Trailer Blazer: 'Superman Returns'

94617__super_lThe 90-second teaser for Superman Returns is finally online (you can find it in various formats here), and it’s too much tease. It’s all backstory, an elliptical recap of how Kal-El (Brandon Routh) came to Earth and became Superman; there’s nothing about the main plot of the movie (involving Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor) and only the briefest glimpse of Superman and Lois (Kate Bosworth) together. Weirdest of all is the voiceover (taken from the 1978 Superman) by Marlon Brando as Jor-El, the father who saved Kal-El but not himself from the destruction of the planet Krypton. It’s pretty creepy to hear the late Brando speaking from beyond the grave; then again, that’s how Superman hears him, too. There’s a couple of good flying shots here, but even the most generous fanboy will be left hungry for more.

Am I right, PopWatchers?

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  • Rev. O.J. Flow

    So hunngryyy…
    The flying looks like it’s going to be UNBELIEVABLY cool. Plus the Brando voiceover TOTALLY rocked. What a great touch.

  • dee

    I think its very smart for them to keep elements of Superman I and II (i.e. the music, and Brando’s voice). That drew my curiosity b/c frankly, the casting of (the usually blond) Kate Bosworth as LL (despite her being a decent actress) left me quite cold and disappointed b/c though this is about Supes, LL is always a major part of the movie. They have now drawn me in and I can’t wait to see more.

  • bma

    On, it lists Brando as playing Jor-El, albeit through archival footage. So the voiceover may not bee all we get of him in the movie. Hopefully they had the budget to make it work seamlessly, and not like the creepy footage of Olivia on “The Sopranos” they put in after her death.

  • eric

    I heard the music from the other room as Access Hollywood teased the teaser and came running. I think the use of Brando as Jor-El and the Superman theme is the right thing to do. While Superman III and IV were amazingly bad, Superman I and II wrote the book on how to do a superhero movie. If you don’t have to give up on the legacy, why should you?

  • brandonk

    That teaser did exactly what a teaser should…make you want to see the movie and know more about it. Wow…I’ve been watching the production diaries, but that was pretty orgasmic. Can’t wait until July!!!!

  • Big

    It took a long time, but it looks like they goy it right. Even though I kind of wished they kept Tom Welling as Superman. I see why they picked this guy, he is has more of a similarity to Christopher Reeves. I know this is going to be the biggest movie of next year.

  • SingerSux

    Sorry, but Bryan Singer is an overrated director that made 2 extremely overrated movies (X1 and X2) that were also secret shills for his homosexual agenda and mysoginistic views.
    -Mutant’s “Coming Out”?
    -Wolverine looking like a Chelsea guys fantasy?
    -And then Wolverine only having huge fight sequences against women? Why does Singer hate women?
    -The Leather Costumes?
    Superman looks ridiculously foolish. And it’s even dumber to think that it’s a sequel to Superman 2. Why? Why not start over? Why make a sequel. Christopher Reeve was cool, but his version of Clark Kent is not the same as the comics. Clark is not a bumbling idiot.
    And then Lois lane having a kid?
    And why didn’t they just cast the Smallville guy?
    Sorry, this movie will have a big opening weekend, but will not even make Spiderman money.
    And that’s a shame since Superman is more iconic than Spidey.
    I am waiting for the fanboys to realize that Singer only specializes in ruining comics. He’s a higher class Paul WS Anderson.

  • brandonk

    Wow…speaking of agendas…

  • Albert

    Does everything a teaser trailer should do, gets the theme across and makes you itch for more. If you want some more behind the scenes stuff, I suggest you check out, for Bryan Singer’s video journal entries.

  • Sean

    Wolverine has a fight scene with Sabertooth at the end of X1, one of the best, so I dont know where you get he fights only women. Second Singer also directed the outstand Usual Suspects. I have total faith in him giving us a Superman that is going to rock our socks off. This teaser is all I need to put me in a seat for the first possable showing, it gave me chills.

