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Obama's got 99 problems, but a Mitt ain't one -- NSFW VIDEO

If you thought that video of Barack Obama “singing” “Call Me Maybe” — or, even better, “Never Gonna Give You Up” – was amazing, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

A few hours ago, remix artist Diran Lyons posted a new video on YouTube. It strings together various clips of the president, ordering them so it looks like he’s performing a modified version of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” — complete with lyrics like “The year is 2009, and the White House is mine/But the economy’s in full motherf–ing decline.” (It’s unclear where Lyons found audio of Obama swearing, but the audio version of Dreams From My Father is the most likely source.) The video isn’t exactly the most flattering portrait of our president — Obama also “raps” about how he “work[s] for the banks” and “traffic[s] weapons in their drug-cartel war” — but either way, it’s a masterfully crafted supercut.

Watch all the way through for a special guest appearance by MC Mitt Romney himself — and check Lyons’ website if you want all the motherf–ing lyrics.


'The X Factor': Trevor Moran needs an ambulance; Fox needs to stop it with the lame ambulance cliffhangers

Fox continues to use minor tragedies and ambulances to shamelessly promote its musical reality competitions. Earlier this year, during American Idol auditions, we got our first auditions episode CLIFFHANGER when Symone Black fell off the stage during Hollywood Week. This time it’s 13-year-old YouTube sensation Trevor Moran, the little kid who danced around the Apple Store. READ FULL STORY

Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein snags $700,000 in donations

Is there anything more heartwarming than seeing a gigantic novelty check get handed over to someone who deserves it? We think not — which is why this video of Karen Klein receiving over 700,000 Washingtons really hits home. Klein is the bus monitor from upstate New York who made headlines this summer when a video of her getting taunted by 12 and 13-year-olds went viral. After seeing the clip on YouTube, friendly Canadian Max Sidorov started a campaign on Indiegogo.com to raise enough money for Klein to take a vacation — and his project instantly took off, eventually raising over $700,000. (Sidorov’s original goal? $5,000.) The Good Samaritan presented Klein with the total on Tuesday.

“It’s hard to believe that people donated like that,” Klein tells Global TV Toronto in the clip below. “I paid my car, I paid my house off.” Having officially retired, she’ll also never have to endure snotty kids on a school bus again.


YouTube sensation Psy teaches Britney Spears 'Gangnam Style' -- VIDEO

Even a hitmaker like Britney Spears isn’t immune to the wacky allure of Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” Spears is on record as a fan of the Korean star’s catchy tune and sick dance moves — something that Ellen DeGeneres didn’t miss when the new X Factor judge visited Ellen yesterday afternoon. (Side note: Remember when Ellen was an American Idol judge?)

Soon enough, the host pulled out Psy himself, who proceeded to teach Ellen and Britney how to Dougie the finer points of Gangnam Style. The main takeaway: “Dress classy, and dance cheesy.” Done and done!

By gamely dancing along, Spears proved that she still knows how to move — even in five-inch heels. Check her out:


Back to cruel: Jimmy Kimmel has parents dress kids in awful outfits -- VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel is continuing his crusade to ruin childhood milestones — and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Last Halloween, Kimmel convinced parents to pretend they’d eaten all of their offspring’s candy and videotape the fallout. Next, he had parents gift the worst Christmas presents ever. Now he’s set his sights on back-to-school season, asking moms and dads to give their children new outfits that are ugly, uncomfortable, out of style, or just plain weird.

The results: “What boy has flowers on their shirt? Even the teacher will probably laugh at me,” moans one kid, rolling on the floor in distress. A girl named Isabella pouts in her frilly tutu before deadpanning, “I look like an idiot.” As for the boy asked to wear a burlap sack so he can look more like Jesus? Let’s just say he doesn’t take it very well. See for yourself:


Chris Rock thinks YouTube has ruined stand-up comedy

Chris Rock hates YouTube. The comedian stopped by The Daily Show last night to promote his film 2 Days in New York and discussed his reluctance to perform stand-up in the era of YouTube. Rock thinks the platform deprives comedians of small-stage practice time and prevents them from ever re-telling jokes. ”It’s hard to go to the clubs cuz’ people [videotape] your sh– all the time, like before it’s ready,” he said.

Jon Stewart compared YouTube’s effect on stand-up to the adverse impact of television on vaudeville, and Rock concurred. Unlike musicians who are encouraged by fans to perform old hits, he said comedians are booed for repeating old material: “[Audience members say] ‘How dare you say the same funny thing you said last year!'”

Watch the video below (scroll to the five-minute mark, if you’re in a rush): READ FULL STORY

'Karate Kid': John Avildsen's rehearsal tapes '...are the best!... around!!'

“Daniel Larusso’s gonna fight?… Daniel Larusso’s gonna fight!

Fans of the original Karate Kid might be disappointed to learn that the famous exclamation from the announcer at the All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament was not in the original script. Or at least it wasn’t in the scene when it was rehearsed for director John Avildsen’s video camera in 1983. In one of a series of lengthy audition and rehearsal clips that the director has posted on YouTube over the years — and recently showcased on Slate — the late Bruce Malmouth doesn’t deliver that oft-quoted line of incredulousness. Instead, he simply holds the trophy away from the villainous Johnny Lawrence and says, “Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on… hold on… Isn’t this what it’s all about folks?”

Hold on, hold on… hold on? Oof. Kudos to the script doctor — or Malmouth himself — who made something out of nothing before the cameras actually rolled. Scroll to 3:30 in the video clip below to see that specific scene, but by all means, start from the beginning of the fight sequences, which help explain some of the mysterious scoring decisions that have baffled obsessive Karate Kids fans for years. READ FULL STORY

'Fifty Shades of Grey' is now a YouTube musical -- VIDEO

Fifty Shades of Grey has already spawned fan fiction — but now it has inspired a YouTube fan musical.

The new parody, published by AVbyte, addresses through song the ongoing debate about the value of E L James’ adult novel. The video’s three stars represent three archetypes of the book’s critics: the housewife who loves it, the feminist who hates it, and the guy who hates that he loves it.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of the novel. Is it ”mommy porn at women’s rights’ expense,” ”does every word describes exactly how [you] want to feel within,” or is it a little of both? READ FULL STORY

Andrew Garfield explains that weird 'Spider-Man' video

A video surfaced Friday of The Amazing Spider-Man costars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone doing a bizarre musical promo for their film, complete with a German exclamation at the end. When asked by Vulture about the ignominious 14 seconds, Garfield marveled, “Is that online? That’s hilarious!” Below, watch the original sing-a-wrong and find out exactly what was going through Garfield and Stone’s heads to inspire the weirdness. READ FULL STORY

Watch a striking Jon Hamm on 'Chris Hardwick's All Star Bowling' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

To the already superhuman list of things Jon Hamm can do — win Golden Globes, kill on SNL, pour a mean drink, fill out a suit like its nobody’s business, etc. — we have a new addition: The Mad Men star can effortlessly bowl a perfect strike. Need proof? Check out this exclusive video clip from Chris Hardwick’s All Star Bowling, a new show on YouTube’s The Nerdist Channel. (Note: The clip has some NSFW trash talk. And be sure to watch the show’s cool Mad Men-style promo afterward by clicking on the second video in the playlist below.) READ FULL STORY

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