Oscars tell Mizrahi: Keep your hands to yourself

91911__isaac_lIn the wake of Isaac Mizrahi’s touchy-feely performance on the red carpet at last week’s Golden Globes, the Academy is grumbling about E!’s plan to have Mizrahi manning the carpet at the Oscars as well. ”If they’re suggesting they would do something similar on our red carpet, we would have some good discussions with them,” Academy spokesman John Pavlik told the Associated Press. ”I can predict we would be extraordinarily angry if that happened on our carpet. I cannot predict what we would do afterwards.” Presumably, that means banning E! from future red carpet coverage.

Is the Academy making a big stink over nothing, considering that no celebrities have yet complained about Mizrahi’s manhandling? (Contrast this with the complaints from Dakota Fanning’s camp over Kathy Griffin’s joke at last year’s Globes that the child star was in rehab, forcing an apology and charitable donation from E! and probably also leading to E!’s decision not to hire Griffin again this year.)

Do you think Mizrahi will tone down his act for the Oscars? Should he?

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  • brandonk

    Who watches the preshows anyway?

  • Kiki

    I LOVE Isaac. I think he was great and funny! He was so much better than Star Jones, who would spend most of the time trying to kiss up to the celebrities and making jokes that were not funny. Isaac understands fashion, he is fun to watch and the celebrities seem to like him as well.

  • BK

    Isaac was annoying, and needed to keep his hands off celebrities oobies and out of their purses. Not all gay men know fashion or how to interview appropriately/professionally!! I certainly won’t be watching E!s preshow coverage.

  • kj

    i thought he was great! he was the best thing on the red carpet in years.

  • pn

    As much disgusted and appauled at his behaviour to everyone at the globes this year i have to admit it was the most entertaining and outrageous pre-show coverage i have ever seen… ever….i found myself changing channels back and forth from nbc and E! and found myself actually jaw dropping when he gropped scarlet johansson breast, i have no idea how she felt embarresd, annoyed but she was laughing so was she enjoying it????

  • N. Kelker

    I love the preshows, and in fact watch more of those than the actual awards. I found Mizrahi’s behaviour to be totally inappropriate to the occasion. He was so obnoxious that I changed channels to another preshow. He should not be on the Oscar’s red carpet, but if he is, he should tone it down!!

  • Josiah

    Bring on Heidi Klum! Isaac you are Out!

  • Mike

    I don’t care for Isaac, I would’ve enjoyed more Guiliana Depandi ga ga-ing over George Clooney.

  • Kari

    I got the feeling that more big name people would talk to Isaac because he’s funny, not threatening, not as self-congratulatory and certainly not stupid like some of the other personalities that work the red carpet. Keep him – he’s better than 98% of what else we’ve seen. And if the Academy can’t laugh at themselves a little bit, then really, get over yourselves. It’s just a stupid awards show.

  • frank

    Get rid of him. He was awful at the Golden Globes. I cannot believe they gave up Kathy Griffin for him on “E”!!

  • LHB

    They kicked off Kathy Griffin because E! brought in Ryan Sechrest. They have a history that has become part of Kathy’s routine, and it’s not good.

  • jeff

    Bring back Kathy Griffin. She’s the best part of the pre-show.

  • mike

    The red carpet pre-shows totally mindless. I know a lot of people care more about what the stars wear than the awards. It’s about movies, you know!

  • Ashley

    Love love loved Isaac. Ryan Seacrest bores me to sobs and is snippy. Issac was having fun and the celebs (most of em anyway) seemed to enjoy him.

  • Rachel

    I didn’t see it live but on the Leno Show, & I thought it was part of the gag on his show, but I couldn’t beleive how digusting he was! So no mo Isaac! Please!

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