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In honor of Cheer Up Keanu Day, here are seven reasons we're grateful for Keanu Reeves

keanu-reeves-sadYesterday was Flag Day, the one day of the year dedicated to Americans celebrating their national colors, but today, June 15, is actually a much more important holiday: Cheer Up Keanu Day. After a paparazzi image of a forlorn-looking Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench and eating lunch made its circuit through the magically arbitrary world of Internet Meme-land, someone started up a Facebook event called “Cheer Up Keanu Day,” urging fans of the actor to send him “letters, emails, gifts, and any other niceties and kind words” to let him know just how much he means to them. As of this post, there are over 14,000 confirmed participants. In the succinct words of Keanu, “Whoa.” READ FULL STORY

Site of the day: Everything Tracy Jordan said on '30 Rock' season 4

Tracy-MorganImage Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBCThere is no new episode of 30 Rock tonight (we still miss you Kenneth!), but thanks to Aaron Cohen at Unlikely Words, you can relive some of the best Tracy Jordan moments from this season with Everything Tracy Jordan Said Season 4. Cohen wants you to know he didn’t just scan a 30 Rock script into his computer, but rather confronted the daunting task of re-watching every episode “just for you” (nice work if you can get it?). Unlikely Words has also honored other quotable characters, like Sawyer, Hurley and Locke from Lost, as well as the despicable yet dapper Don Draper from Mad Men.

Without context, some of these aren’t as funny as they are onscreen, and the blog includes EVERY Tracy quote per episode (even the likes of “Hey, Ken.”), but it’s fun to relive those moments that had us crying with laughter or asking ourselves the question: “Do you want to hold hands with a black billionaire?” To some, Tracy Jordan may be silly, over the top, or borderline offensive, but come on, he bit into a burrito and there was a child’s shoe in it! He once saw a baby give another baby a tattoo! (They were very drunk!) And this is only the beginning — wait until he gets his EGOT.

NSFW simply because it will lead you down a Hulu/IMDB rabbit hole so deep (did you know Dot Com was in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?!), it will eliminate any chance at productivity for the day. Will reliving Tracy’s best lines hold you over until the new 30 Rock season? What’s you favorite line from Tracy Jordan? Who else deserves the Unlikely Words treatment?

Sh- My Kids Ruined: A blog with a familiar name but a whole new bag of hilarity

It was only a matter of time before the popular, profane, and gut-busting Twitter account Sh–MyDadSays would become a victim of imitation, and today, we came across a Tumblr blog that hopes to capitalize on that Twitter feed.

Sh– My Kids Ruined lets people from across the world vent their frustrations about the woes of parenting, namely how all your stuff gets ruined once you have kids.

From broken car windshields (with the hilarious caption, “Holiday in France in now totally ruined”) to rooms so messy it makes me think the apocalypse is near, I’m going reaffirm the site’s tagline that it’s “the strongest visual birth control on the market today.” When and if I do have kids, I’m not going to cry if my children destroy my expensive shoes — shame on me for making them so accessible — but I will have to go “strangle my anxiety pillow” (as Jenna said on last week’s 30 Rock) if I have to come home to this.

But after going through the various by-products of mass child destruction, I wouldn’t call Sh– My Kids Ruined a copy of Sh–MyDadSays. It’s more like half Sh–MyDadSays and half FMyLife for the beleaguered parents of the world. I imagine parents will love this Tumblr for the sheer “That’s so my life!” factor, and if you’re like me, it’ll be a hilarious reminder to grasp, appreciate, and celebrate your life of fewer responsibilities — and still-intact prized possessions.

What do you guys think of the blog? How does it play out for the non-parents out there?

'Ferris Bueller' hits Twitter

Ferris-Bueller-Twitter_300.jpg Image Credit: Everett Collection In an incredible act of digital performance art guaranteed to make you laugh/cry with nostalgia, someone has adopted the name “Ferris Bueller” on Twitter, and is currently re-enacting the entirety of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in tweet form. (Sample tweet: “to mr. abe frohman, i sincerely apologize for taking your reservation. i’ll be sure to pick up some of your sausages if it’s any consolation”) The whole day is playing out on Foursquare, too.

It’s currently 4:26 Chicago time. Ferris and friends. We feel a spontaneous urge to sing and dance…

White Castle's burger-scented candle dazzles, disgusts

white-castle-candleIn honor of National Cheeseburger Month, White Castle has released a $10 burger-scented candle. Much like sweat beads fly forth from Cathy’s head, beads of vomit are flying out of my head at the mere thought of a White Castle-scented candle.

I wrote a whole little list of pop culture burgers, but it just detracted from the fact that you can buy a burger-scented candle, the proceeds of which go to autism research.

The world can be really big and confusing sometimes, PopWatchers. Just when I think I’ve seen everything, and that culture is just slowly ingesting and excreting itself in an endless cycle of deterioration, something strange — even strangely awful — comes along, and this fabulous jolt of imagination shakes me to my core. I guess we are still reaching out to touch the face of God. Or…whatever. Way to go, you disgusting, disgusting candle!

Cupcake cannon: A tragic, colorful waste of perfectly good cupcakes

If you’re battling the Monday post-lunch blahs, perhaps this video of people being shot in the face with cupcakes will shake you from your mounting somnolence. It’s sort of like Homer’s makeup gun, but less accurate, more steam-punky, and with lots and lots of icing: READ FULL STORY

Clip du jour: George Costanza, tragic hero

I have long held that George Costanza is the most tragic character in contemporary American art. Perhaps now, thanks to this recut of Seinfeld into a tragic/heartwarming movie, more people will agree with me: READ FULL STORY

Welcome to the Unicorn Meme Club, Serenading Unicorn

Serenading-unicorn.jpgI’m a little late to the Serenading Unicorn party [warning: makes noise], but okay, you win, Juicy Fruit: This website is indeed extremely weird. Does this make me want to chew Juicy Fruit? It does not, because that gum tastes like diabetic coma breath, but I am still willing to welcome it into the hallowed ground of Viral Unicorn Nonsense. Other members include…

++ Planet Unicorn, haaaaay

++ Drugged-up “unicorn” girl

++ The amazing Robot Unicorn Attack game [again, makes noise]

++ A substantial chunk of the Lisa Frank oeuvre

Okay, PopWatchers, which Internet-Famous Unicorn did I forget? [via]

Clip du jour: 'The P-P-Platypus Song' is the weirdest/best ever

Everything about this video is weird, and I kept expecting something really creepy to happen, which I guess says more about me than the puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-platypus. That sound you hear is the entire world saying “whaaaaa?” as they watch this: READ FULL STORY

'The Onion' tearing its way through television. I'm so happy, I could cry.

the-onion-logoYou know how when you walk down the street, nearly every corner you pass has a one of those newspaper canisters full with copies of The Onion? Well, the newspaper will soon be popping up all over your television as well. Just weeks after IFC announced it had picked up a half-hour comedy series based on the satiric newspaper, Comedy Central gave a 10-episode series order to the scripted pilot Onion Sports Network. Looks like The Onion has plenty of layers to go around!

I’m fully in support of The Onion‘s television domination, and not only because I was a proud subject of one of the newspaper’s pieces. (No, not this one. This one.) And I say it’s about time — the newspaper’s website has been uploading content as funny as anything on the Web or currently on television. (Yeah. I said it, SNL.) Come on — admit it: This is pretty genius. And so is this. And this. And this

Who else is stoked about The Onion‘s foray into television?

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