Is it too early to judge the TomKat and Brangelina babies?

93727__brangelina_lFor me, one of the scariest things about modern parenting is the competitive pressure that’s placed on kids from a young age. Will baby Tarquin get into the right preschool? Shouldn’t little Fiona have mastered the cello by now? Still, reading USA Today’s disconcerting feature in which professional gossips gauged folks’ excitement over the pending births of TomKat and Brangelina‘s babies was a sobering reminder that celebrity tykes have it even worse. Imagine being judged on your photo-op potential or having the details of your birthing room publicly discussed in mind-numbing detail — all before you emerged from the womb. Then again, the Holmes and Jolie babies could have it worse: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s pending bundle of joy didn’t even get a mention. Sounds like that fetus needs a new publicist.

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  • mike

    You can expect the E channel to run “50 celebrity offspring screw-ups”. Get the therepy sessions scheduled now for the kiddies. OOPs, sorry Tomkats kid. Daddy doesn’t go for that. You’re on your own.

  • Tim L

    or at the very least it’s own pop culture blog.

  • jon

    Can’t you picture it? 18 years from now the grown-up TomKat and Brangelina offspring posing in gowns and tuxedoes on the cover of Vanity Fair, with Lourdes Leon somewhere in the background with her hand on her hip… People are never, EVER going to leave these children alone and they better get used to it quick… this is why America should have a monarchy… we wouldn’t create one with movie stars…

  • aramis

    You can also expect E channel to relentlessly cover the births of the kids like CNN would cover hurricane Katrina on the day these kids actually make it into the world. If 20 years from now, they aren’t used to it, well, good luck. Tom doesn’t believe in therapy so you KNOW his kids are going to be screwed up. My money’s on Brangelina’s kid growing up with a more stable head.

  • Tim L

    Celebrities are like game shows, they never last. 20 years from now I seriously doubt anyone will even care about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Can anyone name a celebrity from the 80’s who was INSANELY popular that is still as popular today? No…because age destroys all and there will always be someone young and beautiful to replace them.

  • brandonk

    For me, the scariest thing about modern parenting is that people are still having kids! Don’t they know that the planet is already overpopulated? They’re contributing to the problem, and they’re not doing their kids any favors, either. As adults, they’ll face more competition for everything, including water, shelter, and food. Of course, people in the third world are the ones who are most at risk, but the industrialized countries won’t be immune to the effects of overpopulation. I’m just sayin’!

  • Howard

    Given a choice, I’d say that Baby Brangelina has a better shot at normalcy than the TomKitten. I’ve read interviews with Angelina over the last few years, and she has matured a great deal from when she was married to Billy Bob. However, since you mentioned them, the one with the best shot is probably the Rossdale baby, given that they’re not treating the pregnancy like a PR event. It leads to the notion that the kid won’t be treated like a prop either.

  • Jill

    Hey Tim L…..Ummmm…Tom Cruise?

  • Jess

    If you ask me, Angelina has handled her pregnancy well. There’s no way she’d be able to avoid coverage, but she and Brad seem to live as normally as two mega-celebrities with tons of money could.
    Or maybe I’m just being nice because I respect all the volunteer work she does. Angelina is the perfect example of a celebrity with a cause who gets stuff done. As opposed to Tom, who pulls lame PR stunts left and right.
    Long story short, the Brangelina baby should be fine. The Rossdale baby will be fine. The Tomcat baby is so screwed that it’s not even funny.


    Angelina Jolie is a big lipped home wrecker. Why does noone question her like they did Micheal Jackson? She is just as big of a freak when it comes to infatuation with kids, in fact she takes it further then him and actually imports them. Brad Pitt looks like he has the smelliest balls on earth. “TomKat” is a snot rocket thats been smeared on the American publics faces.

  • Melina

    I think the Brangelina baby will be fine and so will Gavin and Gwen’s baby. But Tomkat’s is a different story because I really don’t think they match. I think since Katie started dating Tom she has lost herself, I think there will be a break up in the near future and many unhappy days for Kate to come. I think Angelina has grown up alot since the split from Billy Bob, I think she’s a great mother and has done such wonderful things. Not to mention Beautiful. Brad and Angelina make a great couple. I think Jen is so stupid and think she can be a snob. She should just be happy to have been married to Brad and move on, because Brad was too good for her.


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  • liz

    this is the gayest website ever…. who the f*** has time to bash on celebrites….you people have no lives

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