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Clip du jour: Robot head...dancing...to 'Mambo No. 5'

"A little bit of Twiki in my life, a little bit of freaky by my side…"

Site of the Day: The 99 Cent Chef

Pesto99cartichoke2Culinary goodness on a budget seems to be the passion of the 99 Cent Chef, who trawls the kitchens and groceries of Los Angeles in search of sub-dollar meals. His site is liberally seasoned with pictures and recipes: I’ve bookmarked his directions for Artichoke Pesto Over Ricotta Cavatelli Ravioli (which, obviously, will cost more than a buck to prepare). What’s the cheapest meal you’ve paid for in the last year?


Site of the Day: Studs Terkel - Conversations with America

StudsLouis "Studs" Terkel died yesterday, at the age of 96. He was, at various points in a long and colorful life: a would-be lawyer, a radio writer/actor, a deejay, a TV show host, and author. It was in this latter occupation that he would gain a reputation as America’s greatest listener: his brilliant oral histories — taken from interviews with people from every stratum of life — showed the hand of gifted and empathetic storyteller. I’ve read Working and The Good War: both are magnificent. On a website maintained by the Chicago Historical Society, you can listen to audio recordings (via RealPlayer) made during the course of his research. If you have a spare hour (or even 10 minutes), listen to a few of these remarkable documents: it’s the sound of America talking — as a wise and knowing man listens and nods.

Clip du jour: Could this really be a ghost?

I don’t believe in ghosts, but this footage — captured on a security camera in a London dungeon — almost makes me want to rethink my position. Look for some movement in the upper-right panel around the 0:43 mark. This is pretty scary stuff — those easily frightened should probably not watch. You’ve been warned. Oh — and Happy Halloween!

On the road with 'Office' stars

I was so charmed by this clip of Jenna Fischer gabbing with pregnant Angela Kinsey (from her "Adventures with Angela" vlog series on the official website for The Office), I had to share. In this installment, the costars hang out in a hotel room as Fischer recalls her NYC runway debut in a charity fashion show, and they both try to figure out the Heidi Klum supermodel strut:

Not only does this footage remind me how painfully long it’s been since The Office has been on the air (remember, it’s back April 10!), but it’s an entertaining glimpse into the friendship between two actresses who so convincingly portray nemeses (for non-Office fans, Fischer plays receptionist Pam and Kinsey plays accountant Angela). In fact, the video makes me miss one of my favorite shows and my favorite girlfriends. I’m planning a June vacation with a close group of friends right now, and I actually think these down-to-earth chicks would fit right in with us. Although we don’t glam it up with lip gloss when we’re just hanging out, and there are more bottles around. But you know what I mean.

In the past, we’ve asked which famous men or women you PopWatchers would genuinely like to date, and now that it’s that Spring Break time of year, let’s dish about this: Which TV stars do you think you’d have the most fun going on vacation with, and where?

Tobias Fünke Alert: The 'Mr. Show' stars reunite

Mrshow_lAs if rumors of an Arrested Development movie weren’t a thrilling enough prospect, there’s more potential comedic brilliance on the horizon: The stars of the 1995-98 HBO comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David — Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (pictured) — are reuniting for a new TV project. Cross has announced on the pair’s joint website (alert: NSFW language) that this May, now that the pilot they wrote has been picked up, the duo will begin shooting their new HBO series. Reportedly, it’s titled David’s Situation and will be produced in a sitcom format, including "ad breaks" (which they’ll write and shoot themselves, presumably with — because otherwise what’s the point, right? — their trademark warped humor.) In his post, Cross also says each episode will shoot in front of an audience of about 150, and he emphasizes how excited he and Odenkirk are to work together again, declaring, "it’s really strong and important to the health of America."

Who else agrees? Who thinks these two can recapture the magic with their new Situation? I’d love to hear from Mr. Show fans out there in PopWatch land. Tell me the funniest character (or scene) you remember, and I’ll tell you one of mine — it’s David Cross’ jaunty night janitor, who shuffles onto Mr. Show about two and half minutes into this clip, which you can watch after the jump.


