'Project Runway': Zulema is not so inspired

153342__zulema_lThis week’s Inspiration challenge was pretty, um, inspired (crass commercialism notwithstanding). Too bad Tim Gunn’s critiques were not. Our thoughts:

1. Photo 101 Having the contestants photograph the city in search of inspiration kinda reminded me of an introductory photo class. People even snapped their own shoes. Very Lost in Translation.

2. Let’s go buy digicams! Boy, those Olympus cameras and printers delivered high-quality photos. I should purchase one of those. Also, I will read Elle magazine, buy Kors designs, play with Barbie. And go, Sasha, in Turin!

3. I’m warming up to Santino. That is, when he’s not eating bacon. Ewww. The usually irascible jerk conceded wrongdoing for the first time, "What I had made for Sasha Cohen was pretty ridiculous and horrible." He even gets points for being gracious to the judges’ gripes. And his impression of Tim Gunn was spot-on: "Designers, rock the Casbah."

4. Zulema is the new Santino. Almost. Zulema (pictured) gets points for the bad-ass walk-off request, but the girl’s a paranoid megalomaniac: "They’re talking to you but they’re always like, ‘I’m watching you… because your shysty.’"  Why do you think nobody likes you? At least Santino wears the competition on his sleeve with no apologies. Don’t connive and then get upset when people question your friendworthiness. Too bad we hardly got the chance to start hating on this week’s competition loser.

5. The other dresses His glazed stare still scares me but I really liked Andrae’s dirty-gutter-water gown. He was my winner, even though I do respect Daniel’s orchid ambitiousness. Kara’s "no trespassing" dress was successful — in that her model looked like roadkill.

6. "Paris Hilton in Greece"? I’ll second Heidi’s astutecomment that "Your dress should speak more than you do." There was waytoo much talk this week. Also, it took me a while realize that Nickdidn’t say his midriff-baring dress was “Paris Hilton in Grease.” Now on Broadway! Summer nights indeed!

7. Nick needs to calm down about losing Tarah. ("I justwanted to vomit”; "For a minute I wanted to cut her…") As noted inprevious posts, Nick has been my favorite, but his incessant sulkingquickly grew tiresome. I might be done with Nick, if I weren’t soafraid he’d cut me. (Go, Nick!)

8. My critique of Tim’s critiques: Not so ambitious Thisweek, Tim Gunn gave each of the designers a no-nonsense, personalizedcritique. A sampling of his not-so-personalized comments: "Push theenvelope"; "Step out of your comfort zone"; "Take risks"; "Be moreambitious"; "Step out of the metaphorical box." All sounds the same tome. Tim needs to be more ambitious with his criticism.

9. Michael Kors’ Ouchie of the Week (To Zulema) "It looks like a
debutante dress gone wrong. Kinda like the trashy debutante in town in
the red dress. And her mother’s a bad home-sewer." Ouchie!

What did you think of this week’s ep? Who are you rooting for to make the final three?

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  • Robin

    I’ve found Zulema completely unappealing since day one, and when she got eliminated all i could think was “karma sure is a bitch.”
    I was really surprised Andrae didn’t win. I can see why Daniel did, but I really thought they could have tied.
    I could find no reason to want to slap Santino this week, which was a nice surprise. And as soon as I saw his fabric in the store I wanted to yell at the tv “Austin Scarlett’s dress!”

  • jlm

    Still no TV Watch! I know there isn’t that much season left, but it would still be appreciated, just look at how many comments Project Runway gets in the PopWatch.
    I’m not upset that Zulema is gone, but the judges are still not consistent in whether they are cutting too much ambition, or not enough. Kara’s dress was just as run of the mill as Emmett’s design last week, but she survived.
    Andrae may be creeping into my final 3 projection. Pretty sure Kara will go next, but then things get difficult.

  • James The Greatest

    Comments from this end:
    Oh, Tim, I so agree with you on much of this article.
    1. Was it just me, though, or was Santino’s dress just like every single other dress he’s done so far this season? I mean, really. Also, it looked more unfinished than Zulema’s dress. That white thing was all off-centered and gross. Plus his model looks miserable and has bags under her eyes. Time to GO.
    2. Because of Zulema’s swap-off, Tarah is GONE, and Nick is stuck with the blonde that can’t walk. (Nick was beaming about how great a job she did. Sorry, Nick; she sucked.) But just do the math here. Daniel gets to choose between keeping Rebecca or choosing Tarah. Daniel’s one loyal boy, so unless they shake things up with a model swap-off… Rebecca is in. Tarah is OUT. (It sucks that she’s gonna be screwed over by the now ousted Zulema, but that’s the game!)
    3. Andrae should have won. Both he and Daniel had the best dresses, but Andrae’s was WEARABLE. I can imagine a girl at a dinner party wearing it. Daniel’s was very couture-y.
    4. I am in love with Tim Gunn. Even if his criticisms were kind of bland. He rocks MY casbah.

  • djm

    I am SO GLAD Zulema is gone – I wanted to cut her too when she stole my precious Nicky’s model – that B!*@H!! And since she went and designed that heinous dress and lost, now Nick’s model is getting the boot too – what a shame. I L-O-V-E loved Andrae’s gutter dress – it looked beautiful. I thought Daniels was just as good but I wish they had chosen both of them as the winner. I was really disappointed with Chloe’s dress and I’m sorry, but road kill doesn’t even begin to describe Kara’s lame dress. Santino has officially lost it – what was up with that hideous dress he made last night. Jay was right about the fabric being Austen Scarlett’s, but I’m sorry that is the ONLY thing that was similar. Austin’s dress was GORGROUS and Santino’s was lame. I hope he is next to go (even with the improved attitude and ego-check). Now for my darling Nicky. I do so love him, but the judges are right – one more “fish tail” dress and I think I will have to abandon my sweety pie guy for Daniel. At this point my final 3 are Nick, Chloe and Daniel, with Andrae closing in on Nick.

