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'Burning Love': Ken Marino shows off season 2, reveals season 3 theme -- EXCLUSIVE

After assembling a laugh-out-loud cast for the first season of his dating show parody Burning Love, Ken Marino set an ultra-high bar as he stepped behind the camera to produce the web series’ second season. But, as you can see from this exclusive cast shot, Marino has outdone himself. From Party Down cast mates to comic mainstays, the next set of suitors in this “loving homage” to The Bachelorette is chockablock with gut busters.

Below, Marino talks EW through season 2 with four exclusive pics, singles out some of the early favorites, and reveals the theme of season 3. Read on… READ FULL STORY

Wilson Bethel shakes that healthy butt, calls Flavor Flav a 'darling guy' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Time to get serious, PopWatchers. Please immediately tear yourself away from videos of kittens or Honey Boo Boo reciting Christopher Walken lines or your latest ridiculata fix because Hart of Dixie heartthrob Wilson Bethel is bringing the bananas. In this EW exclusive, Bethel is premiering the music video for his new web comedy Stupid Hype. This loving homage to the early ’90s falls right in the center of the Venn diagram of “Ice, Ice Baby,” “Baby Got Back,” and every other awesome thing from the heyday of Hypercolor and high-rise jeans. Behold below!


Happy birthday, 'Little Nemo'! Google celebrates with dream-inspired doodle

Long before a movie about a certain cartoon clownfish hit theaters, pop culture’s most famous kid named Nemo was the protagonist of Little Nemo in Slumberland. Winsor McCay’s whimsical comic strip delighted early 20th-century newspaper readers for nine years, transcending its humble setting and influencing a generation of artists — including Maurice Sendak and Alan Moore. Though Little Nemo has inspired operas, films, and even a video game, none of its adaptations have been as celebrated as the original comic. READ FULL STORY

Find the 'murder houses' in your neighborhood, courtesy of 'American Horror Story'

The home where American Horror Story‘s first season was set — Los Angeles’s Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion, a six-bedroom beast that also features a ballroom and Tiffany stained glass — hasn’t really been the site of numerous ghastly murders. It is, however, just a 20 minute drive from the Beverly Hills home where Erik and Lyle Menendez shot and killed both their parents in 1989, 25 minutes from the site of the Wonderland Murders, and 25 more minutes from the spot where silent film star Ramon Novarro was savagely beaten and left to die by two male prostitutes.

How do I know all this? Thank American Horror Story‘s new “Murder Houses in Your Area” web site, which allows users to discover the grisly killings that took place in their own neighborhoods. Simply plug in an address, and the site will quickly generate a map of murder houses near you.


'Step by Step' vet Christine Lakin talks new series 'Lovin' Lakin' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


More than 20 years after starring as wisecracking Al Lambert on TGIF sitcom Step by Step, Christine Lakin is back. Well, to be fair, she never left. She’s done everything from acting in teen comedies to choreographing for True Blood. Though she never lived the “washed-up child star” cliché, she’s ready to poke a little fun at it — and herself — with  Lovin’ Lakin, a mockumentary-style web series not unlike The Office or Matt LeBlanc’s Episodes.

Lakin plays a version of herself: A 30-something actress poised to make a comeback — or so she thinks. Everyone around her (including Kristen Bell, Step by Step dad Patrick Duffy, and Kristin Chenoweth, and Seth MacFarlane, to name a few) sees Lakin the character a little differently. “Lakin is egotistical, flighty, and totally un-self-aware,” the actress tells EW. “She’s kind of like this lovable Michael Scott type — he thinks he’s so great, but everybody [else] knows he’s the biggest idiot around.”

