'Battlestar Galactica' finale: Pushing the 'reset' button

1786__battlestar_lI’d heard that Friday’s season finale of Battlestar Galactica was pretty mind-blowing, but holy frack! Seems like this season’s slow-burn plots got tricked out with FTL drives, because suddenly we jumped a year ahead to a whole new scary place, where Gaius Baltar (James Callis, left) is president, Starbuck is hitched, the colonial survivors are living in postapocalyptic refugee camps, and — gasp! — Lee looks like a chubbier Bill Paxton.

But let’s back up a minute. Roslin tried to prevent all these travesties by fixing the election — and though Adama (and even Gaius) seemed surprised she would go so far to retain the presidency, I didn’t raise an eyebrow. The writers made Roslin steelier this season — it seemed like every episode she threatened to throw someone out the airlock, and then there’s all the duplicity surrounding the Helo/Sharon baby. Clearly Roslin would do anything to ensure human survival, and that includes protecting her people from a man she saw frolicking with Number Six just before the initial nuclear attacks on the colonies.

But then Gaeta, that damn dirty cylon (yeah, that’s right, I said it!), had to go and be all ”noble.” He reported Roslin’s vote-tampering and the gig was up: Gaius was sworn in, his cylon lover promptly blew up Cloud 9, and the dream of permanent settlement on New Caprica became a nightmare. When, after a year, the cylons came back to take over (as I knew they eventually would, despite the no-harm-no-foul promises from preacher-bot), President Baltar — whom I half expected to lift his head, Scarface-style, from a mound of cocaine at any moment — folded like a cheap suit. And as I watched that final scene of the toasters marching in formation through the camp, all I could think was, May the Gods help them all.

Burning questions:

1. Anyone suspect Starbuck’s new husband, Anders, has more than a case of pneumonia?

2. Anybody get the feeling Tyrol hasn’t exorcised his personal demons? (I’m still shuddering over that whole Cally pummeling.)

3. Does no one in the age of New Caprica have a pair of scissors? (See Adama’s weird mustache, Starbuck’s too-long hair, Lee’s dad-cut…)

4. Can I possibly survive the next few months without a new episode?


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  • glimmertwins

    Does anyone else think that the Cylons have now split into two factions, that the one on New Caprica — led by 6 & 8 are there to actually PROTECT the humans from the other, larger Cylon group, led by evil Lucy Lawless?
    This makes perfect sense, harking back to the spisode on Caprica when 6 & 8 bonded over how they felt about humans. They saved Anders from the other Cylons, remember. And they kept their subversive conversation secret from Lucy Lawless.

  • Miles

    I was home with a stomach thing, had never watched the show before, although I heard good things about it. How Brilliant was that!!!? the stealing of an election, the taking over by beings insisting they are going to protect us. The Best Sci-Fi is both the use of thrilling imagination and a reflection of our own times. I can’t wait to see the episodes that have led to this, and I can’t wait till next season…
    A new fan.

  • bma

    Does anyone know when this second half of Season 2 will be out on DVD? I didn’t see anything on Amazon or the SciFi Channel web site…

  • beachpup

    I’m thinking the Cylons which have reached New Caprica are actually ‘good’, in other words, led my Six and Sharon to help the refuges in any way they can. Take back old Caprica? Flee with them to Earth? This episode was both depressing and brilliant, although I hope we don’t get bogged down on a planet for the entire 3rd season. Another point I’m wondering about is sick Anders: if Cylon blood can beat Roslin’s cancer, can’t it ‘cure’ just about anything else? Best show on TV.

  • vwvoyager

    Didn’t I read somewhere that the Cylons were supposed to ask the humans for subjects to do experiments on? It wasn’t in the episode, maybe it was saved for next season’s premier- in October????!!!

