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TV Academy auction: How much would you bid on Matt Bomer's hopefully sweaty chapeau?

I’ve been keeping an eye on the TV Academy Foundation’s Emmy Auction in one of my 37 open tabs, and am sad to report that my chances of scrounging up $721 or more in order to win Matt Bomer’s (autographed!) signature fedora from White Collar by Friday are looking grim. This was going to be Mandi Bierly’s Labor Day gift. Now I’ll have to give her, like, a compliment over IM or something. Awful.

The auction — featuring soap opera set tours, late-night talk show tickets (Conan and Leno’s bids currently outrank Fallon’s, but at $300 Jon Stewart trumps them all), the oversize tennis ball that Dr. House often fondles at his desk while pondering bizarre medical cases and also maybe other things he’d like to do to that tennis ball, and “unique handcuff earrings” from Rizzoli and Isles that Liz Lemon would probably die for — has been going on since Monday. The most expensive item by far: Two tickets to the Sept. 18 Emmys, complete with HBO party passes and car service. $2,500 so far. Ask your mom!

Bidding ends Friday at 4 p.m. ET; all auction proceeds will support the educational and archival programs of the TV Academy.

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'White Collar' summer finale: Some of the best acting you might not be watching


Network TV has a reputation for being forgettable during the summer months, but ever since Sex and the City debuted in the summer of 1998, cable has been the perfect cure for the summertime blues. Shows like The Wire, Six Feet Under, Mad Men, and Damages have all rescued viewers during the dreaded dog days. This year, I can add White Collar, which closed out its summer run last night, to that list of impeccably acted dramas. READ FULL STORY

Matt Bomer does a Bayside High School cheer, is officially my favorite person ever

I knew it was going to be a great episode of Watch What Happens when I heard White Collar stars Matt Bomer and Tiffani Thiessen were going to be guests. But never in my wildest Saved By the Bell dreams could I have imagined this. READ FULL STORY

'White Collar': Is anyone else loving the Peter-Neal battle of wits?

White Collar returned last night for its season 3 premiere, which picked up where we left off last season when recovering con-man Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) found himself in possession of billions of dollars of stolen art. We always knew that the twist would fracture Neal and his FBI bestie Peter’s (Tim DeKay) delicate relationship — but I didn’t expect to like it.

So much of what I love about White Collar is the duo’s relationship. In fact, I’d say that’s appeal factor No. 1. There’s always been a somewhat playful distrust on both of their parts, but overall, there had been so much progress over the series, I sometime forgot the nature of their arrangement (Fed and con).

But in the premiere, there was no confusion: Peter and Neal are in a battle of wits like we’ve never seen them before. READ FULL STORY

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