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'X-Men': Will fans follow Deadpool's new direction?

Deadpool_wolverine_dlI was ecstatic when I heard that some of my favorite mutants were finally going to get some screen time in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, especially Deadpool. However, I was utterly confused (and my fangirl heart was horrified) when Deadpool arrived on screen sans his greatest asset: his wisecracking mouth. So now that there’s a Deadpool spinoff in the works, I’m worried that it’s going to continue on with this tangent, rather than return back to the comic book character’s roots.

Deadpool has always been the most satirical of the X-Men, often making fun of his own stereotypical comic book plotlines and breaking the fourth wall to directly address the readers (which was vaguely alluded to in one of Wolverine’s post-credit scenes). But in the movie, the character who is nicknamed the "Merc with a Mouth"…doesn’t even have a mouth, rendering him speechless. That’s on top of the shiny katana swords that he has attached to his arms — a far cry from the comic book character, whose only powers are regeneration and his personal knowledge of fighting skills. So what will happen in a Deadpool movie? Is seems as if they’re setting that film up to be about the character’s rise as an X-Men supervillian,which is a completely new storyline not in tune with the comic book. I’d muchrather a film based on the original Deadpool — the comical, mentallyinsane assassin whose snide remarks tend to get him into trouble.

Of course, I know I’ll end up watching the movie. I just hope it doesn’t stray so far from thecomics. What about you, PopWatchers? Will you be watching the Deadpool movie if it is not completely true to the original storyline or are you keeping your minds open and your mouths shut until the final product is here?

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Youkoso, Wolverine-san! Marvel's mutant headed to Japan for 'Wolverine 2'?

Wolverine_lSPOILER ALERT Confused about why Wolverine appeared to be downing sake in a Japanese bar in the teaser clip at the end of the movie? Here’s a hint: Variety reports that the inevitable sequel to the summer’s first blockbuster will be set in the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s a move sure to please comic book fans, who probably recognized the clip as a nod to the character’s infamous adventures on the other side of the Pacific. (The mythology is a little tangled, but the dominant version of Wolverine’sbackstory has the character marrying and fathering a son overseas.)

The idea of Wolverine running amok in Japan sounds pretty good to me, especially if it means we’ll get to dig further into the character’s comic book roots. And a few great Wolvy v. Ninja fight scenes wouldn’t hurt, either…

What do you think about the news, PopWatchers? Will you follow Wolverine to Japan?

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Hugh Jackman's plans include 'Wolverine' sequel and Broadway 'Houdini': Pick one!

Hughjackman_lJust read a Variety piece detailing all the projects Hugh Jackman has in the works, and I can’t decide which one I’m most eager to see. Actually, that’s not true. I saw him three times in The Boy From Oz — I’d purchase my tickets today for the 2010 Broadway musical Houdini, if I could. (Danny Elfman is writing the music — awesome.) Here are the choices:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel: According to the trade, Jackman’s Seed Productions is already developing the film, which will be focused on the samurai story line from the comic. If we’re talking about swords here, my colleage Tim Stack will have a field day when he reads this.

Personality Security: Jackman will play a New York police detective "forced into bodyguard duty for a spoiled teen heiress who is receiving kidnapping threats." Are we hoping it’s a comedy?

Drive: Adapted from the James Sallis novel, the film will star Jackman as a "solitary man who drives race cars by day and getaway cars by night in Los Angeles." Jackman said the script reads like a Steve McQueen film. Much hotter than Personal Security.

Carousel: Jackman will play Billy Bigelow to what he hopes is Anne Hathaway’s Julie Jordan, though negotiations with her have not begun outside of him asking her to duet with him at the Oscars. The script, Variety reports, "keeps the timeless spirit of the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic, but injects relevance for a contemporary audience."

Houdini: The Tony winner’s triumphant return to Broadway is slated to be directed by Jack O’Brien (Hairspray). Please let them recreate this shot for the poster…

Okay, PopWatchers, what’s your preferred Jackman project? Vote now!



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Is 'Wolverine' the most homoerotic superhero movie ever?

Wolverine2_lTrue confession: I see the gay in everything. It’s a gift and a curse, much like Haley Joel Osment’s ability to chat with the dead in The Sixth Sense. After sitting through Wolverine this past weekend, I believe this flick to be the gayest comic book movie ever. It felt like an issue of Men’s Health come to life, albeit with more adamantium. First, the gorgeous Hugh Jackman is shirtless for a good portion of the film — he even has a naked fight scene! And he squares off against a shirtless (and similarly ripped) Ryan Reynolds at one point. Secondly, Wolverine’s job as a lumberjack allows him to wear some very 1970s gay-friendly tight jeans, leather jackets, and flannel shirts, unbuttoned to reveal more than a hint of chest hair. Thirdly, the big sparring between Wolverine and Sabretooth really comes down to two hot guys basically clawing each other with their fingernails. Catfight!

To me, this felt waaay gayer than Joel Schumacher’s codpiece- and nipple-enhanced Batman and Robin. What do you think PopWatchers? Anyone else catch a whiff of homoeroticism from all the male eye candy, or am I blowing things out of proportion?

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'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' poll: About that ending...

