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New 'Walking Dead' webisode series 'The Oath' is out now, and it's a prequel

As far as I can tell, Greg Nicotero does pretty much damn near everything on The Walking Dead. He executive produces, he directs, he heads up the incredible zombie make-up team, he even acts from time to time as one of the walkers. Like I said — everything. And for the third straight year, he also has found time in his busy schedule to direct a series of webisodes leading into the season (which premieres Oct. 13). Well, those newest webisodes —titled The Oath — were just released and you can watch them right here and right now! Mythology buffs will be happy to know that, like the first season webisodes titled Torn Apart (which told the tragic origin story of Bicycle Girl), this new batch also brings viewers back to events right after the outbreak, which leads to the revisiting of a very iconic setting from the pilot episode of the series. READ FULL STORY

Joan Rivers snuggles up with Sarah Silverman on her new web series -- VIDEO

“I was told that you died like 10 years ago and that you’re totally animatronic,” Sarah Silverman joked on the debut of Joan Rivers’ new web series In Bed With Joan. “I don’t know who’s working this but it’s amazing! I’m right up close and it looks real.”

Silverman instantly got comfortable for the interview, snuggling under the covers. “I want the full mommy experience,” she confessed.

Expect some great talk about writing jokes, but Silverman isn’t quite sure Rivers’ show is going to work out. When Rivers asked Silverman if she was depressed, she responded, without missing a beat, “I’m depressed seeing this set. I’m depressed seeing where my hero is at. That’s depressing. I’m no longer like really dreaming about a future.”

Watch the full 25-minute webisode below:  READ FULL STORY

'Dr. Horrible' hits TV tonight -- will you sing along?

There’s a soundtrack. There’s a Blu-ray. There’s a book. There’s a comic. There’s merch galore. And, of course, there’s the original miniseries itself, which can still be viewed at any time — for free — on YouTube and various other evil websites.

Yes, Dr. Horrible seems to have conquered nearly every medium. But somehow, television has eluded his grasp… until tonight, that is.

Four years after its creation, Joss Whedon’s beloved, WGA-strike inspired web curiosity Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is coming to network TV.  READ FULL STORY

A gay 'Sex and the City'? New web series 'Hunting Season' tackles sex lives of gay New Yorkers -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP


It was bound to happen sooner or later: An update of Sex and the City that delves into the sexual exploits of gay New Yorkers. The new web series Hunting Season features a group of friends, many of whom are gay, as they navigate their love and sex lives in New York City. It’s based on the blog “The Great Cock Hunt,” which from 2005 to 2008 chronicled the love life of hot gay stud “Alex.” The site was followed up with a novel in 2008 about Alex’s college days. In Hunting Season, Alex is played by actor Ben Baur, who has appeared on Nip/Tuck and Happily Divorced.

Check out the EW exclusive clip below. It’s the opening two minutes of the first episode — a rare mostly-SFW segment of the show, which otherwise promises the same level of skin-bearing as its HBO-series inspiration (yes, that means full-frontal nudity). READ FULL STORY

Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee': Larry David likes his tea, dammit! -- VIDEO

Hollywood types and TV observers are fond of bemoaning that there’s no such thing anymore as a Seinfeld-style megahit — the culture has become far too fractured for 35 million people to agree to tune into anything on network television at the same time (save events like the Oscars and the Super Bowl). But watching the first episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s new web series on Crackle Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, I began to spin a highly speculative What If in my head: Had Seinfeld wanted to make Seinfeld in 2012 instead of 1990, would he have made 22-minute episodes for TV? Or 13-minute episodes for the Web?

Given how much fun he seems to be having here, and how much fun I had watching it, I suspect it would’ve been the latter. CICGC‘s first episode features Seinfeld picking up his Seinfeld co-conspirator Larry David in a 1952 azure blue Volkswagen Bug, and taking him out for coffee and breakfast at the Los Angeles diner John O’Groats. To a light, jazzy underscore, the two old friends proceed to dither and debate over day-to-day minutiae like the contemplative power of cigars over cigarettes, the freeing quality of boxer briefs over standard briefs, and David’s fastidious dietary philosophy. They occasionally graze past weightier topics — David reveals that his decision to stop drinking coffee helped lead to his divorce — but for the most part, the episode feels like Seinfeld boiled down to its essential spirit: Highly entertaining talk about the trivialities of life, with no silly “plot” to get in the way. David pretty much says as much to Seinfeld at the end of their meal: “You’ve finally made a show about nothing.”

