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Gay X-Man's wedding announced, while execs promise a 'major iconic DC character' will come out of the closet

This morning, the ladies of The View confirmed a long-rumored wedding announcement: An openly gay member of the X-Men will propose to his partner, with the marriage scheduled to take place in Astonishing X-Men #51. The French Canadian superhero Northstar became Marvel’s first openly homosexual superhero in 1992, and although it took nearly two decades for the guy to get a boyfriend, give Marvel credit for diving headfirst into the gay marriage debate, even at the risk of a stern blog post by Bristol Palin. The ladies of The View had a relatively subdued reaction. Avowed comic book fan Whoopi Goldberg loved it. Joy Behar noted that X-Men is “a cutting-edge comic strip,” which is inaccurate in just so many ways, but also joked: “You think Batman and Robin could come out of the closet?”

Maybe so. In an interesting development Northstar isn’t the only gay superhero in the news today. According to the Daily Mail, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio revealed that one of his company’s heroes will reveal that they are, in fact, gay. DiDio didn’t specify who or when, but Courtney Simmons of DC told ABC News, “One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June.”(DC already has one of the most prominent lesbian characters in mainstream comics: Batwoman, a.k.a. Kate Kane, who headlined one of the coolest books of the ’00s.) READ FULL STORY

Hugh Jackman in talks for 'Les Miserables,' but who should he play?

Hugh Jackman is in talks to star in Tom Hooper’s cinematic adaptation of the musical Les Misérables, the actor’s rep says, confirming a Variety report. Jackman’s schedule opened up after director Darren Aronofsky stepped away from The Wolverine, and making Les Mis would finally bridge his two worlds. Though he’s won a Tony (for The Boy From Oz) and hosted the award ceremony multiple times, his movies, like the X-Men franchise and Van Helsing, have tended to be grittier action fare. If you don’t count the animated Happy Feet, Les Miserables would be his first movie musical.

What still isn’t certain, however, is the role Jackman is in talks to play. READ FULL STORY

Burning Questions! 'X-Men: First Class': Why is Professor X British? And where have I seen this person before?

It’s another week of EW’s summer movie burning questions. This week: X-Men: First Class. If you have some, don’t be shy! Ask away!

Professor X is clearly British in the movie, but he grew up in Westchester (where the mansion is located). Explain. – H.B.
Professor X is American in the comic books (born and raised in NYC), but it’s known — as shown in the movie — that he attended Oxford. My first theory? The Professor might have the power of mind control, but perhaps he can’t control his own accent. It happens to me all the time when I’m around British people; I’m bloody influential, old bean. Theory No. 2: Remember that episode of Friends when Ross turned British for his graduate class? Yes, Professor X might, in fact, just be trying to sound smarter and more interesting. It’s working. But honestly, I posed this question to professor of comic books, Darren Franich, who brings us theory No. 3: “I think he’s supposed to have one of those mid-20th century upper-class American accents, like FDR. Fun fact: It’s referred to as ‘Mid-Atlantic’.” That wasn’t a “fun fact” at all, Professor D, but certainly helpful. As I hope this answer was to you, H.B. Bonus mini-poll:  READ FULL STORY

Summer Movie Body Count: 'X-Men: First Class' schools the competition on best deaths

Week 5 of EW’s 2011 Summer Movie Body Count continues with X-Men: First Class. For those of you who do not possess memory-related superpowers, here’s a reminder of the rules. SPOILER ALERT: Things are about to get messy!

Note to self: Next year, fight to do Summer Movie Body Count on the next installment of Kung Fu Panda. Because in the first five minutes of X-Men: First Class, we had two men dead after Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) crushed their metal helmets like beer cans at a frat party (while they were wearing them!), one dead mom (you can’t have a superhero movie without a parental tragedy), and a holocaust. The latter doesn’t count toward our overall total, however, because the deaths happened off-screen. READ FULL STORY

'X-Men: First Class': How much should superhero films follow the comic book?

A few years ago, 20th Century Fox realized they needed a way to extend the cash-cow X-Men franchise into infinity and beyond, so they decided to create a new X-Men prequel. This prequel would focus on the relationship between two iconic X characters, tracing how they went from best friends to mortal enemies. Although based on comic book mythology, every aspect of this relationship was reinvented for the film: How the two characters met, their history of working together, the nature of their friendship, how they became nemeses, everything.

