'Prison Break': Michael ain't the only crazy one

133539__prison_lOkay, I could have done without Michael’s boxing-with-the-wall scene (my knuckles ache just thinking about it), but it certainly proved what extreme (if not downright moronic) lengths that Michael will go to for Lincoln: pound his hand silly against the wall of his solitary cell and then pretend to be catatonic so Sara will transfer him into the psych ward where he can ask ol’ Sleepy-Eye Haywire to re-create the intricate tattoo on his back that was burned by a butt-hot pipe that Michael leaned against two weeks ago. I know. You don’t have to say it. So freakin’ ridiculous. And yet Michael really had me after that final, painful punch: Has Homeboy really gone mad? And for what?

While he was playing the pugilistic nutcase back in solitary, Fernando was taking care of business by plugging up their escape hole in the shack so the guards wouldn’t discover their intricate plan. Crisis averted! Meanwhile, Lincoln’s retarded son thought he’d take matters into his own hands by hunting down Kellerman but ended up getting caught by the cops. His bad! And we learned that Lincoln’s dad — the man who helped postpone the execution — somehow has ties to the V.P.’s brother and the "company."

So what did you think? Will Kellerman — who’s just as surprised and confused as I am about daddy Burrows’ links to the "company" — start to turn on the veep? Would you punch a wall to get a one-way ticket to the cuckoo ward? Is this show getting just too damn crazy?

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  • fwe

    his retard son, which i must say is a bit extreme, took matters into his own hands and got that bodyguard in trouble. Chill out lynette

  • TV Addict

    There’s no way Sucre could have done that good a cement job that the guard couldn’t tell something was different.

  • Kiel

    ROFL. “lincoln’s retarded son” haha that made me laugh out loud. Awesome description. That’s what this so called ‘blog’ needs, a little attitude.
    PS: How about you chill out fwe.

  • professor74

    If you go to the forums on Television without Pity there is a bunch of speculation on what happened. The take I like is that Michael actually did lose it for a time (i.e. punching the wall and using the blood to try and re-draw the map). But then at some point realized he could “find a way out” like Lincoln said.

  • Maurine

    I love this show!

  • dma69

    I have to agree with Lynette with this one. L.J. is a bit of an retard. Never liked the character.

  • Ep Sato

    I love this show, but every episode has me cringing at it’s improbability and of the stupidity of some of these characters. And it’s getting a little irksome that after the break was all set to go several months ago that we came back to find ourselves worse than when we started. Is this story going to progress ever, or are the next three weeks going to be more sideways episodes that don’t move along the plot?

  • Baco Noir

    Although I still watch, this is the most ridiculous show on TV. Vid. Sucre’s perfect, I mean perfect cement job. Previous episodes – Abruzzi’s men pound the crap out of T-Bag, belting him in the face, etc. Abruzzi comes in and then ‘forgives’ him. T-Bag pulls a razor out of his mouth and slits Abruzzi’s throat. Hmm. The same T-Bag who a few minutes before was pummelled IN THE MOUTH by Abruzzi’s henchmen. T-Bag’s lips should be lying on the ground from the razorblade in his mouth. The Dr. as morphine addict…unhunh. A payphone in the yard that the cons can use anytime…Including while they are supposed to do yard work as Iraq guy did this week. PUHLEESE. Relentlessly ridiculous, but still strangely entertaining. A guilty pleasure, no more.

  • Greg

    Yah… it is kind of stupid, but I still really like this show and am glad EW is still giving it some attention. Television doesn’t have to be realistic to be entertaining.

  • Al

    Anyone ever watched 24? Now that’s ridiculous. It’s a good thing TV doesn’t have to be realistic, otherwise I’m afraid everyone might freak out.

  • Christina

    I love this show but some of the details are just so over the top. No way the cement job could have been that good. Wentworth did a good job of playing crazy though. He sold me. The punching of the wall was just painful to watch.
    It also looks like they’ve set up a future storyline with LJ being incarcerated down the road.

  • t3hdow

    I love how everyone questions PB and 24’s improbability to realism, yet this nation is filled with reality TV fans who hardly give a second thought to the ‘realism’ of reality TV with its heavy editing and possibly staged/set-up events. I just sit back and enjoy the show without nitpicking on too many questionable details.
    As for the episode itself, it’s great that the tension filled story is back from last week’s lackluster flashback episode. That wall punching did make me groan looking at it. Jesus…I wonder what Lincoln did to Michael to turn im into such a masochist. Part of me also thought Michael would seek his old roommate to figure out the lost portion of his tattoo back. The prison officers are also getting suspicious about Scofield and his crew, so I wonder what might happen next. I’m not worried about the prison break itself, but the road it’s taking to reach there is at times unnerving…I’m enjoying it.

  • eli

    I actually find it somewhat classless, and definately lazy writing, to call a character a ‘retard.’ Maybe next time you should try to put that big brain of yours to work and use a better word to put someone down with. Or did Lindsay Lohan write that sentence for you?

  • Mike in Moncton

    I don’t think a show needs to necessarily be realistic as it needs to be plausible. And PB’s plausibility is on thin ice. How can Sucre, Linc and Michael all be conversing so easily in solitary like that through a freakin’ drain?! They weren’t even shouting. And as IF they’d all wind up together like that.
    I loved PB up until last week when they had the big flashback love-in. This show’s losing me big time.

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