Omarion: I got served

Who issued the statement on Omarion’s behalf on Thursday, after the London bombings, urging fans to pray ”that he has a safe trip and a […] Read the full post.


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  • Charda’

    So if my question can be successful, can you please Omari I. Grandberry give me a call @ (313) 281-6473. Thank you! P.S. I always support you, Love You.

  • Khadija

    I dont want to get attacked but Omarion is a bit too short to be fine Sorry! its just how it is
    But…….. he can sing so i cant hate cuz i do not plan on ever singin in front of millions and hes doin alot for sum1 his age so props to him
    But i dont love him at all i do love his music not so much his acting definitely lovin his dancing
    I prefer being in love wit boys wit in reach not so much wit peeps ive never met
    Lookin forward to a new hit song
    his mediocre fan( cuz i sure as hell aint obsessed ova no boy) maybe fan #2111

  • dalana

    I love omarion everone i know knows i love him he is so sexy i love his voice i have so mach pics of him on my wall i wold love to meet him i wold do anything to meet him i wold do anything for him

  • Kiiara+Omarion



    I LOVE OMARION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I WOULD MARRY HIM AND HAVE HIS BABY AT MY AGE!!!!!


    I love Omarion more than anyone!!!!I am his biggest fans and I would marry him anytime and I know that it will be really romantic while we’re “Slow Dancing”.He means evrything to me and I would do anything for him because that’s how much I love him and it’s so funny because he love me too and I also have won a phone call from him before and I am hoping to win much more such as a………………yeah maybe a kiss or something,but I love Omarion and he is my baby and I wanna have his baby and when I get older if I have a child and it’s not by Omarion I’m going to name him or her after him.The girl name is going to be Omariiana and the boy name is going to be Omarii and that’s all I gotta say so hater HATE and players CONGRADULATE!!!!!!holla at cha gurl

  • Omarion’s Wifey 4 life

    Now I am coming and writing to yall gurlz to let yall know that Omarion is mine and my name is Tawanna and yeah I got more comments on here and that’s not gon stop so stop thinking about it and me and Omarion gon be “In the Dark” while I’m screaming his name not yall so get over it because that’s my man

  • Khadija

    Why do people go wild about Omarion
    who is he
    he is just yet another Nucca
    Sorry its just how it is!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omari’s real wife

    All yall dumb b***hes fall the f**k bak cause omarion is my man all day everyday. If any of yall got a problem holla at ya girl ke-ke. and to all yall hates fall the f**k back cause yall cant have him. always and forever lil omari ishmael grandberry.

  • AMEA

    To all yall people that’s bumbing up others. You better be carful. Cause If my baby Omari GrandBerry gets hurt. I’m going to come for you so you better watch out and I’m not playing.

  • ashley

    omq all you hoes out there that think Omarion is thers the better think twice that sexy peice of chocalate is mine omarion i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv you so much my whole wall is filled with your pics and with no one else and if i could i would rock your world.

  • omariwifeasia

    all yall lil young girls omarion is mine and my husband he is married so leave him alone

  • shatiya

    Ya hoes need to back off my baby daddy Omarion we going to have a baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil T

    Omarion is a nice guy and I don’t think he wants no hoes after him like that. I think he is looking for a descent young lady. But me myself personally I think Omarion is a sexy young man that has something going for himself. I love Kim Burrell and I think he does to, so maybe I know a little better oh homeboy can hummmmmmmmmmmmm to. I am a jazz singer myself and I know whats best for my baby.

  • Laraine

    oamri dont want none of yall, he is 21 years old and he not tryna get wit no lil ass girls, especially not a fan that is so thisrty, i hope he finds a nice girl and im not sayin its gon be me, even tho ima big fan, yall need to let him breathe i kno he tired of all yall thirst mode fanz

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