day when Jack Bauer and Jack Bristow have a showdown to see who is truly the biggest badass.

  • Kat

    Ugh, I cannot STAND Eric Balfour. I thought his character already died, too bad. Also my critic friend tells me he’s just about the most conceited, narcissistic actor in Hollywood. Yuk.

  • newbie

    I LOVE that I simultaneously gets chills thinking of Cromwell’s role in LA Confidential AND teary eyes thinking of “That’ll do,Pig” from the big finale in Babe. Any character actor that can pull me so completely in both directions will be an outstanding addition! He is one of those actors, like Morgan Freeman, who I am always happy to see in a project.
    I thought the idea of having old Monty as the villian was hilarious! It could be followed by a season of thwarting Pinky and the Brain!

  • Alex

    That’ll do Jack, that’ll do.

  • Alex

    That’ll do Jack, that’ll do.

  • Ceballos

    Anyone who saw him on “Six Feet Under” during that show’s final year (in addition to the aforementioned “L.A. Confidential” and “Babe”) knows that Cromwell is capable of doing absolutely brilliant work.
    Just one of those guys that’s good in anything they do.

  • Rahul

    i’m pretty freaking happy with James Cromwell -i hope they have a good way of bringing him into the story. and really hope this family reunion isn’t an opportunity to bring kim back either -that would negate the whole thing.

  • Esther Kustanowitz

    I’m worried about Chloe. She’s been around a long time, and now with her husband coming back…24 doesn’t encourage happy relationships…
    But wouldn’t it be cool if Dr. Romano got nailed by a chopper on 24 the way he did on ER? If so, we’ll know why he got the job (“Hey, we need to hit someone with a helicopter…is that dude from Fame available?”)

  • pn

    Alex…….that was pretty hilarious, i was gonna type that exact line from Babe but you beat me to the punch man.

  • Stephanie

    Lol, Alex.

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