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Funny Or Die: If Urkel can be the star of an '80s sitcom, why not City Hall?

From the fateful first thumps of the bass drum to the saxophonic goodness that follows, FunnyOrDie has uploaded a hilarious spoof of ’80s sitcom intro credits. The stars? Buildings. Yep, that means City Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Austin “Clock” Tower, and the Space Needle, to name a few. With cheesy graphics and folks straight out of Wall Street central casting, it’s a sweet, nostalgic trifle that’s well worth its 40 seconds run time. See the spooflet below. READ FULL STORY

Many not merry over Denis Leary's 'Islamophobic' parody of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

Denis Leary released a radical Islamist parody of A Charlie Brown Christmas several years ago, but that hasn’t stopped several groups from taking issue with it now. Just days after the comedian reposted a video on his WhoSay site in which Charlie copes with his doubts about Christianity by converting to Islam and building a flawed bomb, several have condemned the video, claiming it encourages an Islamophobic attitude. (The video is from a nearly 7-year-old Comedy Central special.)

In the parody, Linus replaces his meaning of Christmas speech with one in which he claims the jihadist goal is to “bring terror” to its enemies. The video ends with the Peanuts crew helping Charlie build a nuclear bomb, which sends him and Linus to a hell filled with 72 Marcies. Though the video might sound familiar to Leary fans, sites like Islamophobia Watch have only recently stumbled upon it: “Just what the world needs,” Islamophobia Watch’s site reads. “A jaw-droppingly Islamophobic video has been posted by Irish-American comedian Denis Leary on WhoSay. Some years ago Leary took a firm stand against Mel Gibson’s antisemitism. But apparently crude anti-Muslim stereotyping is fine with Leary.” (Leary’s reps have yet to respond to EW’s request for comment.)

The video is also getting extra traction via Glenn Bleck’s TheBlaze.com. That site’s readers, however, don’t appear to be offended by the video. See it after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: The Year in Memes

After 2011, will the word “occupy” ever mean the same thing to you again? Can you ever deny the omnipotence of Ryan Gosling? (He’s a gentleman and a feminist scholar!) A Californian taxidermist and a Pop Tart-shaped cat with a catchy theme song suddenly had relevance, and everyday folks like you and me suddenly had a chance for a date with the likes of Justin Timberlake.

These are just a sampling of the most memorable memes to overtake the World Wide Web over the last 12 months. We’ve got one for every month. Check them out after the jump! READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: Viral video edition!

The first 10 years of the new millennium brought us Christian the LionAntoine Dodson, and some formerly floppy-haired Canadian kid you may have heard of named Justin Bieber, so how has the first year of this decade shaped up, virally speaking? Well, let’s see… hydrangeas were pronounced hateful (or, to be more accurate, loathsome), Beauty and the Beast got the West Hollywood treatment, a respected newsman collapsed into giggles over a Frenchman’s urine, a teen shot to stardom by serenading a day of the week, and… well, we could go on and on. Instead, we’ve posted all that’s fit to embed over the next several pages. Get ready to lay your emotions bare like the girl in this 2008 viral fave, then click through!


Cyber Monday: Does it fall into your pop culture calendar this week?

Is there any time when one suffers more from a case of the Mondays than the first Monday back after a long holiday weekend? Especially when said holiday weekend includes joyous activities like sleeping, eating, and desperately trying, in vain, to get “Mahna Mahna” out of your head after seeing The Muppets. Alas, we can rejoice, PopWatchers! For this is no ordinary soul-crushing Monday. Nay, it’s the unintentionally creepily named Cyber Monday. (Seriously, even typing the words “Cyber Monday” I keep half expecting Chris Hansen to pop up out of nowhere and give me a chance to explain myself.)

Just in case you hadn’t bought enough for your loved ones in a frenzied haze in the early morning hours of Black Friday (or, if you’re anything like me, accidentally bought more things for yourself, namely every season of Mad Men and a bath robe), Cyber Monday gives you the chance to shop some more. READ FULL STORY

Occupy UC Davis pepper-spray officer takes the 'net by storm -- and, yes, there's a 'Twilight' reference

Leave it to the Internet to boil everyday scandals down to a catchy meme! Enthusiastic Photoshoppers have taken a photo of UC Davis campus police lieutenant John Pike pepper spraying Occupy UC Davis protestors this past Friday and injected the unfriendly officer into great works of art from the Sistine Chapel to Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” — not to mention mocking up a Twilight riff and finding a way to shout out to Denver Broncos’ QB Tim Tebow.  READ FULL STORY

Behind Robert Downey Jr.'s tribute brainstorm: How do Mel Gibson and Charles Manson fit in? -- VIDEO

In a new video, Funny or Die video goes “behind the scenes” with Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx, and Garry Shandling as they gathered to toss around ideas for a Robert Downey Jr. tribute at last month’s 25th Annual American Cinematheque Award Ceremony. Foxx quickly highjacked the meeting, going off about Downey’s Oscar-nominated role in Tropic Thunder before offering a Downey impression complete with the actor’s trademark gesticulations. Along the way, Downey’s checkered past was addressed, Jodie Foster got a shout-out, and Gibson even offered a few winks at his beleaguered reputation with an “Oy vey!” and a throwaway line about RuPaul that’s worth the price of admission alone. Check out the full video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Occupy Wall Street shut down: Celebs tweet their reactions

Since the NYPD evacuated Zuccotti Park late last night, celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their frustration, affirm their politics, and offer encouragement to Occupy Wall Street protesters. Even funnyman Russell Brand offered a serious response to the news: “#OWS moved out of Liberty Park “because they’re blocking 1st responders”- here’s my 1st response ‘that’s bulls***.'” See what other celebs tweeted below. READ FULL STORY

Make 'em laugh: Our favorite celebrity crack-ups

In honor of EW’s Comedy issue (on newsstands now), we’ve put together a compilation of our favorite celebrity crack-ups. From Ryan Gosling’s giggle to Britney Spears’ snort, Natalie Portman’s adorkable Golden Globes guffaw, “serious newsman” Anderson Cooper’s show-stopping hysterics, and everything in between, we’ve hand-picked stars’ best funny haha moments. Check out the unexpected — and infectious — video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Take that, Occupy Wall Street! The top one percent shows up to the party

It’s about time someone has given the 1 percenters a chance to voice their opinions! In a new video from CollegeHumor, the chichi upper crusters demand to be heard. Chanting “What do we have? Lots of money! What do we want? The rest of it!” the burgeoning movement is taking hold in 99-percent strongholds like Detroit; Blanchard, Okla., and the Long John Silver’s off of Route 21. But the greatest testament to opulence was the luxuriant ‘do on the Richie Rich held up by shirtless peons who spits, “My butler’s butler had to fire his butler’s butler!” Trump would be proud. See the clip after the jump.  READ FULL STORY

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