Quote of the Day (Eyebrow-Raising Edition)

151751__kanye_lIt’s time to play Quote of the Day. Which quote is most eyebrow-raising? The nominees are…

A. ”I wouldn’t mind doing fewer actors from NBC shows when they don’t have anything to say. But when they’re interesting and fun and engaged and passionate about their work, they can be terrific interviews, too. But when it’s ‘Why are we here? Why are we doing this?’ I think there are a lot better ways to use five minutes of national television time.” Today anchor Katie Couric, speaking to TV Guide about the types of interviews she’d prefer to do less often

B. "If I don’t win Album of the Year, I’m gonna really have a problem with that. I can never talk myself out of [winning], you know why? Because I put in the work. I don’t care if I jumped up and down right now on the couch like Tom Cruise. I don’t care what I do, I don’t care how much I stunt — you can never take away from the amount of work I put into it. So I don’t wanna hear all of that politically correct stuff. You put the camera in front of me, I’m gonna tell you like this. I worked hard to get here. I put my love, I put my heart, I put my money [into Late Registration]. I’m $600,000 in the hole right now on that album and you tell me about being politically incorrect?” Kanye West (above), discussing his Grammy-worthiness with MTV.com

C. "It will be serious with an extreme edge. I think they will do something adventurous — like having someone shovel elephant dung as a job." –Dr. Phil spokesperson Chandler Hayes, on his client’s new CBS reality series, Moochers, in which he’ll pull deadbeat folks from their families’ couches and put ‘em to work

(See Mike’s choice after the jump.)

So who gets my vote for most eyebrow-raising? Well, while Kanye’sbravado is a little bit kra-zee with a K, at least the guy’s not afraid to speakhis mind. And, as for Dr. Phil, poopis so five minutes ago. I’ll give the nod to Couric, who, in making agood point about morning news coverage in general, sounds like shemight really considering that CBS anchor chair after all.

How aboutyou, PopWatchers?

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  • Laura

    I going to go with B – Kanye West.
    Dude, being really arrogant about how amazing you are because you work so hard has never won anyone the support and respect of their fellow award show voters. Just ask Russell Crowe.

  • Nancy

    I like Kanye West, and since I like his music, I don’t care if he brags about how great he is and how hard he works. I agree with him! I go with A too. Katie is right, but she’s done her fair share of those interviews that she’s complaining about. So that raises my eyebrow.

  • josh

    Kanye West
    You have to be kidding me with this? You rap and make a few songs. and you’ve been around maybe 3 years, tops. big deal. Seriously, all the entertainment industry need is another overblown ego. get over yourself.

  • wa

    I’m black and I can’t stand Kanye West, some of his songs can be temporarily catchy but his arrogance overshadows everything.It’s like artist these days don’t know or care about paying dues anymore and earning and being grateful for the levels of success they achieve.I guess he feels if he bellows like a rock star about everything so he is.

  • jason

    Kanye West is such a jack-a**. He needs to learn humility and use his brain BEFORE he speaks. I think he is a joke within himself, did you see the ridiculous, lame rap he did with Barbara Walters, or the stupid comment he made at the Big In 05′ awards how Entertainment Weekly doesn’t put him on the cover because he is entertainer of the year. Actually, the real reason is because Kanye is an idiot and uninteresting.

  • Fatima

    I love kanye. in spite of comments like this.
    However, I find A more compelling for the sole reason that it hints Katie is tired of the Today show. And man are they getting trashy. They used to just promote movies NBC was attached to in a sly(er) manor (like the Meet the Fockers roundtable) but now they just flat out say “By the way, we should mention that ‘King Kong’ is being released by NBC parent company, Universal”
    It was in the first 20 minutes. There ain’t no news in a King Kong premiere.

  • ebberman

    For “Mosy Eyebrow Raising” you gotta go with A, I think. We all gotta feel pretty blase about the poop/ reality TV connection by now. Kanye West has said all that stuff before about his last album. Katie Couric’s candor is genuinely eyebrow-raising. She’s not bashing her network by any measure, but it’s still something that she’s not playing dumb or mealy-mouthing about about the reasons certain guests make it on her show.

  • KanyeFan

    shut the f up, Kanye is by far the best artist of 05 and 04, two classic albums year to year, not only rapping, but producing too, he should win album of the year, if ew doesn;t agree,then they might as well be part of the klu klux klan, who are you gonna pick, some washed up dead white artist, kanye is here, kanye is now, he is a legend in the making, his music will stand the test of time, he might mouth off a little, but artistrty more than makes up for it, Kanye is the sh#t

  • brandonk

    Kanye West is a blowhard.

  • Daniel

    Wow, quote of the day now has to go to “KanyeFan” below for sounding even crazier than his idol.

  • Kevin

    I going to go with B-Kanye West.
    I can’t believe that he is 600,000 in the hole for that record. Makes me wanna go out and buy another copy to help him pay some bills. Go Kanye!

  • Aida

    Kanye is an arrogant dude with an attitude problem. His music is totally overrated. Who the hell does he think he is talking about how mad he would be if he didnt win a grammy? True artists dont expect to win, they care about the quality of their art. Kanye only talks dollar bills. I say he is the gold digger!

  • dma

    I would like Kanye more if he would stop being so damn arrogant. It’s such a turn-off.

  • Tyler D

    How exactly is Couric’s quote eye-brow raising? It’s pretty much correct, so how exactly could one be surprised by this type of statement.

  • djm

    I love Kanye, and I think he has a point, but man, he has to learn to filter himself. I think A) is the most interesting quote, B) is the most over the top and C) makes absolutely no difference to me since I have no plans to watch this show.

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