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'Lost' ephemera is awesome

The best part about Lost being back is all the wonderful other stuff that goes with it. Well, that’s the second-best part. The best part is overhearing people badly explain their theories to each other. Tell me more about “brown-haired lady” and “time bombs,” guy who was talking on the subway!

Anyway, today came with lots of Lost treats, like the 10 kinds of cupcakes we tweeted about earlier. Or this intriguing video from Jorge “Hurley” Garcia’s blog:

Or this, from [Eff] Yeah, Lost: READ FULL STORY

Are you playing along with Facebook doppelganger week?

Many, many Facebook users have been changing their profile photos to pictures of celebrities they claim to resemble as part of “doppelganger week,” which has been going on for, oh, two weeks now. Ostensibly, it’s the celeb other people tell you you look like, but I find it tough to believe that this many women are constantly being told they look like Zooey Deschanel.

Like everyone else, I tried to see what celeb My Heritage’s face recognition software would match me up with. Glasses on? Philip Seymour Hoffman. Glasses off? Helena Christensen! Time for me to get contacts, I guess.

Okay, PopWatchers: Sloth from Goonies, Gary Coleman’s mug shot, Marguerite Perrin, The rapidly decaying head from Last Crusade — I’m so torn. Who have you picked as your doppelganger?

Image credit: Everett Collection

'Selleck Waterfall Sandwich': Our new favorite website (for the next 90 seconds anyway)

When people find out I’m an entertainment journalist — and not a rogueish, 19th century ship’s captain, as I like to claim — they usually ask one of three questions: “Is George Clooney as nice as he seems?,” “Are Brad and Angelina really splitting up?,” and “Where can I find photographs of Tom Selleck, a waterfall, and a sandwich?” Until today my answers were always the same: “Yes,” “Couldn’t care less,” and “I’m calling the cops.” But now lovers of moustachioed actors, falling water, and tasty bread-based foodstuffs — and crude Photoshopping — can turn those frowns upside down thanks to the accurately-named website Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of purposefully odd and hipster-ish site that seems specifically designed to attract the attention of blogs such as PopWatch in the hope that enough publicity will lead to a book deal for whomever is responsible. But it’s still worth 90 seconds of your time — and I found the site’s child-sung theme song to be almost as strangely haunting as its lyrics (“Selleck, waterfall, sandwich/Selleck, waterfall, sandwich…”) are predictable.

Anyway, check it out, and tell us what you think.

Site of the day: Waffleizer

Mmmm, waffles. The new and drool-inducing Waffleizer vows to answer the question “will it waffle?,” and so far, that answer is yes. More specifically: hell yes. Burgers? Yes. Potatoes? Yes. Batter made from other waffles? Oh yes. Let the craze begin.

Waffleizer’s Dan Shumski tells EW in an e-mail that his interest in the world of latticed foodstuffs is long-standing, but the real spark hit a few months ago. “I saw a recipe for waffled French toast. I made that and it was great. But when I thought about it, it seemed sort of obvious. I mean, why hadn’t I thought of that?” And thus, a blog was born.

Upcoming posts will cover Korean food, Indian food, and soul food, and nothing is safe from the delicious grips of the grid-inducing iron: Shumski says he’ll waffleize “anything that [is] legal and potentially delicious.”

I’m drooling, PopWatchers.What do you want to see get waffled next?

Site of the day: 'Why The Face' Comcast

Meme alert! Crazy Comcast descriptions are the new hotness! And the brand-new WTF Comcast tumblr has some true gems. These cracked me up.

Por ejemplo, Child Play: “A kid’s doll becomes possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Most likely that serial killer’s soul would have rather possessed a Rottweiler or a wolverine, but there you go.”

Or this description of Seventh Sign: “The Signs of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation seem to be coming to pass. A young woman (Demi Moore) thinks they’re real and her unborn child is in peril. Honey, if it’s the Apocalypse, we’re al in peril, okay?” Heh.

How long before this gets turned into a snarky point-of-purchase book at Urban Outfitters? I say a few months, PopWatchers.