  • Temi

    Have we all forgotten the models?! I’m so disappointed that Tarah might leave! She was, hands-down, the best model and because of Zulema’s need for attention, she migth be gone forever… I have no doubts that she’ll be picked up by a local agency, or at least on Cycle 5 of ANTM (America’s Next Top Model).

  • djm

    To “James The Greatest” –
    I love Tim Gunn too – something about his voice and I’ve got this weakness for the Nerd-boy Fantasy type. Seeing him on ice skates the other week just made me want to jump into the tv, put my arm around his waist and help him glide. Yum, yum, yummy!

  • maria

    i love daniel. is he out. i can’t pick up the vibe, but i am sure of it and my heart breaks. boo.
    andrae is growing on me, and that kind of freaks me out. but his perma-glazed stare has got ot go.

  • dma69

    It was a tossup between Daniel and Andrae. Both outfits were great, but I leaned more toward Daniel.
    I had a feeling Zulema was a goner. It was a nice color, but itwas badly put together.
    Santino picked nice colors but it was put together badly. I didn’t realize until they showed the flashback that it was the same colors and design that Austin used. But Austin’s looked a lot nicer I think.
    Still not a Santino fan but you have to love his Tim Gunn impressions.
    Extra props for Daniel for giving Nick the boost he needed after the model-swap.
    “The talk doesn’t match the dress” Have to agree with Jay on Kara’s dress.

  • POP

    i thought andrea should have won. i think he didn’t win ’cause the judges don’t really like him??? he is a bit looney. I wasn’t that impressed by daniel’s look, it was interesting, but not really wearable, it would have to be toned down a bit.
    Santino’s dress was FUG. but atleast he took direction, i totally didn’t catch it when they said it looked like austin’s from last season. it did! but i don’t think he copied it.
    Jay was such an MOFO! i am sorry he has some nerve acting like he is the greatest designer, he hasn’t even done a colection yet, (except for the finals fromlast year) i liked him last season but he totallly put me off.
    As much as I can’t stand Zulema i think kara should have gone. atleast zulema was a little more inspired, kara’s was BUTT ugly! even though i thought zulema was soooo wrong to dog nick like that, it did make the show good this week. but nick needs to grow up a little.
    it sucks that tarah is out now, but daniel should grab her up, ’cause is model is ugly as sin and can’t walk!
    and to be honest chloe’s was pretty fug too. she uses a shade of blue every time! i can’t belive no one has called her on it.
    I think it could be a tight race, remember last year, wendy sucked! and made it to the final 3
    who knows.
    totally agree about tim g’s comments, so lame!

  • ki

    So now that Zulema is out, what’s gonna happen to Tarah??? Sure, Rachael looked more comfortable in Nick’s dress, and had a bit of smile on her face with more relaxed walk, but Tarah is a far better model. I really hate to see Tarah go… Can Daniel save Tarah for the sake of his friendship with Nick? Or, would he remain loyal to his model, Rebecca? I’m glad to see Zulema go though.

  • queen v.

    Temi, Tarah is already with an agency. All of the Project Runway models are represented by an agency. The show doesn’t pick total amateurs like “Top Model.”

  • Scott

    I think Andrae’s dress was probably the best representation of the photos. I could see the gutter in the dress and, yet, it was a thing of beauty. But his outfits always look the same to me. He always seems to use the same type of cut and similar colors. Chloe does that too, but her outfits stand out.
    I actually like Daniel’s model, so, I hope he doesn’t trade her. But, Nick’s stolen model does deserve the chance to stay (maybe they’ll let him take her back?).
    And I found it interesting that even when she eliminated and was saying that all it takes is one mistake, Zulema never said out loud that SHE made a mistake.

  • daisyj

    I thought this week was the best yet- no lame ‘client’ to design for (ice skating costumes? gag me with a pound of sequins), tasty model-based catfighting, and somebody finally let the air out of Santino. Plus, the worst designer lost. I’m going to disagree with your props to Zulema, though. I mean, a walk-off? She is aware that Zoolander was not a documentary, right?
    Not that it did her much good- Aphrodite could have come on as her special guest model and that dress would still have sucked. Unattractive, badly made and what, aside from the color, did it have to do with her ‘inspiration’? Sure, Kara’s was plain and kind of obvious and Santino’s was dull and weirdly proportioned, but Zulema definitely earned the loss.

  • Robin

    A note on the models:
    As sad as it is that Tarah is probably out, I think this week showed that not even the best model can save a dress. She worked Zulema’s design as well as she could, but that didn’t hide the fact that it was a bad design that was poorly put together.
    And look at Daniel’s model: I’ve never been particularly impressed by her, but she’s modeling gorgeous dresses, and that’s what counts.

  • COCO

    OK EW! U guys are slipping, hands down the best quote of the night was “Its a MF Walk OFF!” I feel off the couch with tears of laugher, as a tribute, I am tried to inject it into my everyday conversation today.
    I agree/concur with everything above, plus my extra 2 cents is this.
    Chloe- Is it just me or do all her dresses look like? I did not like or get her dress at all. I am thinking, she will be a commercial success and her website is getting big orders now…but I do not think she is the ONE (KaraSaun, so should have won) But I must admit that I am really surprise with Daniel. Isnt he one of the youngest with the least amount of experience fresh out of the fashion school.
    To the BRAVO/PROJECT RUNWAY PRODUCERS: Bring back Daniel V this season! His stuff is hot in LA!

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