  • Jason

    Love the site, EW! Buuut, I cannot simply sit here and not respond to comments left by “SingerSux” regarding one of the most anticipated films of all time:
    – What difference does it make if a director is straight or gay? I mean, why even go there? So, you know we’re not, because it’s just irrelevant.
    – Ok, and has “SingerSux” even seen Superman III and Superman IV? That’s why you make the sequel. And Christopher Reeve nailed it, no doubt about it. Besides, you can’t be cool with the nerdy outfit and expect everyone to not realize you’re The Man of Steel! (Plus, it’s just funny!)
    – Ummm, actually if you want to go by the comics, Lois Lane and Clark Kent get married.
    – Why didn’t they call the “Smallville” guy, Tom Welling? This one’s easy: just click on any fan forum site regarding this topic. Welling repeatedly said no. He was offered the role, several times in fact, but he basically stood by his motto from “Smallville,” ‘No tights, no flight.’
    – “This movie will have a big opening weekend, but will not even make Spider-Man money.” Please tell me you aren’t serious! This movie, and its’ sequels thereafter, will blow the Spider-Man franchise away. If Warner Brothers markets this accordingly, by the summer of next year there will be plenty of Superman merchandise, leaving people asking the question, “Spider-Man who? Oh, yeah, that guy.”
    See you guys June 30, 2006!

  • Bruno

    SingerSux is half right, but the gay stuff was OD’ing. You do not need to attack Singer’s sexuality just to get your point across. That’s really stupid and childish. Now if Madonna was Lois Lane and Cher was Jor-El, then there would be an issue :)
    But back to Singer, X1 was good because it did not outright suck. X2 was “Great” because it was a better film than X1. But to me X2 is way too overrated the way the Spiderman movies are.
    Also, X2’s visual look was pale and cheap looking. They spent 135 million on it and it turned out looking like it had the special effects of a Sci-Fi original. They even had cheap “Xena” effects when Jean Grey’s eyes were on fire. In contrast if you average out the cost of each LOTR movies dont they come out cheaper than 135 mil? Even Matrix 2 and 3 cost 110 each. How did X2 look so cheap? Also, Wolverine’s fight with Sabertooth in X1 should have been better than his fight with Mystique but it wasn’t. And Wolvie and Sabre have a long history that wasn’t even mentioned. They HATE each other and you never got that feeling. And then in X2 his big fight was with a watered down Deathstryke. So yeah I can understand why you could day “Why does he only fight girls”?
    I am cautiously optimistic about Superman. Yeah The Usual Suspects was a good film, but when it comes to action, I don’t think Singer is there yet. And thinking that this generation of kids who are frightened by crap like “White Noise” and excited by dung like “The Fantastic Four” have even seen the original Superman is not smart. Many kids have heard about stuff or know of something but have never seen it or wont see it at all.
    Singer would have been better off starting from scratch. Not making a sequel.
    It worked wonders for Batman.
    Wow, this is turning into a long rant. Sorry guys.
    Bottom Line: The Xmen movies should have been better than the original Matrix. Singer has not yet proven that he can do an exceptional job directing action. I hope this movie is good. But it already has a lot against it.
    Especially with Lois Lane being a single mom. What’s that about?
    Then again, at least Lois isn’t being played by Beyonce.

  • eric

    Hungry for more.
    That’s the whole point of the a teaser trailer, isn’t it?
    So this teaser has obviously done its job.

  • mikey

    saw potter today. crowd cheered for kong trailer and was silent for superman. i dont think that was good since the theater was packed.

  • Chuck

    The trailer was a good tease. Even the Brando voiceover was better than I would have expected.
    BUT… I find Singer’s slavish devotion to the Donner/Lester/Reeve movies a little problematic. Fanboys: THEY WEREN’T THAT GOOD. I know that they hold a nostalgic appeal for people who grew up with them, made even more poignant by the death of Chris Reeve, but remember the bad stuff? Supes turning back time? Reeve’s overly broad bumbling as Clark Kent? An unpowered Clark walking home from the Fortess as if he was coming home from Starbucks? Ned Beatty?
    Singer would have done himself a better service by starting anew, like Chris Nolan did on Batman. The slavish devotion to nearly thirty-year-old movies that barely hold up today might cause him some problems. But we’ll see.

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