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'7 Minutes in Heaven' with Kristen Wiig: Watch!

In the great tradition of “find the most awkward place to do an interview” comes the new web series, 7 Minutes in Heaven, in which host Mike O’Brien (a Saturday Night Live writer) chats with a celebrity in a closet. The series debuted simultaneously today on YouTube, Hulu, and NBC.com, and for the next few weeks, we’ll get a new episode every Friday.

Kristen Wiig’s turn in the closet is a must-watch. Not only do we get to hear how she was injured on The Joe Schmo Show, we get to see her do “closet theater,” and pretend she and O’Brien are looking for her favorite dress (which he has sold for drugs). Other interviews online today include Elijah Wood (who talks about being a breast man and reads from a fake Hobbit script) and Andy Cohen (who shares a story about the first time he got drunk, took off his boxers to vomit in them, and tossed them out the window). Watch all three interviews below. And yes, each episode ends with O’Brien trying to kiss the person.  READ FULL STORY

Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa and Fabio go 'Mano a Mano'

Yesterday, Fabio challenged old Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa to an Internet duel — appropriately named, “Mano a Mano in el Baño” — to determine who is the ultimate Old Spice Guy. After single-handedly resolving the NFL lockdown (or so he claims), Mustafa accepted. As of noon today, the dueling beefcakes have been puffing out their formidable chests in an attempt to one-up each other on the brand’s YouTube channel. Click through to see the full promo for this very special ad-vent and read the highlights so far. READ FULL STORY

Google+: Google's new social network. Be afraid, Facebook.


Yesterday, I felt like a freshman in college again. Not because I started re-watching the second season of The O.C. (OMG Marissa’s chair throw!), but because I joined a new social network. But this time around, the network didn’t involve the words “face” or “book.” (Or “Zuckerberg” or “Friend” or even “a billion dollars.”) Instead, it was Google+, the search engine’s latest answer to Facebook.

You may recall Google trying out Buzz a year ago, a program that enabled users to post updates similar to Facebook. Unfortunately, that seemingly nifty idea turned out to be an uninspired one, and the program died a less dignified death than Friendster. But Google+ is a far more logical competitor to Facebook — with a set-up that’s very similar to our favorite online distraction, Google+ allows users to scroll through friends’ profiles, post status updates, and comment on friends’ pictures and postings.

So what makes it different — and more of a draw — than Facebook? READ FULL STORY

Comedy podcasts are booming. What are some of your favorites?

These are heady times to be a comedy nerd with an Internet connection. The past couple of years have seen an explosion of comedy podcasts, and in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (on stands June 24), we profile the man behind one of the best and most-buzzed-about ones out there: stand-up comedian Marc Maron, whose twice-weekly podcast, WTF, features fascinating and often astonishingly raw and intimate conversations with some of the biggest names in comedy (including Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and Amy Poehler, among many others) — nearly all of them done in Maron’s cluttered garage in Los Angeles. And WTF is just the tip of a very large iceberg. The fact is, there are so many comedy podcasts now, comedians could spend virtually all of their time just bouncing between them. “It’s like the new comedy circuit,” Patton Oswalt (who frequently shows up as a guest on his friends’ comedy podcasts and really ought to start his own) tells EW. If you’re a newbie to the podcasting universe, here are a few of the biggest and best out there: READ FULL STORY

Rita Wilson named Editor-at-Large of 'Huff/Post 40.' Yes, that Rita Wilson.

Rita Wilson is getting into the website game this August with the launch of  the baby boomer site “Huff/Post 40.” Arianna Huffington announced today that Wilson, a longtime contributor to Harper’s Bazaar, has been named Editor-at-Large and will oversee the vision and direction of the new site. That’s not an honorary title: Wilson named the site, will hire its editor and team, and assign features and videos.

“Issues related to being over forty have always intrigued me,” Wilson says in a press release. “My mom and dad always used to say, ‘life begins at forty.’ The idea that we boomers are somehow supposed to wind things down as we get older has completely escaped me. The Over 40s I have met are some of the most interesting, vibrant, curious, courageous, sexy, energetic people I know. Exploring the minds and hearts of this group of people is exciting. It’s never too late to mix things up, change your life, to get to what you really should be doing — or want to be doing. As Mark Twain said, ‘Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.’ I can’t wait to get started.”

What do you think? She should have no problem getting guest columnists.