But this prequel would also need to introduce a new variety of mutant heroes and villains — action figures must be sold, spin-offs must be spun, attractive young actors need work. So the prequel would feature a cavalcade of characters plucked, apparently at random, from nearly half a century of collective X-Men history. Most of these characters had never even interacted in the comic books. Almost everything about them — motivation, age, general temperament, personal history — was altered to fit the resettled movie timeline. The average moviegoer wouldn’t notice any of this. The average comic book fan would be driven mad. READ FULL STORY

Movie Math: 'X-Men: First Class' is everything you like about the franchise... plus 'Muppet Babies'!

Class is in! And today in EW Movie Math 101, we’re taking a look X-Men: First Class, the fifth (yes, fifth!) movie in this still-alive franchise. So let’s take a closer look. Pay attention, there’s a pop quiz at the end. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Dictionary: 'Preboot.' (Example: 'X-Men: First Class')

Everyone knows what a sequel is. Everyone unfortunately knows what a prequel is. Everyone who doesn’t know what a reboot is will feel very confused at the multiplex next year. But in the nightmarish franchise laboratory of modern Hollywood, the Boys in the Back Room have created a horrific new subspecies that harnesses the power of the fourth dimension to pump new energy into a fading film series. The name of this monstrosity? The preboot (noun, origin unknown unless someone is stupid enough to claim it). Like the common prequel, the preboot takes place chronologically earlier than previous films in a series. But unlike a prequel, the preboot is not intended to lead directly into those earlier films. Instead, a preboot purports to restart a franchise in an entirely new direction. READ FULL STORY

'X-Men' movie round-up: Producer teases upcoming 'Deadpool,' 'Wolverine,' 'X4,' and 'X5' projects

Do you love the X-Men? I mean, really love the X-Men? Would you be happy living in a world where approximately 40 percent of all films released in theaters was some sort of X-Men sequel/prequel/spinoff/reboot/remake/spinboot? Then, my friend, the future belongs to you. Lauren Shuler Donner, the producer of the X films, has an extended interview in the new issue of Empire magazine in which she teases a host of upcoming X projects. Of course, the X-Men comic books have been a spin-off factory for decades now — in the ’90s, essentially every X-Man had their own solo comic series, even X-Man, who wasn’t really named X-Man, but that’s another story I wouldn’t dream of boring you with. Given that the last couple of big-screen X projects have featured a veritable carousel of potentially spinnable characters (Hi, Gambit! Bye, Gambit!), it’s unsurprising to see that there are a few different projects currently in the planning stages.

First up: The long-rumored Ryan Reynolds Deadpool project, a non-spinoff spinoff to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. READ FULL STORY

Comic book fans: What are they saying about the slew of new superhero films?

superheroesImage Credit: John Schwartzman; Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, we took a look at the superhero-heavy diet Hollywood is serving up to moviegoers for 2011 and 2012. It’s a regular binge of masked celebs, served with generous helpings of high-profile directors, hand-battered in sequels and reboots and deep-fried to golden crispiness. Most audiences will devour this repast of capes and tights. But what are crime-fighting movie fans with more discriminating tastes expecting?

We asked Ahmad Childress, Managing Editor of Crave Online, a media outlet that oversees such fansites as Super Hero Hype and Film School Rejects, to get his take on what comic book enthusiasts and the diehard fanboy-and-girl communities are saying about the upcoming deluge of villain-pummeling epics.

“The thing that usually polarizes people first is the casting,” Childress says. “That always gets debated to death out of everything.”

Read Childress’ take on the buzz surrounding each upcoming superhero flick after the jump:  READ FULL STORY

Wolverine or Batman? Who's on your mind?

Wolverine and Batman share an unusual amount of superhero DNA. They’re both gritty, deadly serious, and brutal. With chips on their shoulders. In fact, you can Google “Batman versus Wolverine” and stumble into a wormhole of passionate nerd debate over which hero is superior. If you’re a comic book connoisseur, you’re practically required to have an opinion on which surly crusader would survive an imagined confrontation in a dark alley. So it’s revealing to see which comic book icon you initially recognize in this clever piece of art. Close your eyes, empty your mind, and make the jump: READ FULL STORY

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