Paging Dr. Cruise, Dr. Tom Cruise...

144214__today_lToday‘s Matt Lauer-Tom Cruise deathmatch, er, interview, was pure genius, complete with a oh-no-he-didn’t finger-wag from Mr. Cruise, and shots of Katie Holmes grinning on cue from the sidelines. Our friends at Gawker have a partial transcript of the war of the words between the morning-show host and the couch-bouncing movie star over Brooke Shields’ use of prescription drugs for post-partum depression, among other topics.

I just wish Matt had read EW’s interview with Cruise beforehand; if he had, he might’ve been able to poke a couple of holes in Cruise’s thesis about the dangers of psychiatry. And how come the cameras stopped cutting to Katie when the going got ”tense”? And why wasn’t there, say, a response from the American Psychiatric Association, like this one, perhaps? Or at least a shout-out to the Scientology online quiz?

Ah well, enough of my burning questions about the Cruise-Lauer faceoff? What are yours? More importantly, do you plan to still see this summer’s little indie-flick-that-could, War of the Worlds?

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  • vthokie10

    Tom Cruise is a chimp and Scientology is crap and I am sorry to see Katie embracing it. Good Job Matt, next time punch him.

  • flpokie

    I think Tom really got hung up Frank “T.J.” Mackey and never looked back.
    What a maroon.
    Chirs Klein may have been a chump, but at least he wasn’t certifiable.

  • Linda Lawrence

    I’m so over Tom Cruise. He’s in love? With himself? I think he doth protest too much!

  • kjones

    someone make it stop! put a muzzle on him.

  • Tami

    Did I miss something…like the MD after Tom Cruise’s name? How about this…once Tom Cruise has actually experienced pregnancy and post-partum depression he can give us his opinion of how it should be treated. Until then…shut it!

  • babs

    He has been behaving so odd lately. For someone with no education about medicine, he needs to sit down and be quiet.

  • Charity

    Tom Cruise came off appearing quite rude and argumentative today. Tom Cruise might as well have stomped his foot as he spoke. He was their to answer questions, if he does not like this, then perhaps he needs to keep his mouth closed about all aspects of his life except for the film he is promoting. Not only is he ruining Katie’s career but his own as well. I am sure the producers and studios behind “War of the Worlds” would like to put a muzzle on Cruise when it comes to his personal life and his opinions that make him seem ignorant as he belittles a talk show host. Cruise, exactly, what is your education?

  • Jerry Lynch

    I agree with Tom.

  • Slice

    Who gives a crap what he says.
    I don’t watch Cruise to get schooled on psychiatry. I watch him to feel the need for speed. What’s the big deal? Leave the man alone.
    Matt Lauer is a punk. I don’t watch TODAY to see him try to needle a man that can buy him fifty times over. In fact, I don’t watch TODAY at all. I watch GMA.
    Judging by recent ratings, I’m not the only one.

  • Nina

    He’s out of control! What’s going on with Tom Cruise? I respect his views, but I don’t think he respects anybody else’s views. I am definitely on Matt Lauer’s and Brooke Shiel’s side!

  • fredgarvin

    He is gone completely insane. The matt lauer interview today proved that. The scientology scam has him completely screwed up in the head.

  • carolyn

    No education about medicine? The man has no HIGH-school education!

  • Cooper

    Tom sounds like an ignorant fool. He is giving out false information and doesn’t even realize it. There is most certainly a science called neuro chemistry and sometimes it can go off balance. There are neurologists, biologists and psychiatrists who have studied this science for years. I agree with Brooke, Tom should stick to fighting off aliens. By the behavior that Tom displayed in front of Matt today, I would guess that he could use a good dose of Ritalin and perhaps some Prozac and Ativan as well!

  • km1359

    Wow, Cruise has always been overated as an actor, maybe he is getting ready for a new career as a preacher. No more Tom for me, lucky Nicole.

  • Daniel

    Poor Katie. She seems like a stepford fiancee. Get out NOW!!

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