Check out the full episode below:  READ FULL STORY

Tom Hanks' dystopian web series debuts on Yahoo

Creating content exclusively for the web is a growing area for mega TV and film personalities — just this week Larry King launched an online news network and Jerry Seinfeld‘s web series is also coming soon — but the latest to join in the interactive content game is Tom Hanks, whose new animated web series, Electric City, premiered on Yahoo! Screen Tuesday.

The series is set in a seemingly peaceful but troubled city, a settlement that has sprung up in the aftermath of a series of ecological and human-caused disasters. Hanks, who also wrote the series, voices Cleveland Carr, a mysterious man of mixed morals, in the dystopian city where there are two ways to access news and information: newspapers and radio, both easily controlled by the powers that be.

“The theme that drives the plot of every episode is ‘Who’s gonna control the information?’” Hanks explained to a group of reporters via conference call. “And are those people gonna be benevolent and tell the truth, or are they going to be proactively lying in order to promote their own agenda? That’s Electric City in a nutshell.” READ FULL STORY

'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee': Seinfeld taking Monk's Cafe on the road?


There was a time, at the beginning of Seinfeld‘s run, that the show was dismissed for being about nothing. (To their credit, the show’s writers ran with that criticism, building an entire arc around the idea.) For Jerry Seinfeld’s next project, though, he’s flirting with similar existential nothingness. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a web series that will run on Crackle beginning on July 19. In it, Seinfeld drives his funny friends around in fancy cars. To get coffee.

Check out which of his famous friends are coming along for the ride: READ FULL STORY

'Step by Step' vet Christine Lakin talks new series 'Lovin' Lakin' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


More than 20 years after starring as wisecracking Al Lambert on TGIF sitcom Step by Step, Christine Lakin is back. Well, to be fair, she never left. She’s done everything from acting in teen comedies to choreographing for True Blood. Though she never lived the “washed-up child star” cliché, she’s ready to poke a little fun at it — and herself — with  Lovin’ Lakin, a mockumentary-style web series not unlike The Office or Matt LeBlanc’s Episodes.

Lakin plays a version of herself: A 30-something actress poised to make a comeback — or so she thinks. Everyone around her (including Kristen Bell, Step by Step dad Patrick Duffy, and Kristin Chenoweth, and Seth MacFarlane, to name a few) sees Lakin the character a little differently. “Lakin is egotistical, flighty, and totally un-self-aware,” the actress tells EW. “She’s kind of like this lovable Michael Scott type — he thinks he’s so great, but everybody [else] knows he’s the biggest idiot around.”

Below, watch a preview for Lovin’ Lakin, then see who inspired Lakin’s on-screen persona, which ’90s icons she hopes to book if the series gets a second season (hint: ThighMasters will be mandatory), and how she felt when she saw her TV dad in a towel in those (literally) steamy Dallas ads. READ FULL STORY

Missing 'Girls'? Four great web series about new college grads

Now that college has so kindly kicked you to the curb with nothing more than a piece of paper and a host of embarrassing photo tags — and since the first season of Girls ended on Sunday — you may be wondering what’s next. You’re in luck — the Internet has a few suggestions. Whether you’re freshly matriculated or just waxing nostalgic about those self-obsessed university days, these web series are a great summer binge — perfect to watch until you get a job or Girls starts up again. Whichever comes first.

Your Dad’s Friends
Richard Kind (Spin City) and Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) lend their star power to writer Aaron Eisenberg’s biting comedy about the difficulty of parent-driven networking. At his father’s insistence, aspiring Hollywoodite Ben Hurwitz takes meetings with his dad’s industry friends, who turn out to be all sorts of awful…considering that said “well-connected” dad is a dentist.


'Between Two Ferns' goes big time: Zach Galifianakis jousts with Tina Fey and Jon Stewart

For fans of Between Two Ferns, the hilarious bite-sized webisodes in which a passive-aggressive version of Zach Galifianakis awkwardly interviews quickly chagrined celebrities, the promise of a full-length television episode threatened to be almost too much of a good thing. Would Comedy Central, which aired the special last night before The Comedy Awards, ruin the low-rent vibe of the show by throwing millions of Viacom dollars at the funnyman? And could the show hold up over the course of a half hour, rather than the quick four-minute hits that have so delighted you during your lunch break.

Have no fear, Ferners. Though Galifianakis sported a tuxedo and a new high-rise set, and modeled the show after one of Oprah or Barbara Walters’ pre-Oscar specials to celebrate “entertainment’s biggest night, the second annual Comedy Awards,” Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York was as antagonistic and hilarious as ever. Watch the clip of his interview with “absentee mother” Tina Fey below, as well as bits of his time with Jon Stewart and Sir Richard Branson: READ FULL STORY

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