James Woods is burning mad!

145058__woods_lI’ll say this for James Woods: I may not agree with much of what he has to say, but at least he’s not a boring interview. Woods tells Zap2it.com that it’s hard for a middle-aged heterosexual white guy to get work in Hollywood these days, even though he also discusses recently finding a pile of 30 or more scripts he was offered, but rejected. (Isn’t it a shame Woods doesn’t enjoy the same cornucopia of exciting parts enjoyed by, say, elderly Asian lesbians, or 40-something Latinas? Whatever!)

Still, for a man who excels at portraying nasty characters, it sounds like Woods is longing for nice-guy parts. ”You can’t be a heterosexual white guy and be a hero anymore. You’ve gotta be really flawed and really bad and a piece of crap. Otherwise, the marketing department says, ‘You can’t have white guys be decent people. They’re the enemy. They only put a man on the Moon and wrote Hamlet. Why should we let them have any cred?”’

It’s enough to make Woods want to give up acting. ”People say ‘Why?’ and I go, ‘Have you been to the movies lately?’ They’re just horrible, as everybody knows now. They’ve gotten so bad.”

Unfortunately for Woods, most reviewers seem to be lumping his latest movie, Pretty Persuasion, into that category. EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum gives the movie a D-, and singles out Woods’ character as ”the lousiest gag of all, symblolic of everything obnoxiously out of proportion and unpersuasive about Pretty Persuasion.” Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody’s got another excuse to blow his lid.

What do you think? Does Woods have a point? Or is he just a crazy middle-aged heterosexual white guy with a chip on his shoulder?


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  • Tracy

    Is he crazy? I want him to just imagine what a challange it would be if he was a middle aged woman or any other minority.

  • Brandon

    Does he have a point? In a way. Does he totally exagerate it? Definitely. Look at the films opening this week alone. Four Brothers, Deuce Bigelow and the Skeleton Key and you can get his point about Hollywood. To get great roles he would have to look outside Hollywood. Look at Bill Murray. He seems to be doing all right. Hollywood is going to pitch what sells, and somehow a middle-aged white guy with a tendency to overact doesn’t have a very large target audience. Woods should stop blaming Hollywood and start choosing his roles more carefully. He3 has done nothing of resonance since Casino.

  • Tammye

    Mr. Woods has a point that movies are not what they used to be, but spare me the “ooh I am a poor white man trying to make it in Hollywood”. If Hollywood were turning its back on White people, then the diversity of movies would be a lot better than it is. Mr. Woods would be better served analyzing his choices and assessing his acting skills rather than placing the blame on Hollywood. Next time he wants to compare, look at the number of middle aged Black, Hispanic and Asian actors and compare those to the number of middle aged White actors who are at the top of Hollywood’s A list.

  • Mark

    Can we say Drama Queen.

  • EP Sato

    James Woods has got to be Hollywood’s loudest reactionary. Let me get this straight. Woods can’t get cast because all the good parts are going to Ernie Hudson, Sidney Potier, Andy Garcia and Margaret Cho?
    No good parts for middle aged white guys? What do Michael Chicklis, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins and Robert Deniro have to say about that? They seem to have no trouble finding roles.
    As for the lack of well adjusted, middle class, square jawed guys with good educations and white picket fence backgrounds on our screens, maybe it’s because we’ve come to terms that this person never really existed. Everyone has problems. Now we have movies where we can be faced with the fact that even the strongest and toughest heroes (Batman, SPider Man) can be flawed and that even the most vile of villains (Gaius Baltar on Galactica) can be likeable, even compassionate characters. Why is this a bad thing?
    Most ironic of all is that Woods has never played a non-flawed, well adjusted character in his life. As I remember it, Woods EXCELLS at flawed characters. The coke addicted pimp in Casino? The constantly broke alcoholic cameraman in El Salvador? The corrupt dr. in ANy Given Sunday? The spooky dad in the Virgin Suicides? The grimy detective in the Hard Way? The eccentric store clerk on the Simpsons? Which one of these roles was a regular, well adjusted middle aged white guy?

  • Melanie

    This reminds me of the idiot conservatives I know who are white men who have whined about how hard life is for white men because they’re always blamed for everything and how they have a hard time getting jobs because affirmative action has reversed racism against whites. I’ve actually heard these ridiculous arguments from guys I used to work with. Of course they had pretty good lives and had no trouble getting or keeping the jobs they did no matter how poor they were at them, but they didn’t seem to realize that fact!

