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Welcome, Idolator

Damn you, Gawker media empire! Now we’ll have even less time to procrastinate be productive at work, since we’ll have to spend those valuable minutes each day reading your new music blog, Idolator. Okay, actually, we look forward to reading your witty prose (full disclosure: Idolator’s editor is longtime EW contributor Brian Raftery), your knowledgable MP3 recommendations, and your takedown of overrated tastemakers in the mainstream media and the blogosphere — including us. Bring it on, y’all.

'Rocky Balboa': The production vlog

92943__rocky_lFirst King Kong, now Rocky. Want to see Rocky Balboa take shape, literally? Sylvester Stallone has launched an online production video diary, a la kongisking.net, for his sixth Rocky movie. So far, rockybalboablog.com has just one entry, in which Stallone explains that he’ll be fighting real-life current light heavyweight champ Antonio Tarver in the film, and that he hired the currently active boxer for the sake of realism — or, as Tarver says in the clip, ”more danger than realism.” Watch til the end, though, and you’ll see that the 59-year-old Stallone really is still in top fighting form. Can’t wait for his next ab-tastic video post.

addCredit(“Rocky: AP”)

Ricky Gervais has a new podcast

153631__ricky_lCan’t get enough Ricky Gervais? Seen every episode of The Office and Extras? You’ll be able to get an additional Gervais fix for the next few weeks, thanks to England’s Guardian newspaper, which is hosting The Ricky Gervais Show, a series of 12 half-hour podcasts featuring funny chatter from Gervais and his pals. Available now is the first episode, where Gervais, writing/directing partner Stephen Merchant, and fellow funnyman Karl Pilkington have a hilariously frustrating (and occasionally profane) conversation about modern technology. ”I’ve never heard such drivel,” complains Gervais. Neither have I — though, as drivel goes, it’s pretty awesome.

addCredit(“Ricky Gervais: Fernando Leon/Retna”)

Army Archerd's gossip blog

He calls himself ”Hollywood’s Original Blogger,” though technically, he’s only been blogging since last week. Then again, Army Archerd’s blog, at armyarcherd.com, isn’t too different from the gossip column he wrote for Variety for 52 years, until just a couple months ago. If you want to know what Hollywood’s senior set is up to (Warren, Liz, et. al.), check it out.

Tom Green resurfaces, for a good cause

145428__tom_lExcept for a few glimpses onstage at the Toronto portion of Live 8, we haven’t seen much of Tom Green lately. According to the former MTV comic’s blog, he’s been writing, directing, and editing an indie documentary. He’s also joined with a handful of other celebs to post on Blog for Hope, an all-star blog created by Yahoo! and the American Cancer Society that invites its famous bloggers (including Green, Fran Drescher, Jill Eikenberry, Mary Hart, and Sam Donaldson) to share their experiences with cancer. Anyway, it’s nice to see Green burnishing his humanitarian credentials; in fact, he should probably win a Nobel Prize for not making a sequel to Freddy Got Fingered.

addCredit(“Tom Green: Robert Kenney/NewsCom”)

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