Wolverine_lDon’t worry. We’ll keep it spoiler-free until after the jump. This poll question is for the people who helped make X-Men Origins: Wolverine the weekend’s No. 1 movie with an estimated $87 million. And it’s not, "Did the person sitting beside you elbow you when Hugh Jackman first appeared shirtless?" Though you’re right: I wouldn’t put it past me either…


Don't ask 'Wolverine"s Dominic Monaghan about 'Lost'

Charlie from Lost — excuse me, Dominic Monaghan from X Men Origins: Wolverine stops by The Soup tonight. If he doesn’t want to get badgered by Lost inquiries, maybe he shouldn’t go around wearing adorable, somewhat Dharma-y tees!


Seriously, when is Mankini going to win an Emmy?

EW’s Nicole Sperling predicted an $85 million haul for Wolverine in today’s Box Office Preview. Are you going this weekend, PopWatchers? Remember to bring some milk!

'Wolverine' vs. 'Star Trek': Which flick will bank more at the box office?

Wolverinestartrek_lThe summer movie season is just around the corner, with X-Men Origins: Wolverine opening this Friday and Star Trek hitting theaters next week. But which of these heavily anticipated tentpoles will see more green at the box office? Two weeks ago, everyone’s money would have been on Wolverine. Tracking data projected that the Hugh Jackman movie would open to around $100 million, while Star Trek was eyeing just half that, due to an apparent lack of interest from teens and females. But the reviews are starting to trickle in, and so far the notices haven’t been too encouraging for Wolverine, leading me to believe that it could quickly fizzle after everyone sees it this weekend. Star Trek, on the other hand, seems to be building momentum — the sci-fi reboot hasn’t received a single negative review so far.

Which is why I’m starting to think that Star Trek could be the bigger hit. To me, Wolverine projects a recycled vibe, as if the previous X-Men movies were plopped in a blender and then left out for too long. I say this as someone who enjoyed all three of the previous entries; in particular, X2: X-Men United surprised me with its thoughtful parallels to social minorities. But judging from the advertisements and initial buzz, I fear that Wolverine will have no new tricks up its sleeve. Star Trek, by comparison, seems composed of brand-new parts, and I’m intrigued that it’s shaping up to be such a departure from the previous Trek model. Thus, even if Wolverine scores the larger opening, Star Trek‘s aura of novelty is why I’m predicting it will ultimately equal (if not surpass) that hairy mutant’s tally.

Hmm, PopWatchers? Could Star Trek confound the box office trackers and overtake Wolverine? Which movie are you more excited to see? Or is there another summer blockbuster that’ll make mincemeat out of both Wolverine and Star Trek? Michael Bay, you’re not allowed to answer that question.

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The Universe has it out for 'Wolverine'...Don't worry, he can take it

Wolverine_lIt’s hard out there for a short, Canadian, nigh-invulnerable mutant superhero. First, pirates leak your movie all over the Internets, letting geeks of all stripes take a gander without your special-effects bloomers on. Then the swine flu forces your studio to cancel your Mexico City premiere, dramatically reducing…well, probably not much at all. Why is all this crap happening to X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Because Wolverine can take it. Because he’s got bones of crazy-hard metal and the heart of a genetically modified lion. Because he’s the best at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice. Because he’s got a hairdo that only he can pull off. Because, even though he’s only five-foot-nothing in the comics, he’s played by the 6′ 2" Hugh Jackman on the big screen. Because swine flu is something he puts on toast. Because he calls people "bub."

Don’t you worry about Wolverine. Unless he shows up at your door…flanked by pirates carrying swine flu bagels.

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'Wolverine' premiere: Where should it be?

Wolverine_lSo it leaked online. Big deal. Any real Wolverine fan will still want to see the movie in theaters. In fact, quite a few fans are currently duking it out to bring the movie’s glitzy premiere to their hometown thanks to a contest on the movie’s official website. Aside from a few logistical problems (How can a small town of 1,200 possibly win when NYC has approximately that many people in line at every Starbucks?), we think it sounds like a cool grass-roots marketing idea. And we’ve already come up with a few nominees of our own:

Bonesteel, South Dakota
Okay, so Wolverine’s unbreakable bones are coated with adamantium, not steel. But until I get some support for my proposal to rename my hometown Adamantium"(or just "Adam" for short), this is about as close as we’re gonna get.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Home of U Mich’s Wolverines. Fox wouldn’t even have to print out new banners or anything.

Canadian, Texas
A nice way to honor Wolvie’s Canuck heritage without actually moving the premiere up north.

North Salem, New York
Home to the (sadly) fictional X-Mansion, where Professor Xavier trainsyoung mutants to control their powers. Words cannot express the grief Ifelt upon learning that there weren’t any pamphlets for "Xaviers Schoolfor Gifted Youngsters" at my high school’s guidance center. I’m sure many ofyou can relate.

Why, Arizona
Why not?

Ok, PopWatchers: Where do you think the premiere should be held?

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'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' trailer: Explode-y!

The final trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine landed today, and maybe I’m still recovering from yesterday’s Public Enemies trailer because…this just didn’t do it for me. I mean, yes, lots of things blow up, and Hugh Jackman does have luscious muscles, but now I’m worried.


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