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'ZombiU preview': Plus in-game images of brain-hungry Brits -- EXCLUSIVE

The most promising title launching alongside Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console doesn’t star Mario or any of his Mushroom Kingdom pals, but rather a bunch of brain-craving walking corpses. That’s right, following a full afternoon of hands-on time with many of the family-friendly hardware’s day-one offerings, it’s the very Mature-rated ZombiU that’s got me anxious to get back behind that funky new gamepad.

Set in modern-day London, Ubisoft’s fresh take on the rotting flesh genre puts players in the midst of a plague that’s turned most of our friends from across the pond into crazed people-eaters. While undead hordes are as common as exploding barrels and breakable crates in contemporary games, they’re treated as something different in ZombiU: an actual threat. Forgoing the action-movie antics of recent horror titles in favor of a terrifying survival experience, ZombiU is more about staying alive than pumping buckshot into bad guys. READ FULL STORY

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