'Dancing With the Stars': Rated 'P' for Puh-leeeze

85915__p_lOn last night’s Dancing With the Stars, we learned that Master P‘s dance partner Ashly Delgrosso believes in miracles. And you know what? So will I — but only if the lumbering rap mogul gets the boot on tonight’s results show. I mean, the only thing more galling than discovering P has put in just 20 hours of training since the show began (compared to an average 130 for his competitors) was hearing him boast ”Only God can judge me,” after Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba gave him a combined score of 8 (out of 30). C’mon now, P, even if you’ve got a point, not even the most benevolent deity would’ve called in a vote for your predictably half-hearted paso doble to ”Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

While there’s no arguing that P’s escape from elimination three weeks running has created watercooler buzz for DWTS, at what point will his grouchy-pants advance make viewers reach for their remotes? Timeslot rival CSI might be gory, after all, but if hard-trying hoofers like the campy delight Lisa Rinna (who danced to ”The Final Countdown”!) or the charming Jerry Rice lose out to a guy who clearly has no interest in shaking his groove thing, that’d be downright disgusting.

What did you think of last night’s show? And more importantly, do you think P’s reign will end tonight?

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  • kathleen

    For the love of all that is good, please vote out P… He is an amazing musician, but this is not the right competition for him, and he is ruining what can be a really good time for the other celebrities by sending harder working people home early. The fact that he has only trained 20hrs, and what’s worse plugged his new album… I mean, come on, just vote him out already. Poor Ashly…

  • stephanie

    I am wondering if P is taking any medication? He dances like zombie drunk on Nyquil, walking through a crowded high school hallway. Len is right, his heart is not in the competition.

  • mon

    i take offense every time he brings God into the equation. As a fellow believer, i would guess that God would want you to take pride in what you do and not coast and make excuses and do things half-heartedly and basically not be the good example he so badly wants to be! DOWN WITH P ALREADY!
    He might be a nice man, musician, whatever but he’s NOT a good dance and obviously doesn’t want to be one.
    I really like Tia and think she’s very graceful, Lisa’s got spunk and Drew is the man! He can dance and he’s got a great energy about him. So much fun to watch.

  • Gregg

    For P to continue, he would need about 3 times the votes of the next worst, Hamilton who scored 21 to his 8. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Enough of Frankenstein’s monster.

  • jason

    this whole pity thing for P is getting on my nerves. the loopy elisabeth hasselbeck (who by the way should prepare for her seahwak husband’s loss to the all-powerful pgh steelers) has this grass roots “save P” garbage happening on the view. he doesn’t care and should be tossed, all of the other couples (exception : george hamilton) rock the dancefloor and need to be in there, i can’t choose between drew and stacy, they better be the top 2.

  • BoxOfficeGoddess

    Is votefortheworst.com behind this? There’s a group of people out there whose mission is to vote for the worst person on reality shows because the group thinks the whole concept of reality shows is stupid. They’ve supposedly been behind several of American Idol’s “huh?” moments when people who should have been voted off stuck around longer than they should have.

  • Charlane

    first of all! GO Drew! but…maybe P should have used the music to Thriller last night because he would have the zombie movies down pat….Poor Ashley, she deserves better than this…wonder how long he would have hung in there with one of the harsh professionals instead of sweet Ashley??? Quit enabling this behavior Ashley – get him mad so he will give up!

  • JS

    Actually, the Seahawks’ quarterback is Elisabeth’s brother-in-law. But whatever, I agree that P needs to be gone.

  • Paul

    Lisa Rinna will not go home tonight – she has been improving every week and doing great. Master P, Jerry Rice or George Hamilton have to go – all of them are worse than Lisa!


    OK, we’ve all agreed by now that P should go, who ever is continuing to vote him is hurting the competitors, America, and the World. He really is an embarrassment to everyone, what a fool, poor Ashly, we all love her talent and spirit……… if God is helping ANYONE its Ashly.
    P, do God and the world a favor, QUIT……..

  • SeangSTM

    Agree with all the comments above.
    Gotta say though, Lisa R’s lips are hypnotically bloated.
    If Drew or the blonde ‘wrestler’ *cough* doesn’t win, I’ll be real pissed.
    Master P flagrant disregard for the rules 3 weeks in a row should disqualify him. The reason he can’t slip and slide (not that he cares) is because he’s wearing rubber soled shoes. What a tool.
    That poor Italian girl partnered with him looks on the verge of cracking her smiling facade though, no? The guy trains 10 hours a week compared to the 120 hours the other contenstants do…WTF?! AGAIN! That should DISQUALIFY HIM – screw these voting shenanigans, he BROKE THE RULES. PERIOD.
    He’s also got the attitude of every kid who wants to rebel but has no discernable talent outside of their ‘rebelling’ ability. Believe in ‘God,’ blame others and make excuses till you’re blue in the face – that’s the philosophy.

  • sidney21

    It’s obvious that Master P is getting his votes from “fans”. It’s getting kinda ugly at this point. I mean, the guy ain’t even trying. I wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t training, just look at how he “dances”. It’s disgraceful and disrespectful to his partner and to the viewing audience.

  • Delilah

    Are P’s fans really watching DWTS?? Doesn’t seem like there would be a huge crossover audience between ballroom dance and rap. I think people are just messing with the outcome to be spiteful. I just don’t believe that fans of P’s are making this happen.

  • Maurine

    I bet the other competitors train more in a day than he does in a whole week. He is just an embarassment. Usually I am able to enjoy Ashly’s dancing despite PU, but last night I was unable to. How Ashly gets out there week after week is a credit to her, but please save us from PU.
    PU looked like a slug last night. I think the judge’s scores of 2 were charitable.
    People are voting for him because he is the worst. I hope he gets voted off tonight, but I thought he’d be the first to go, so who knows.
    Drew is my favorite. Despite the poor musical rendition of “Thriller”, he rocked. Lisa was also good. I liked Tia and Jerry as well.
    If P isn’t kicked off tonight, I think the band/singers should be. They are not very good.

  • Pittsburgher

    Could it be that people are voting for Ashly and not really for P? I think she is very well liked and people love her sweetness and optimism, and maybe they are voting for her and P because they feel so bad for her. And feel like despite P’s blatant ignorance, she deserves to be there.

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