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15454__genesis_lI have mixed feelings about Phil Collins’ announcement that there may be a Genesis reunion, one that would even reunite the band with onetime frontman Peter Gabriel (center, shirtless) some 30 years after he left the rest of the guys (from left to right, Collins, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett, and Mike Rutherford) behind. Much as the prog-rock geek in me would love to hear a Gabriel-fronted Genesis knocking out live renditions of ”The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” and ”Supper’s Ready” in 2006, I still fear that this is a terrible idea. If we get to hear gems like ”The Musical Box” and ”The Carpet Crawl” from the Gabriel era, will we have to sit through latter-day pop-junk like ”Illegal Alien” and ”Invisible Touch”?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Do you yearn to hear a reunited Genesis? Do you prefer the Gabriel-fronted Genesis or the Collins-era Genesis? And which Genesis songs would you most like to hear in concert?

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  • Eric Baehr

    A Gabriel fronted reunion would be nice, but it’d also do the horrible thing of making me wait that much longer for another Peter Gabriel album… That’s very unacceptable.

  • Eric Baehr

    A Gabriel fronted reunion would be nice, but it’d also do the horrible thing of making me wait that much longer for another Peter Gabriel album… That’s very unacceptable.

  • William K. Scurry Jr.

    If anyone was paying attention, we actually got this already for one track, at least, on the 1999 Genesis “best of” – “The Carpet Crawlers 1999.”

  • Joe D’Andrea

    I’d like to hear anything from ’67 all the way through Wind and Wuthering. (Ahh, Taurus pedals.)
    Incidentally, for those who’d like to see and hear 70s-era Genesis concerts recreated in lovingly (read: painstaking) detail, get thee to a concert by “The Musical Box” stat. Highly recommended.

  • Allison G.

    While I’d love to hear a live rendition of “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway,” or even “Abacab,” all in all I’d rather see a solo Peter Gabriel than any incarnation of Genesis.

  • Tommy G

    I’d buy a ticket, but somehow I suspect they’ll be $400 or so. Ah, human greed…

  • professor74

    Didn’t Mike Rutherford die a few years ago? I mean, they do these reunions with deceased members all the time but it does take the luster off somewhat (even if it includes Gabriel and Collins).

  • Ed

    I heard yesterday that it’s supposed to be old-school Genesis. Collins takes the drum kit, sings backup and that’s it. Whatever the case, I would go. I was 3 when Gabriel left Genesis, and suffice it to say I didn’t get out much at that age. And don’t be too hard on the Collins-era Genesis. “Heathaze,” “Home by the Sea/Second Home…,” “Domino”…they had their moments.

  • shakkahop

    I want it!! I would love it. Older and wiser.

  • Sean

    As a Peter Gabriel-era Genesis fan that was born Post-Duke, I find the Collin’s fronted Genesis to be an embarassment. Also, I’ve been to a handfull of The Musical Box shows, and the are packed with middle aged fans that seem like they would be more than willing to pay $400 a ticket. I can’t wait to see if this actually happens.

  • andrea

    Mike Rutherford is still alive, professor 74.. Perhaps you’re thinking of Paul Young, one of the vocalists from Mike & The Mechanics, who died a few years ago.
    BTW, Phil Collins has been saying much the same thing for several years. He has also said that he thinks Peter would not be interested because, in Phil’s opinion, Peter would feel it would somehow take away from what he’s acheived in his solo career. He has also said that there are fans who want to see Collins-fronted version of the group, and fans who want to see the Gabriel-fronted version of the group and it would be difficult to decide which one to do.

  • Col. Jessup

    Don’t care. Gabriel version: arty, pretentious. Collins version: diminishing returns.

  • Tonny Moreno

    If this “old school” reunion was to happen, I would travel anywhere in the world to experience it. Like many others, I am a new (35 years old) fan of the old Genesis, so there is no doubt that the music of the “Gabriel / Hackett era” has stood the test of time. Unfortunately, I would have to agree with Col. Jessup and say that it is very unlikely that Gabriel would be interested in this. When asked about a possible reunion he usually says – Quote: “I view my days in Genesis as a healty part of growing up” Unquote. In other words, he is much more interested in the music he is currently making on his own. Phill of course knows this, so had nothing to loose when making his resent statement. Steve Hackett would probably also not be interested – unless the payoff was substantial, of course.

  • Frederico Noronha

    I don’t have any mix feelings about this reunion. It’s clear for those who enjoy a sense of nostalgia that this reunion will be a big disappointment. It brings me back memories of the Pink Floyd reunion this year – a complete flop. I saw Gabriel in “Rock in Rio – Lisbon ” last year and believe me that he is no longer suitable to sing at live concerts ! The Genesis legacy stopped with the ” Three Sides Live” album. Let’s leave things as they are.

  • Jean-Luc (Brussels)

    And now,a few words in french. Cette réunion serait sans doute musicalement irréprochable, mais visuellement.. Peter avec 20 kilos de plus, et la même coupe de cheveux que Phill. Quoi qu’il en soit, je travezrse l’océan pour voir ça

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