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'Awake' finale react: What just happened?

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the season/series finale of NBC’s Awake, stop reading now. If you have, share your theories on the ending and any burning questions you have in the comments section. We’re chatting with creator Kyle Killen Friday afternoon and will see what we can get him to answer. UPDATE: Here’s our interview with Killen where he addresses fans’ theories and where the series was headed. READ FULL STORY

If you only consume one box of Oscar-themed cookies this year, pick these


New York bakery Eleni’s has just announced this year’s lineup of Academy Awards-themed cookies, and they are almost too amazing to eat.

The iced sugar cookies, which are available in Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress assortments, depict miniature edible versions of some of this year’s most recognizable props, costumes, and faces – animal and human.

Included in the Best Picture collection are: READ FULL STORY

'Community': Could this really be the end?

Ever since news broke that Community was being temporarily benched from the NBC schedule to make way for newer, hopefully-more-audience-attracting programming, I’ve been living in denial. I can’t imagine a world without Star Burns, Ring-a-Ding-Dean and Magnitude — Pop Pop! The Greendale gang have been good sports about the whole affair, tweeting their support (#SixSeasonsAndAMovie) and invading Joel McHale’s other show The Soup en masse to show us a happy, quirky family.

Bud sadly, today I am forced to face the music. Tonight’s Christmas-themed episode “Regional Holiday Music,” which finds the gang filling in for the GCC Glee Club, is the final episode before the Hiatus of Possible Doom. READ FULL STORY

Is the best part of 'Footloose' the 'Holding Out for a Hero' cover?

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum about former Justin Timberlake backup dancer Kenny Wormald “owning” the role of Ren in the Footloose remake. But for me, the even bigger surprise was that I sat up in my seat for one of the songs on the soundtrack — 15-year-old Ella Mae Bowen’s slow, angsty cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero.” Watch the video below. I came home from the movie ready to buy the song on iTunes but didn’t because it was “album only.” I’m told there are no plans to release the song to country radio, which is a shame.  READ FULL STORY

Guest blogger Joshua Malina: Top 7 reasons 'Sports Night' will never get 'Arrested Development'-style revival

Last night I signed into my primary news source and was made aware by multiple tweets that Arrested Development — Mitch Hurwitz’s groundbreakingly kick-ass comedy — was slated to return to the air after a five-year absence. I’m delighted at the prospect, though I take it all with a grain of salt. Announcements of the show’s return have now run longer than the original series. Still, here’s hoping it happens.

On the heels of the A.D. bombshell, folks have been tweeting me throughout the day asking when they can expect the return of Sports Night, Aaron Sorkin’s proto-dramedy about the hijinks, hilarity, and heartbreak that go on behind the scenes of a cable sports show. The answer — in brief — is “Never.” Don’t get me wrong. I’d sign up now. I mean what am I doing today? I’m writing this. Hell, I’d be open to discussing a second season of Big Shots, or a third episode of Imagine That. I’m not the problem, people. But I have aggregated some of the issues that prevent a Sports Night reunion. Herewith, the top 7 reasons it’ll never happen:  READ FULL STORY

Michelle Williams to receive blandly-named Hollywood Actress Award, but there's nothing conventional about her talent

Three weeks ago, I asked you which thirtysomething actor you were most excited to watch during the next decade. Perhaps because I basically slobbered all over Ryan Gosling, who was on the verge of being crowned the unofficial homecoming king at the Toronto Film Festival, the Drive star dominated his peers with more than 60 percent of the vote. But the poll didn’t include the likes of Michael Fassbender or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as several commenters pointed out. It also didn’t include even one actress.

Coincidentally, my favorite actress working today is in the news. And she happens to be 31. Michelle Williams, Gosling’s Blue Valentine costar who next plays the iconic blonde bombshell in November’s My Week With Marilyn, will be honored with the Hollywood Actress Award at the Hollywood Film Festival on Oct. 24. READ FULL STORY

'Sister Wives' season premiere: Am I the only one more interested in the family drama than the polygamy at this point?

For the past year or so, I’ve been watching Sister Wives very consistently — to the point where it has become appointment TV. At first, my roommate and I watched purely because we had all the typical questions about the so-called plural lifestyle. Why do they live this way? Where does everyone live? Where does the husband sleep? How can they afford a family that large? And so on.

Now that the show is starting its third season, which kicked off last night, I feel like all the major questions I once had about this lifestyle have been answered. And while new questions develop all the time, I find myself tuning in not because of my curiosity but because I’m interested in this family’s everyday struggles. READ FULL STORY

Will 'Horrible Bosses' finally -- FINALLY -- make Charlie Day a huge star?

We really, really like Charlie Day ’round these parts. In fact, a few of us here at EW — particularly my colleague Mandi Bierly — have been vocal about our hopes that the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia MVP will finally get the recognition he deserves, be it with an Emmy nomination or by becoming a full-fledged movie star.

Things certainly seem to be on that path as the 35-year-old actor just earned a Critics Choice Television Award nod for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his work as the delightfully demented Kitten Mittons salesman/Paddy’s Pub co-owner Charlie Kelly on Sunny. (He’ll be going up against perennial awards season heavyweights like Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell, and Jim Parsons in the category.) Lob on the fact that Day nailed his witty onstage banter at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards and that he’s starring in the upcoming comedy Horrible Bosses — in which he gets sexually harassed by Jennifer Aniston and buddies up with Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman to kill their aforementioned bad bosses — and this just might be his sunniest summer ever.

Still, sadly, we’ve been here before. READ FULL STORY

'No Ordinary Family' season finale: Where did this show go wrong? (Answer: When it turned into 'Heroes.')

No Ordinary Family debuted last fall with high expectations. It had a catchy concept: Typical sitcom-ready family — adorably lunkheaded loser dad, way-out-of-his-league brilliant wife, two perpetually annoyed teenaged children — get superpowers, and shenanigans ensue. It wasn’t the most original idea, but with a good cast and a lighthearted tone, Family‘s early episodes had a fun vibe that didn’t really feel like anything else on television. The superpowered special effects drama felt secondary to the character drama — i.e., the kids discovered that having the power of telepathy and super-intelligence didn’t necessarily make high school any less hellish. But the show took a serious wrong turn somewhere, and watching the season finale last night, I realized exactly what happened to No Ordinary Family: It became Heroes. And not good-exciting season-1 Heroes, or even silly-messy season-2 Heroes. No Ordinary Family took a swan-dive straight into season-3 Heroes territory, and the show never really recovered. READ FULL STORY

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