  • Ep Sato

    Dude, the real question is “What the hell happened with season 2.5?”
    It did not feel in any way like seasons 1 or 2, nor carry the same feeling of “real time” desparation. The ending to the finale had a particularly “tacked on” feeling and I am frustrated at how many built up plots were sort of just dropped.
    Billy Keekaya and the hottie who suddenly got the hots for Lee? Just kill off Billy, why bother with the triangle.
    Roslin as a prophet and the quest for Earth? Ahh, who needed it anyway?
    The President NOT being the all powerful leader who somehow supercedes Adama after they had been under his leadership until now? Also conveniently sent out the airlock.
    Did this show switch writing teams for 2.5? Something felt very amiss.
    On the other hand, there’s a rebel cylon faction (aaw yeah), still unsettled tension between Lee and Starbuck (also handled poorly in season 2.5), the cylon baby, the wherabouts of Sharon Valeri and Helo, and a few dozen more questions left for season 3. I can’t wait until this show returns…

  • Albert

    What an amazing episode! The one year jump caught me totally by surprise, with Baltar hanging his head down in mourning, and the next moment geting stirred awake in his coke-fueled den one year later! Brilliant, pushing the envelope material! The episode was suspenseful enough with Baltar being sworn in as president, but the last half hour totally cleared the table for a new status quo. I’m interested in the direction this show is going to take from this point on, I’m betting it won’t be too long before everyone is back on Galactica resuming their trip to earth, with more scars and heartache from their failed colonization of New Caprica.

  • Maryland

    I really don’t know what the BSG writers are thinking. Season 2.5 has really gone downhill – especially in the way of illogical character development. All the different “love” interests of Lee Adama – totally out of character. Why did Dualla suddenly lose interest in Billy and get the hots for Lee? Who knows. Why would Lee ever hook up with the prostitute, other than as a poor plot device? What happened to Lee and Starbuck? Didn’t the reunion between Starbuck and Anders feel very forced?
    The cylons also seem poorly thought out. What makes them different from humans? What extra powers do they have? What can’t they do? It seems they want the humans — but what for?
    One of the best things about season 1 was the tight characterizations and plot. Now both seem to be left behind in a mad gallop toward….something. The show can redeem itself, but it needs to get back on target, fast.

  • Josh

    I think some people are being too hard on this show. Though the prostitute for Lee was a bit surprising, it made since — this wasn’t the same Apollo that we knew from season one, for he had since betrayed his father by helping Roslin. That time of familial intensity was bound to affect him, and looking for a relationship was how — with Starbuck all about Anders, he turned first to the prostitute and then to Dualla, who had been noticing Lee for some time if anyone paid attention to the show’s subtleties.
    The Cylon’s don’t really have special powers, other than the rebirthing chamber/not dying that they had, but simply are much more technological advanced versions of our own terrorists — or is that our own government? Either way, their attacks have instilled fear, and now they want to bring ‘peace’ to the new colony but will do this by being controlling.

  • gene gene

    Galactica deserves a TV watch next season. This was an amazing season for the show. I’m glad it takes such huge risks even with its audience. It’s not afraid to actually have events happen – the nuke, the invasion, the fleet bailing- wow! The leap in time was great- I loved Adama’s Castillo mustache, the images of the raiders flying overhead, and the return of the cylon Kara tortured looking for payback. October can’t come soon enough.

  • mrstubbs187

    this show works… hot women… great conflict… and sci-fi as relevant social commentary… excellent job… with regard to number 6, sharon, and starbuck, I cycle through fear, pity, and horny regularly… thanks… the conflict benefits from opposing points of view that are both right… ah, i’m thinking and feeling… and the show holds politics, religion, war, honor, and what it means to be human up to a gritty lens that show all our warts… ouch…
    making me wait ’til october, however, frakin’ sucks…

  • Rahul

    I agree with Gene. Start up a TV Watch next season. Obviously you want to write about it.

  • Leigh

    I wasn’t certain whether to hate or love this episode. The first hour was pure BSG in all its mind-twisty brilliance. But that last half hour – frak! No wonder Ron Moore’s wife (Mrs. Moore?) was angry with him for days after she learned what he had planned. But just as she came to understand and respect the decision, so, too, have I. There is just sooooo much material to work with next season with little chance of getting into the “space-ships-running-from-cylons” rut anytime soon. And, really, we’re going to be rooting for the *insurgency*, once again flipping real-life issues on their head. Where’s the Emmy love, people?

  • Joel

    Great episode. I can’t wait for the new episodes, which are going to be in October, right? That’s a long wait, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

  • Emily

    Of course Gaeta did the noble thing. What Roslin did was wrong. It doesn’t matter what her intentions were. When humanity is struggling so hard to survive, things like democracy matter more than ever. I’ve always loved Gaeta, but by not letting Tigh and the others get away with this, he became my favorite.
    And as for Baltar “folding”…what else was he supposed to do? The guy is a villian, no doubt about that, but the choice was surrender or instant death. If this is about the human race surviving, he did the right thing.

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