Ricky Gervais blogs the production of his new movie

Rickygervais_lCan’t get enough Ricky Gervais? The Office and Extras guru is currently busy prepping his debut as a feature film co-writer/co-director (with Matt Robinson), a movie called This Side of the Truth. It’s a comedy about a world where no one has ever told a falsehood, until Gervais’ character discovers lying and uses this new tactic to woo Jennifer Garner’s character. (Also in the film: comic all-stars Christopher Guest, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Hodgman.) Gervais is also blogging the production here, complete with video and audio clips. (Some of these have some NSFW language.) Worth checking out, just to see Gervais and Robinson attack their assistant with Nerf guns, or to hear a lengthy guest appearance from Karl Pilkington, the monkey-loving savant from Gervais’ podcasts. Minutes of fun!

addCredit(“Ricky Gervais: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic”)

Snap judgment: NBC's 'quarterlife'

Quarterlife_lWant to watch someone use her computer on TV (pictured)? You’re in luck! The very first web-to-TV series, NBC’s quarterlife revolves around an angsty 20-something blogger who can’t stop confessing her deepest, darkest s— online and posting incriminating videos of her good friends. She has to do it, because she’s always honest, and that’s just how she is. Writers are like that, why can’t you deal? Here’s why I can’t deal: People, even writers, are NOT REALLY LIKE THAT. You probably have no idea what I’m talking about because only 3.8 million people watched the show, but the main character, Honest Dylan, would be blown off the face of the planet if she existed in real life. Nothing about her "blog" (hello: vlog! no written content!) was realistic, particularly the notion that anyone would want to read watch it. Why was I getting so angry about this?!?! I couldn’t help but wonder!

I think this is why. Aside from Honest Dylan’s tendencies to plant her face an inch away from the camera (I like to keep a distance of at least 10 feet) and wear multiple layers including ugly sweatshirts to the office (I am always fashion-forward. Ha! Yeah right!)… statistics-wise, I practically am an alternate version of Dylan. We’re the same age. We both have a blog. We’re both editorial underlings at a magazine (though mine is way better, suck it, Dylan!). We both eat Cheetos with the bag upside down and think it’s really quirky and cute to do so, even — no, make that especially — if no one else is around. Ask either one of us and we’ll tell you: We are quite simply the greatest things ever. That’s a fine and relatively innocuous thing to think, occasionally. But watching this on-screen embodiment of the 21st Century Blogger? Excruciating. Basic math: If Dylan disgusts Annie, and Annie is like Dylan (at least on paper — or in cyberspace!), then by the transitive property, ANNIE DISGUSTS HERSELF. As Dylan points out, "We blog to exist, therefore we are idiots." Bingo.

Thanks, quarterlife.

P.S. I’m obviously going to keep watching. Someone has to. Next week: A video PopWatch featuring special guest, the freeze-dried ice cream that’s been on my desk for eight months!

P.P.S. Um, hi, Winona Ryder in Reality Bites — THAT WAS NOT IRONIC.

P.P.P.S. But this post sure was, huh?

P.P.P.P.S. Love me! Love me!


Did any of you tune in? Or had you seen this online before NBC picked it up? It’s all about "the ‘Net" these days.

Perez Hilton: Record label honcho?

Perezhilton_lAccording to the New York Times, Perez Hilton, a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira, the man who has made photoshopping squiggly boogers and drool marks on hapless celebrity heads into a cultural touchstone, is now set to become a highly-paid A&R rep with his own imprint for Warner Bros Records. "The talks are preliminary," says the Times, quoting unnamed sources close to the negotiations, "and an agreement is not certain, but Mr. Lavandeira could receive $100,000 a year as an advance against 50 percent of any profits generated by artists he discovers and releases through Warner Bros."

With an estimated 2.8 million visitors per month, perezhilton.com is undeniably a platform of influence. But is this just one more example of the music-industry’s current desperation? While Lavendeira appears to be a genuine music fan and even, at times, an admirably early adopter, especially for European artists, the bulk of his power lies in the size of his readership, not his crystal-ball ability to anoint unsigned artists.


David Mamet: Political blogger

David_mamet_blogs_l_2If, like me, you’re depressed by the already-bitter presidential campaigning in both parties ("A choice of cancer or polio," as the Rolling Stones once sang; bonus points to the first PW-er who can name that tune without looking it up on the Internet), David Mamet may have a tonic for you. His new political satire, November, opens this Friday on Broadway, with Nathan Lane starring as a hacky president facing a tough re-election bid. To promote the show, Mamet has been blogging in character as President Charles H.P. Smith, casually dropping extremist pronouncements about various issues of the day. (He’ll continue doing so for the duration of the play’s run.)

I have to say, Mamet’s parodic political proclamations aren’t making me laugh as much as they should, perhaps because I spend far too much time reading political blogs, and I’ve seen stuff out there that’s far more outrageous than anything Mamet has dreamed up here. (It’s really hard for political satire to outdistance reality, though Mamet did pull it off with startling prescience in the screenplay he co-wrote for Wag the Dog.) Still, we have to take political laughs where we can find them these days, especially with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert trying not to peeve the Writers Guild by coming up with actual jokes. Besides, it’s nice to read something from Mamet that isn’t NSFW. Read for yourselves, PW-ers, and decide if Mamet’s satirical jabs are timely and hilarous or stale and tame.

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