Inside the mind of will.i.am -- and his and Fergie's Barbie and the Rockers connection

If you’ve ever wondered about will.i.am’s creative process, a new four-part web series premiering today on Lexus’ LStudio.com has some interesting answers. For The Sessions Project: will.i.am, the Black Eyes Peas’ frontman and producer was interviewed by photographer Norman Seeff, who directs the web series that will be reshaped into an hour-long special on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network later this year. A new episode will premiere on LStudio every Tuesday for the next three weeks. Here’s what we learned from fairly fascinating episode 1, which you can also watch hereREAD FULL STORY

Facebook traffic is down. Do you have Facebook fatigue?

You objected when Facebook added the News Feed. But you still returned to see if your ex was still in a relationship. You protested when Facebook added hyperlinks to all of your interests. But you still logged on to check out your friend’s wedding photo album. You revolted every single time Facebook decided to launch a slight redesign. But you still came back to comment on your friend’s picture of her cat in a pirate costume. (Just me? Okay.) But, now, all of a sudden, it looks like Facebook users have slapped the social networking site with a big “Dislike.” According to Inside Facebook, in the month of May alone, “membership” went down from 155.2 million to 149.4 million in the U.S., meaning almost 6 million users decided to not utilize the social networking site throughout the month. May 2011, in fact, marks the first time Facebook has lost users in the U.S.

So what kept you from using Facebook this month? Do you have Facebook fatigue? READ FULL STORY

Netflix users fly into a blind rage at new interface; company stands by the change

Anybody else log in to Netflix this week and notice something was amiss? The site unveiled a new interface with a focus on instant streaming, an update which did away with sortable lists and instead showcases larger title images and a new click-less way of viewing movie options. If you’re like me, the biggest change is that your personalized ratings are no longer immediately viewable. (You want me to hover my mouse over this icon for 1.5 seconds before I can see how much I’ll like this movie? Unacceptable.)

If you’re not crazy about the new interface, you’re not alone. When the change occurred on Wednesday, Netflix’s director of product management Michael Spiegelman posted a short explanation on the site’s blog. As of today, over 1,950 Netflixers, mostly angry ones, have responded online. While some say they appreciate the change, many others have called out the update as “God-awfully hideous,” “bulky and awkward,” “totally horrible,” and “jarring,” among other choice adjectives. One user, Eric, commented, “I like the look and feel but the mouse delay to add to your queue is extremely unintuitive.”  Some users have even threatened to cancel their subscription if the old interface is not brought back. READ FULL STORY

Steven Spielberg talks about 'Jaws' -- the greatest summer movie ever made

When Steven Spielberg’s Jaws hit theaters back on June 20, 1975, the modern-day summer movie was born. One of the first films ever to be widely released on a large number of screens across the country on a single day, Spielberg’s sea-faring saga redefined what it meant to be a blockbuster. On top of all of that, Jaws also happened to be a rollicking, enjoyable, and insanely scary movie, mixing popcorn thrills and the kind of character development you tend to only see in Oscar-bait prestige films. In a new interview about Jaws with Ain’t It Cool News, Spielberg talked about his nerve-wracking months on the fictional Amity Island (actually Martha’s Vineyard), how he gathered his cast, and Robert Shaw’s infamous U.S.S. Indianapolis scene (oh, and a few words for the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom haters out there — hint: blame George Lucas). Here are some of the more excerptable excerpts. READ FULL STORY

'Parks and Rec' fans: Expand your Tom Haverford vocab with items like moo pies (burgers) and leaf piles (salads)

Last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation provided us with a lot of wonderful moments, from Ron and Chris’ cook-off (plain burger always wins) to Leslie and Ben’s sweet moment on the bench in front of their favorite mural. But there was no single moment greater than Tom Haverford’s explanation of his other words for things. I’ve watched the segment more times than I should admit and have legitimately started using his totally insane expressions.

For example, in Tom’s world, air conditioners are “cool blasterz” (yes, with a ‘z’), chicken parm is “chickie chickie parm parm,” forks are “food rakes,” and most brilliantly, eggs are “pre-birds” or “future birds.”

Thankfully, the Internet has bestowed us with TomHaverfoods.com, a simple, but genius little site that provides us with new, totally random Tom-isms matched up with Aziz Ansari’s priceless expressions (you can practically hear him saying these things as you click through.)

New Tom definitions that must immediately be integrating into our national lexicon, not to mention all of our restaurant menus:  READ FULL STORY

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