Below, watch a preview for Lovin’ Lakin, then see who inspired Lakin’s on-screen persona, which ’90s icons she hopes to book if the series gets a second season (hint: ThighMasters will be mandatory), and how she felt when she saw her TV dad in a towel in those (literally) steamy Dallas ads. READ FULL STORY

'Burning Love': 'Friends' don't make good (rose) lovers -- VIDEO


If you’re not blinded by Ken Jeong’s nether regions within the first few minutes of the latest episode of Yahoo! Screen’s Burning Love, make sure to stick around for the… most… shocking… elimination ceremony yet. Much to everyone’s surprise, including caddish leading man Mark Orlando (Ken Marino), one of the “ladies” sent packing was hot-bodied Friends alum Jennifer Aniston. Unfortunately, her famous figure was covered up by a panda suit. Big risk, big reward? Not so much. See who else Mark dismissed below. READ FULL STORY

Jon Hamm assures teenage girls that it's okay to fart -- VIDEO

Teenage girls, please don’t take advice from Don Draper. He’ll tell you to drink and smoke constantly, disappear for weeks at a time, and lie to everyone about everything; that may have worked for a powerful man in the ’60s, but you’ll probably be less successful if you embrace Don’s philosophy now. (Also, that whole ethos isn’t really working for Draper himself anymore, either.)

However, you can and should take advice from Jon Hamm. The Mad Men star recently followed in Paul Rudd’s footsteps by making an “Ask a Grown Man” video for Rookie — and it’s chock-full of expert guidance. Check it out below to see the dapper dude urge girls to embrace their personal style, wait longer than three weeks to do it with a fellow teen, and fart with abandon. Viva la Hamm!


'Burning Love': Ken Marino previews his new dating show parody -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Photo credit: Robyn Von Swank

Given the line-up for the upcoming dating show parody Burning Love, I’m pretty sure it’s mathematically impossible that the web series won’t leave you clutching your sides from laughter. Along with star Ken Marino — of Wanderlust, Wet Hot American Summer, and “I wanna dip my balls in it!” fame — and producer/star Ben Stiller, the show features Michael Ian Black, Adam Scott, Ken Jeong, Kerri Kenney, Party Down‘s Ryan Hansen, Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, and even a former Bachelor himself: Jake Pavelka.

All that’s without mentioning Burning Love‘s unabashed skewering of all the tropes that make shows like The Bachelor a guilty pleasure. Well, PopWatchers, abandon your guilt as Marino offers EW an exclusive preview and explains the origins of Love.


Molly Ringwald talks 'Breakfast Club' and drinking Kristen Stewart's blood in hilarious Reddit interview

Newsflash: ’80s icon Molly Ringwald is still cool. Like, really cool. The Secret Life of the American Teenager star just did an “Ask Me Anything” interview on social news site/intense Internet community Reddit, and by all accounts, it was a smashing success. Over the course of a few hours, Ringwald shared anecdotes from her John Hughes-directed heyday, proved she knows a thing or two about the site’s unique memes, and poked fun at Woody Harrelson, whose own AMA interview went disastrously wrong this past February.

Ringwald doesn’t have a project to promote; Secret Life is in the middle of its fourth season, and though she’s working on a jazz album, it won’t be released until next spring. Maybe that’s why she was so loose and funny on Reddit. Here, for example, is how she responded when a user asked about her famous Breakfast Club lipstick trick:


Ken you believe it? Ukrainian woman possibly tranforms into real-life Barbie

Looks like one very motivated Ukrainian woman has beat Nicki Minaj to the punch in becoming a real-life Barbie. Or has she? After a Facebook page popped up for impossibly doll-like Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, 21, the Internet is abuzz with questions of whether she is a real girl or simply a plaything for avid Photoshoppers.

It’s hard to judge based on Lukyanova’s beyond-tiny waist and kewpie-on-acid-sized eyes. That her Facebook page was only started four days ago and has swiftly been flooded with perfectly manicured images does reek of a better looking Catfish. Regardless, Lukyanova’s popularity is growing by the minute (at time of press, she had more than 21,000 “Likes”). Either way, sorry Paris Hilton and Top Model‘s Allison Harvard, you’ve been replaced.


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