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'Whose Line Is It Anyway' revival: What's your first impression?

The best thing about the new Whose Line: It’s just like the old Whose Line.

Sure, the set looks a little snazzier, a few new games have been thrown into the mix, and Drew Carey has morphed into Aisha Tyler. But the heart of the show is still what it always was — sharp, fast-paced short-form improv performed by a team of veterans who know each other’s rhythms inside and out. The only real difference is that Colin Mochrie’s few remaining hairs have changed from blondish-brown to snowy white.

Given how often Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Wayne Brady have performed together since the American version of Whose Line went off the air in 2007, this isn’t exactly shocking. Still, it’s a huge relief to anyone who feared that the series’s legacy might be tainted by a lukewarm re-do. It was smart of The CW to stick with the American Whose Line‘s tried-and-true team, rather than updating the series with a younger crew; keeping its core dynamics (Ryan and Colin’s near-telepathic connection, Wayne’s musical swagger) intact makes this newest version feel more like a continuation than a reboot, which is all the show’s fans really wanted.


'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' returns! Celebrate by watching the show's 10 greatest classic clips

Whose Line Is It Anyway? — which introduced a generation to both improvisational comedy and Ryan Stiles’ blue shoes — had an extraordinarily long life, as entertainment franchises go. It began as a British radio program (sorry, programme) in 1988, quickly morphed into a TV series that lasted 10 years, then hopped the pond for an eight-season run on ABC and ABC Family. The series’ last new episode aired just six years ago.

But in an age when nostalgia can be fairly instantaneous — note the tale of Les Misérables, which ran from 1987 to 2003 on Broadway, then was revived from 2006-2008, and will be revived again in March 2014 — half a dozen years may as well be a hundred.

It’s not really surprising, then, that thirsty comedy fans flipped out when The CW revealed in March that Whose Line would be back for 10 episodes this summer. Veteran improvisers Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, and Stiles will all appear in each installment; comedian Aisha Tyler is stepping in for Drew Carey as host.

The original cast’s involvement — as well as the few teaser clips The CW has released so far — should help soothe those who worry that Whose Line 4.0 won’t live up its earlier incarnations. That said, it’d be tough for anything to reach the heights of these 10 classic clips — which, if anything, have only gotten better with age.

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