Site of the day: Boozecats

Sometimes the simplest concepts are the best. Like replacing alcohol with cats. Boozecats is a collection of photos in which cups, cans, bottles, kegs, you name it are simply edited out and replaced by adorable kitties.

According to the site’s about page, the project was inspired by its founders’ realization that “every one of our pictures has beer in it somewhere.” (Facebook generation, this is true.) These artistic attempts to blot out our hooch-happy photo sessions are nothing short of The Next Big Meme. Yay!

Who’s loving Boozecats along with me, PopWatchers?

Chris Sligh disses 'American Idol' alums: I die inside.

Oh, Chris Sligh. I remember when you first graced my TV screen way back in 2007, a breath of fresh air amongst a crop of season six Idol lookers like Haley Scarnato. Oh, how silly you were, bouncing into that Idol audition room in Birmingham like an ever-huggable Teletubby, spouting off funny-isms like, “[I want] to make David Hasselhoff cry.”

But now, Chris Sligh, you’re making me cry. And not in a good way. This past Saturday, you took to your blog to give season 8’s top ten Idols some advice following their final tour date. And though you make some valid points throughout your rant (and yes, I will qualify it as a rant), most of your blog post just reeks of arrogance and negativity. So let’s take a look, and refute — and support when necessary — some of your points, shall we? READ FULL STORY

Generate your own Kanye apology!

Okay, so I’m sick of this whole Kanye-Taylor Swift thing too. But before I shut up for good about it, I have to share my new favorite game: The Kanye Apology Generator. Thanks to this nifty Mad Libs-esque site, you can create your own tailor-made Kanye apology, complete with all-caps and enough exclamation points to put teenage girls everywhere to shame. Want an example? Here’s an excerpt from mine: “I’M SORRY TO MY FRIENDS AT LEHMAN BROTHERS. I WILL APOLOGIZE TO CHRISTOPHER WALKEN 2MRW. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!!!! EVERYBODY WANNA BOOOOO ME BUT I’M A FAN OF HORSES!!! YOU KNOW!!! BOOOOYAAAWWWWW!!!!!! BLING I GAVE MY STREET LIGHT TO LFO WHEN THEY DESERVED IT … THAT’S WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!”

What can I say besides, BEYOWW!! I LOVE THIS GENERATOR!! Play along, PopWatchers, and post your results in the comments!

Texts From Last Night as a sitcom: OMG LOL?


Fox has hired Big Bang Theory writer Steve Holland to turn the awesomely raunchy and baffling site Texts from Last Night [lots of NSFW language] into a half-hour comedy series. According to Variety, “Holland will loosely base the show’s characters and plot on the whole idea of racy — and sometimes embarrassing — communication, particularly among the twentysomething set.”

Most of the TFLN contain foul language, mentions of drugs, alcohol abuse, and (often adventurous) sexual situations, so cable seems like a better fit to me. But there’s no reason a TV show about twetnysomethings who like to drink and exchange body fluids couldn’t be a hit. Who can top such strange lines as “Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever”? Or He looks like Jesus, if Jesus had let himself go”? I’m still crossing my fingers for a show that turns Overheard in New York (or its brethren) into short animated films, a la Creature Comforts.

PopWatchers, this seems like a loose connection at best to me, which is why I’m vaguely optimistic: I love TFLN, and I like a good old fashion goofy, shenanigan-filled sitcom. Do you share my enthusiasm, or does site-to-show sound like a bad move?

Site of the day: Twipcomics

twips-shalit_lThere are plenty of high-laaarious tweeters out there (my faves: Fireland and [Shizz] My Dad Says), but Twipcomics makes it even more fun: Cartoonist and illustrator Greg Williams draws adorable comics to match the witticisms. Synergy, you guys.

I like this trailmix recipe, this one about basically being a Nick Hornby character, and this one about sleazy talking cucumbers. [Via Urlesque]

PopWatchers, what are your favorite silly Twitter streams?

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