  • Truth Be Told

    Of course he has a point, one would have to be willfully ignorant to miss the anti-white double standard in Hollywood today. Film after film has flawed whites shown the light by a wiser and more noble non-white, usually black. If heterosexual, white, Christian, male characters are given a relatively sound portrayal, often they are linked to a non-white woman to promote white race-mixing.
    I know, I know, heterosexual, white, Christian men discussing their own genetic interests are evil personified. Not Snoop Dogg, who makes CD’s about pimping, selling drugs to, or killing blacks, nor though he is in a racist, all-black, violent street gang and is an admitted accessory to murder. No, he’s a hero who wins awards.
    Nor Edward James Olmos, nor Margaret Cho, nor Will Smith, all of whom openly campaign, in public no less, to give more power, money, or parts to ‘their people’.
    Really, people, the double-standard is clear. It is kept alive and protected by taboo from discussing it in public. To prove it, think about the last time in a major film a white man transgressed against a non-white, especially a black, and was unpunished in the film. Then think about how whites are routinely talked down to, assaulted, or otherwise disrespected in today’s films by non-whites.
    C’mon, do your best…

  • moviefan1

    Last time I checked, Johnny Depp and Sean Penn were white heterosexual men. But then again, they can actually ACT. Heck, James Garner in The Notebook put Woods to shame. Same with Benicio Del Toro, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Jodie Foster. White men went into decline after Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, Mel Gibson, and Bruce Willis gave them a bad name.

  • daisyj

    Here’s a a theory: Tom Cruise does spouts off in a bunch of interviews, gets loads of bad press, has his biggest movie opening ever (ignore the Spielberg/aliens thing, it spoils the theory). Mr. Woods observes, thinks, ‘hmm, I have a movie coming out’. Results as described.

  • Roxanne

    Gee, I guess James Woods can’t get cast in 90% of the roles that are for middle-aged white guys. This isn’t the Fifties; we know that the world is not just white bread and picket fences.

  • Christos

    You can’t be a heterosexual white guy and be a hero anymore. You’ve gotta be really flawed and really bad and a piece of crap. FINALLY SOMEONE SPOKE UP

  • Amm

    There is a major sickening double standard in this country and “hollywood” has definently MORE then contributed to this epidemic! It is time to speak out against the openly biased one sided “hate the white man” plague that has absolutley and utterly taken this business! The industry is not fair and balanced it is completely run and OUTNUMBERED by so called MINORITY (hahahaha) gays, liberals, and thugs) In a business that praises anything and everything homo, anti american, and hate worthy (as long as that hate of course is against the evil white man)WE FIND THERE IS NO BALANCE> Was this Martin Luther King’s dream? For our citys to be taken over by uneducated trash and then be praised throughout the world marketed on every street corner with a movie theatre. Liberty and justice for all, right give me a break! Do we honestly think that what these rap artists are doing to our kids is ok or these show praising permiscuous sex in same sex relationships is healthy! Of Course not and I’m not crazy or a stuffy old “conservative” for knowing these truths (which I’m beginning to think might not be such a bad thing to be) are americans afraid to speak out because of the loop hole that now inhibits are real thoughts for the fear of sounding RACIST c’mon give me a break!!Don’t let racism be used to over power whats simply right and american… creating equality for all! Shows like family matters (about a great black family) and (full house)a great white family! Thats real balance> Dont let hollywood fool you lets stop polluting ourselves with trash and praising it for fear were not being equal! We’ve got the point its wrong to discriminate against women, african american’s, and gays> you would think we could calm the racism now but its not been calmed its just been re directed and its such an extreme it will inevitably for a fact be the death or major distruction of the United Staes of America!

  • Bob O’Day

    Mr. Woods,
    Maybe, just maybe, the reason there are no parts for normal middle aged white guys like you is that I can think of no other group of people on this planet that are more boring than the white guys you describe.
    Maybe I’m wrong.
    Maybe there is a dynamic script out there about a doughy, white accountant playing golf with his fellow doughy white accountants at their ‘whites only’ country club but I highly doubt it.

    James, you’re obviously a racist so why not put together a script along those lines?
    I’d go watch some pathetic little racist like you and ‘yer’ kin whining to each other, while sipping martinis at your club, how the black man has had their boot on your age-spotted necks for far too long.

    Mr. Woods, stick to the two-dimensional character you play on Family Guy and leave the real acting to the grownups.

  • michael gorman

    i thought james woods should have received an academy award for the boost-i bought the video-

    just look how bad everything is the movies are so bad and just look at the music

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