People has Shiloh photos (hey, where are you going?)

101812__people_lNinety percent of the time, looking at pictures of other people’s babies is something to be avoided at all costs. After about image 10 of little Wuggums lying there, squinty and semiconscious, the baby slideshow ranks just beneath "looking a pictures of other people’s vacations" on the All-Time Worst Thing to Do on a Couch Index. Ah, but when the parents are just leeeeeettle bit famous and leeeeeettle bit beautiful, well then, everything changes.

Thus, fans are even now bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to People‘s website, where the very first (and dearly purchased) pics of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt are posted. Of course, the images have already turned up elsewhere, legal battles over fair use have already erupted. Imagine that! Something leaked on the internet! (It was all totally worth draining the pension fund, Time. Inc.)

In conclusion, um, you’re not reading anymore, are you? You’re looking at the baby. Fine. Look at the baby. She’s… well, frankly she’s let herself go. There. Somebody had to say it.

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  • Eric

    wow…it’s a baby….looks like a lot of other babies.
    I can’t believe this baby was made by two people.
    I can’t believe I’m a moronic, complacent, star struck commoner that would buy into the ridiculous celebirty machine that would make that picture worth millions of dollars.
    I can’t believe I put on my own socks.

  • pn

    no comment

  • newbie

    And so it begins…

  • ceej

    Amen to that, Eric!

  • Mario

    who cares??!

  • Buffy

    No kidding. You just know Tom Cruise is out there wondering how the hell he’s gonna get back on the front page.
    If I wasn’t so occupied with picking at my nail cuticles, I’d go look at the baby pictures but as you can see, I’ve more pressing matters. Besides, something tells me none of us will be able to escape this freaking baby anyway. Osama Bin Laden is probably logging in from his desert hole to see the baby too. This is important news, y’all.

  • tara

    I am not a mother (yet..few more months), but i can honestly say that i think all newborns look the same until about 4 months. Then they start to look like their parents. So get back to me in October, Shiloh!

  • dmac

    I really cant for the life of me understand why there is so much fascination with this baby? I mean you’d think it was the second coming of chirst or something. And people are already saying “Oh it has angelina’s lips, or brad’s nose, or blah blah blah’s eyes”
    The world has gone mad. If this much awareness and press was spent on the condition in Africa, The war on iraq. Im pretty sure the world would be a better place.
    ***Goes and strangles myself, fot not being a crazed “Brangelina” Stan.

  • S.Shortcake

    Ok, the only thing I don’t get is the animosity from those so-called Team Anistons or Team Jolies. I fear the day that the gang war breaks out. All these out of shape women (cause who can be in shape when spending so much time reading every magazine and website that might prove you are right about either A.) Jennifer not wanting kids or B.) Angelina stealing Brad.) in the streets, pulling hair, gouging each other with household tools, wearing their “Team” shirts, the Jolie ones now imprinted with pictures of Shiloh. It’s as polarizing as political parties.
    I agree that infants all bear a resemblance to each other, so it’s funny to see the big deal made. I think it’s hilarious that these two basically made the media cough up a huge donation to charity. I’d rather see it go there than some skeezy photographer.

  • Crystal

    At least she’s pretty. I’ve seen plenty of famous people babies that look like they have taken a serious lcking with the ugly stick (the Spears-Federline kid springs cruelly to mind). Now, before I get e-mail (YOU PICKED ON A BABY!!!), let me assure you, my cousins’ kids, wow. Not that cute. They look better than they used to and I adore on account of them being family, but man, one of those kids had a serious resemblance to an Oompa-Loompa.

  • Nicky

    I understand the fascination with them. Because this generation has no true movie stars, no Taylor and Burton, Hepburn and Tracy, ect. Unlike the many so-called stars of today, they have the “it’ factor, they have that sense of mystery and glamour. I like them.
    And selling Shiloh’s pictures for charity..good on them! They knew the media onslaught couldn’t be avoided, so at least they directed it to a good cause.

  • Dee

    Angelina and Brad…yuck. Baby pretty like most babies…so what.

  • djm

    I could care less what the baby looks like, I am just glad that they got a bunch of money for charity for the photos. You know that the paparazzi are going to be stalking their every move when (or if) they come back to the US.
    As for Tom getting back on the covers of the magazines – my hope is that Katie gets a severe case of post-partom blues and kills Tom – now that is a issue of People (or Us or whatever) I’d buy.

  • Nicky

    Brad and Angelina should move to Canada. We are a kinder, gentler nation with nowhere near the amount of papparazi the U.S. has, and we have no attachment to his ex (“America’s Sweetheart”). When Brad filmed in Calgary last year, we pretty much left them alone. They could live quietly in BC and jet over to LA when they need to work.

  • Stephanie

    I am glad that the money is going to charity but Shiloh Nouvel? Shiloh new. Shiloh is normally a boys name and it is also the name of a series of children’s novels about an abused beagle written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Clearly Brad and Angelina are in “puppy love”.

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