Britney speaks: 'You have to realize that we're people'

I could take the easy route in discussing Matt Lauer’s interview with Britney Spears on NBC last night — pointing out the pop tart’s janky […] Read the full post.

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  • Sophie

    Certainly, celebrities deserve privacy, but I have to agree with some of the other posts. If you are selling personal videos then you are crossing thatline on your own, and to complain when you want the privacy back is silly.
    As for the baby seat: I grew up doing that with my grandpa. But I was 3 or 4, not an infant. And we weren’t driving on the freeway…. Or going at any speed that could cause harm or cause an airbag to deploy. (though there were no airbags in the day…) She’s just trying to make excuses for being negligent.

  • Lily

    I feel for Britney, in that I feel for all the mentally retarded children of the world. She’s clearly walking around in her own little bubble world and failing to see the blatently obvious. Anyone else think it was hilariously wrong when Laur’s voice narrated the “she’s referring to Danny Moder, who DID meet Juila Roberts while he was still married, but did not have any kids”? She (Britney) said “for some reason it’s different with me than it is with her” as if she thought babies really came from storks and there was no dufference between a man possibly leaving his wife for another woman, and a man possibly leaving his pregnant girlfriend and toddler for another woman.

  • Master Thespian

    Brilliant!! Britney has perfected the role of white trash made it big, married a wigger, and gotten knocked up. As she whines about her media filled life in LA/NY and parades her kid around in the hot sun sans hat, she shows that she is emotionally a 14 year old, has the parenting skills of a hamster, and is on the fast track towards the mental hospital. Hey Britney, say you want to lose control? Than get Kevin away from the kids before he eats them, move back to the rural south, and get your GED. Dumbass.

  • Ana

    After complaining for 59 minutes about deserving her privacy, she makes the comment “I like money” (after Matt Lauer referred to her “business ventures”). There’s a price for everything. If she doesn’t like the “attention”, move back to the “country”!!!

  • jo

    I am just amazed, more than anything, at the fact that after all her time in the business of selling oneself that she has so little clue about presenting herself and thinking about what she says. To me that says a lot about her and her family (and I mean her mother). They are not going to hear what people tell them or advise them no matter what.
    I am also willing to bet that some idiot told her once that the gum chewing makes her seem like a young southern girl.
    I am willing to understand that the paparazzi crosses the line. But does she not get that without them we would not be talking about her AT ALL? She would not say that it was stupid to drive off with her son. All she had to say was that to regain some sort of sympathy. My mother drove with me in her lap too- without AIRBAGS and not on a busy road. The fact that there were paparazzi around only furthers the need to make sure your child is safely secured. I was disappointed that Matt did not point out Sean’s horrible position in the forward facing carseat pictures. That was the worst part about those.

  • pauljr

    Does Brit take responsibility for anything? It’s always the paparazzi this, the paparazzi that. I wish I could bite the very rich hand that feeds me the way that she does. Here’s some advice Brit, “be careful what you wish for”. And for an interview that was supposed to gain some sympathy and support, how about cleaning up a bit, less garish make-up, pull your ratty hair back, and cover your breasts, and stop chewing like a cow. If it was sympathy she was looking for she needed a whole different approach. Take responsibility for your own actions. Its that simple!

  • Robin

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Why r all you weirdo’s so angry at this woman? I’m sure that none of you have ever meet her. Get a life losers. Why even watch a 60min interview about a so called has-been that you can’t stand? I’m not even a fan of this chick, I just get annoyed when freaks and geeks forget their place. You weren’t popular in high school and spewing negative commentary about someone worlds better than you isn’t going to change that.

  • Harold

    I think she started emphasizing her drawl to invoke sympathy. She is all about marketing. She wanted the sympathy and now she has it.
    She invited the NBC cameras in so really if she wanted to dress appropriately she would have. She just likes the attention and knew this would do it.
    She really work those tears don’t she?

  • edz

    could not keep away from the interview – it was so very sad -the most appalling thing was that she was NOT prepared – the see-all clothes, the horrible gum-chewing, the manic-like makeup – this “girl” is far from being a woman – where are her celeb role models? her mother even? bottomline – Britney -grow up – your kids will need you

  • mf

    Wow, what a train wreck. I haven’t seen the interview, just the clips. She looks TERRIBLE. Who was the publicist who ok’d the tank top/mini skirt look??? She looks like an overfed Purdue chicken (those breasts! those thighs!) Seriously, where are her handlers and her mom? And the whole “I’m country” thing is so lame. She and K-Fed deserve each other. My favorite part of this whole episode: Madonna dumping Britney for Lindsay Lohan. Priceless!

  • Comixchick

    Kevin? How did Federline get on this board? I thought the “better than you” part was high comedy. Get back to work on your album, yo.

  • Ray

    I have a very little sympathy for this woman. She’s made it her goal in life to be famous, and has reaped the ample benefits of her success as an entertainer; members of the paparrazzi are just doing their job, which in turn gives her more publicity and $. The very act of inviting Matt Lauer into her home for an interview is a calculated move on her part, so whatever sympathy I’m supposed to feel for her and her “situation” is completely beyond me. And what’s with the Anna Nicole Smith-esque look? Is she TRYING to prove that you can’t buy class or dignity?

  • Anna

    I’m not going to comment on Britney Spears. I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said. I would like to argue with the contention that Bobby ruined Whitney’s career. Whitney’s career actually peaked after she met Bobby with the release of the Bodyguard and it’s soundtrack and stayed high for several years. Her career didn’t begin to tank until she lost control of her drug problem and she began experimenting with drugs long before she met Bobby.

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    This was her choice. Brit decided to put her career, if you can call it that, behind her raising a family. Brit made the wrong choice by marrying this guy. Sure he is attractive in the macho sense, but this man has no intelligence or respect. He left Shar barefoot and pregnant. Perhaps the relationship between them was over after she was pregnant, but we will never know. Brit’s singing days are over and if she has any respect for herself, once she can get her kids into daycare she should get a college diploma and start a new job. Plus if she is going to stay with K-Ferterlizer, then she should tell him to get his Coors chugging, tree smoking a*** a job, and to make sure that he has a seperate bank account. Stop sleeping and wake up because you are in the real world Brittney!

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