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'Wrong Director' casts Woody Allen as new Iron Man -- VIDEO

Here is one Iron Man 3 development you may not have seen coming: CineFix’s “Wrong Director” series is putting an animated Woody Allen in Marvel’s big metal suit. Stammering ensues: “Pepper Potts, she says, uh, I’m not romantic — says, y’know, we’ve never made love in a rain storm … That’s easy for her to say: She doesn’t, y’know, rust.” Pepper is actually an Annie Hall-era Diane Keaton. Larry David is the Mandarin. Bonus: Allen’s love of white-on-black credits, out-of-time piano, and effusive blurbs from The New Yorker (“It totally kicks ass and is way poignant!”) and the Chicago Sun-Times.


If Daenerys Targaryen were a Disney princess, it might look something like this -- VIDEO

On the surface, Game of Thrones might not seem to have all that much in common with Disney’s canon of classic animated films. GOT is often brutally violent and laden with nudity, but take those things away from at least one particular storyline and you’ve got all the ingredients of a classic Disney fairytale.

Daenerys Targaryen, an exiled princess with an affection for mythic creatures and a handsome boy pining after her, really does fit the mold, doesn’t she? Give her a little song to sing and she’s practically Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

So that’s exactly what YouTubers AVbyte did. In their clip, Daenerys (Evelina Barry) looks out on the open ocean and sings “Out there across the sea / Where my life was meant to be / My home and people wait for me.” Later in the song, Daenerys’ ever-faithful and lovesick servant Jorah Mormont (Peter Hollens) arrives to declare her “all that I’ve been yearning for.”

It’s a really well-done (and frankly, pretty reverential) parody. Check it out below. READ FULL STORY

'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer: The LEGO remake

First came the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. Then came the homemade remake of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. Now, because the Internet is a benevolent all-giving entity, YouTuber Antonio Toscano has put together an all-LEGO remake of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, complete with lots of appropriately shaky close-ups on the face of the Evil Benedict Cumberbatch LEGO man. Watch the fun below: READ FULL STORY

Simon Cowell's 'You Generation' launches today -- VIDEO

Good news for the world’s six remaining undiscovered singers: Simon Cowell’s new Internet talent search, “The You Generation,” officially begins this afternoon. As the X Factor head honcho’s company, Syco Entertainment, first explained last month, the contest will be conducted via YouTube and welcomes all sorts of “unconventional and original talents” — including photography, cooking, visual art, makeup application, and magic as well as music.

One Direction — a band formed on Cowell’s original, British X Factor — will kick things off with a live stream interview at 3 p.m. ET. After that, fans are welcome to upload their own auditions to TYG’s YouTube page. The competition includes 26 distinct categories. Winners of each individual contest will be announced every two weeks; those victors will go on to compete for a grand prize, to be awarded one year from TYG’s launch.

Cowell himself explains the impetus for his newest venture in the video below, which also introduces the contest’s cheery host, Will Best. (Somewhere, Steve Jones weeps.) “Years ago you’d have these awful showcase. You’d have to trek across London, all the record companies would be there, the acts were normally terrible. The system’s changed now,” Cowell says, speaking from an office apparently outfitted with padded walls. “[YouTube] has literally changed the music business for the good.”


YouTuber asks Kate Upton: Will you go to prom with me? (She responds.) -- VIDEO

A few days ago, a teenage boy (“Jewish, 5’9” on a really good day”) asked grown-up supermodel Kate Upton (“Christian, 5’10”) to go to prom with him. It looked like this:

And because the world is a truly good and wonderful place, she responded last night on Twitter.


How YouTube is boldly becoming more like TV

When Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, a pair of 25-year-olds known as Smosh, posted a silly YouTube video of themselves lip-synching the Pokémon theme song in 2005, they weren’t trying to become Web phenoms. But that’s exactly what happened. The clip went viral, thanks to some incalculable combination of millennial nostalgia and absurdist Internet humor.

Eight years later, Smosh run the most popular channel on YouTube, boasting more than 8.2 million subscribers. The guys also have a Spanish channel, a vlog channel, a cartoon channel, a newly launched gaming channel, and a website/social network (Smosh.com) with exclusive video content and merchandise. They may have started as a one-off viral sensation, but their enduring success — and the success of fellow YouTube pioneers — has helped reshape the site into a vast entertainment entity that produces so much more than Web-based novelty acts.

Smosh, like so many of YouTube’s other top content creators, landed an audience via professionally produced videos, a consistent release schedule, and help from a slew of ahead-of-the-curve thinkers and producers. READ FULL STORY

Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts form JASH Internet network

Warn your friends now: You’ll soon be forwarding them even more viral videos. Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and Reggie Watts have joined forces to launch JASH, an Internet network for original content that, according to the mission statement, will offer its comedic partners complete creative autonomy. Watch a tease below. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' does the Harlem Shake

SPN Harlem Shake

And the Harlem Shake craze lives on.

The latest YouTube fad has made its way across the border to Vancouver, Canada, to the set of the CW’s Supernatural. A video with the cast and crew’s take on the viral video phenomenon is now on the Interwebs for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, depending on how sick you are of Harlem Shake videos).

The Supernatural gang is rather late to the Harlem Shake party, but they may have the distinction of being the first to make a Harlem Shake vid with a crane shot. Yes, we get a bird’s eye view of the proceedings — crossroads, demon trap, Impala and all. Kicking things off in the solo dance of the first 15 seconds is, naturally, Mr. Eye of the Tiger himself, Jensen Ackles. See if you can pick out Jared Padalecki, Osric Chau, director Guy Norman Bee and other cast and crew members in the video below: READ FULL STORY

James Franco defends explicit banned film 'I Want Your Love' -- VIDEO

James Franco, actor, director, student, soap star, writer, artist, musician, and Oscars-ruiner, can now add another title to his ever-expanding resume: pro-sex crusader.

The multifaceted multihyphenate has made a video defending his friend Travis Matthews’s film I Want Your Love, which has been banned in Australia due to its graphic scenes of  gay male coupling. As Franco explains in the video, Matthews was “using sex in a very sophisticated way” in the film — the director “wants to explore story and character and nuances that sex contains,” he says. Franco also points out that the film probably wouldn’t be banned if it featured explicit violence — though curiously, he ignores the fact that censors likely wouldn’t mind I Want Your Love‘s sex scenes if they featured men and women instead of men alone.


Further proof that everyone needs to stop making Harlem Shake videos

Harlem Shake videos aren’t just played out — they’re also potential career-killers.

Up to 15 gold miners in Australia were sacked recently when their mine’s owner saw their take on the YouTube sensation. Apparently, dancing shirtless in an underground mine shaft is a safety violation — even if you’re wearing a helmet. Suddenly, “Gangnam Style” parodies are starting to look almost tolerable by comparison.

Worse still, some of the folks who were canned didn’t even appear on camera; they were punished simply for watching their coworkers dance. Australian gold mines officially equal the puritan town from Footloose. Here’s the video that caused all this trouble in the first place:


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