Rosie O'Donnell, Jewish (stage) mother

91323__rosie_lI read this on Page Six, so take it with a grain of salt, but it’s delicious if it’s true: Rosie O’Donnell will be joining Harvey Fierstein on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof, playing Golde to his Tevye. (If it is true, Rosie has yet to haiku about it on her blog.) Somewhere, my great-great-grandparents are rolling over in their graves, but I personally can’t wait to see Harvey and Rosie play a couple who’ve been married for 25 years, especially the scene where Golde responds to Tevye’s fake nightmare by pelting him with Koosh balls.

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  • jennifer

    Actually, Rosie did refer to the whole Fiddler situation in her trademark cryptic/incoherent style in her July 31 entry–debating with her son whether or not to accept the offer. On the day it appeared, the banner photo was of a little boy on a roof, playing the violin, but that’s been replaced.

  • Rambo

    I can’t believe someone is willing to admit they visit Rosie’s web site! I’ve never been there, but I assume there’s a lengthy apology for exposing the world to that TV movie where she portrayed a mentally challenged person riding around on a bus…. Sad on so many levels…

  • Gil

    The thought of Rosie croaking “Sunrise, Sunset” makes me wanna blow chunks. AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

  • jennifer

    Yes, I have outed myself as someone who has looked at Rosie’s blog (not regularly, I swear!). But in my defense, there are very few places where you can read the ramblings of a crazy lady in haiku form.

  • Mario

    I suppose following the Michael Jackson trial on TV is 100X better than visiting Rosie O’Donnell’s website.
    What is up with you people, so you don’t like Rosie.. so you don’t really care for her brand of comedy, political stance, whatever.. but must you ridicule others who might find it interesting to read what she has to say or what she types on her website, regardless of how mundane or ridiculous it may be? I’m so sick and tired of people always regarding themselves so morally superior to others but without looking at their own flaws.
    For instance, if you think that Rosie is a complete joke and a total waste of time, exactly why are you (Rambo) wasting your time even reading anything remotely related to Rosie? What a hypocrit.. then again, look at the majority of brain dead, neanderthals that live in this country.. (voting for Bush, TWICE! — shame on you) so it is no surprise that there would be people in here ridiculing someone for having an interest in Rosie while they are doing the same – hypocrits.

  • Rambo

    Super Mario – Even neanderthals know how to spell hypocritE – philistine… BTW, I have zero interest in Rosie, I clicked on the article because I saw the picture and thought it was about the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and his new line of hats.

  • Mario

    Rambo: That’s the best comeback you can think of?! a typo?! Your brain must be smaller than I originally thought.

  • Rambo

    Moron – you mis-spelled it twice. That’s not a typo, that’s the sign of someone spelling at a third grade level. My dig at the Rosie-reader was good natured (she got that). The only person I feel morally (and intellectually, physically, hygienically…) superior to is you – I imagine most people who read your nonsensical ramblings or encounter you in person feel the very same way…

  • Mario

    Rambo: Interesting, if you feel so superior to me then exactly why are you wasting your time going back and forth over this with someone clearly “inferior” to you? why are you so defensive? Is it because your original comeback was lame and weak?
    I’m amused by your ramblings and that of others on; I look forward to your next ignorant post.

  • jan

    you are nuts—you cant hid you and your kids drom terrorists–bill clinton ignored all the signs–first trade towes bombing–they said they would be back and they kept the promise–the Cole bombings–he did nothing–US embassy bombings on and on–OUR COUNTRY WAS ATTACKRF ON 9/11/01–you can’t turn away from the threat in your limo–they told us we will come to the US and kill men, women and choldren on their playgrounds–WWII started for the USfrom bombing Hawaii–not part of the US yet–I support the war effort and thanked an Army guy the other day for serving us so proudly and he thanked me for my support–dont run for office–fight them there–not here–HOO AH—-JS

  • nunofurbusiness

    grow up and stop talking about anna nicole smith and now you have something new to talk about… paris hilton, shut up…………… your show is so dumb

  • Elaine

    Rosie We on Long Island, your prior home fell ashamed to be associated with you.
    You have abused your show business limelight to voice your hateful feelings.
    Your thoughts will be toxic to those children who have suffered enough and now have to be expose to your unstable moods!!!! Having mental and character disorders is nothing to be ashamed of however not receiving proper tx. is!
    Your hateful, abusive,anti American mean,threatening behaviors are not cute and the negative attention this has brought to you is toxic.
    Stop, think take responsibility for your harmful actions and words, We are capable of forgiving and understanding that your mental state was unbalanced.
    Apologize to your fans and people, the public, you have harmed.
    You will find so peace, Own up to what you have done and regain you self respect.

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