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Ylvis' 'The Fox' cover: Ohio University marching band knows what the fox says -- VIDEO

Ylvis’ “The Fox” is hitting all the viral-video milestones. First, it’s racked up nearly 30 million views on YouTube. Now, it’s been covered — in epic, choreographed fashion — by a college marching band.

The Ohio University band performed a John Philip Sousa-approved version of the jokey EDM song during halftime on Saturday, even setting down their instruments and busting a move in the middle. Watch the foxy footage below:

Jon Hamm hosts ESPN's ESPYs tonight. Do you care?

The ESPY Awards are, by definition, a weird thing. Why hand athletes trophies that commemorate Excellence in Sports Performance? Don’t those athletes already get trophies for their excellent sports performances by… winning games?

That said, even those who don’t understand the show’s existence may find their interest piqued by this year’s host: Jon Hamm, modern-day renaissance man extraordinaire. His SNL appearances have made us laugh; his Mad Men performance has made us think; his car commercial voiceovers have made us listen in spite of ourselves; his pants have made us widen our eyes in amazement. We love him so much that we’d watch him read the phone book, provided phone books still existed.

But is all that enough to get legions of people who don’t care about sports — who take pride, in fact, in how little they care about sports — to pay attention tonight?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote 2,700 words about why he loves 'Real Housewives'

NBA all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar isn’t a big fan of HBO’s Girls, a “white ghetto” of a show filled with unappealing protagonists (“We’re supposed to find these girls somehow charming because of their flawed characters,” he wrote in February.) But in a new Huffington Post column, Abdul-Jabbar reveals that another group of (mostly) white, self-involved, fatally ignorant televised characters has indeed stolen his heart: The ladies of Bravo’s Real Housewives, a franchise the athlete lauds as “the best social insight into the American psyche since Huck Finn and Jim explored the soul of America on a raft of lost innocence.”

And that’s not even Abdul-Jabbar’s most hyperbolic analogy.  READ FULL STORY

Jackie Robinson biopic '42' gets high praise from Michelle Obama

We’ve all heard friends, film critics, and advertisements in one way or another, tell us, “You need to see this movie!” But how often does that kind of endorsement come from the White House? Well, it did today, when First Lady Michelle Obama talked about the film 42, which follows the story of Jackie Robinson becoming the first African-American to play in Major League Baseballbefore a crowd of 80 students gathered in the State Dining Room at the White House for a film workshop.

President Barack Obama and the First Lady saw the biopic this weekend at a White House screening. Their two daughters were away, but Michelle Obama said that “they are definitely going to watch this movie.” And her children aren’t the only people she recommends the film to: “We think that everybody in this country needs to watch this movie,” she said. “We walked away from that just visibly, physically moved by the experience of the movie, of the story.” READ FULL STORY

The future of U.S./North Korean relations rests on Dennis Rodman's shoulders. Seriously.

Razzie-winning bridal gown aficionado Dennis Rodman isn’t just one of the most colorful characters of the 1990s — apparently, he’s also America’s last hope for a decent diplomatic relationship with North Korea.

I’ll pause to let that sink in.

The retired basketball player is currently in Pyongyang with a group of Harlem Globetrotters and a documentary film crew. The athletes are planning to spend four to five days in the North Korean capital, putting on a few basketball exhibitions and perhaps even meeting North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un — a noted basketball fan who spent hours as a kid making “meticulous pencil drawings of Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan.” His father, the late Kim Jong-il, was also obsessed with the Bulls in the ’90s. (Totalitarian dictators: They’re just like us!) READ FULL STORY

Clueless news anchor to Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah: 'Haven't you run before?' -- VIDEO

And this is why you always do a quick Wikipedia scan before interviewing someone on live television.

New Orleans news anchor LaTonya Norton briefly spoke with runner Mo Farah yesterday after he slayed the competition in that city’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, blazing through the 13.1-mile course in a record 61 minutes. After offering her congratulations, Norton asked Farah, “Now, haven’t you run before?” — apparently ignorant of the fact that the British-Somali track and field star won a pair of gold medals in London during last year’s Olympics.

To his credit, Farah took the whole thing in stride. Rather than calling out Norton on her mistake, he said only that he’s done half-marathons before — just not in New Orleans. And the word “Olympics” never comes up once in the whole two-minute segment. Watch his and Norton’s awkward exchange below.


Super Bowl drives 24 million tweets, easily surpassing last year's game

The night the lights went out in Louisiana, keyboards around the globe kept buzzing — clacking out nearly twice as many tweets about the big game and its halftime show as last year. This isn’t a huge surprise, considering that last night’s football championship may have been the most-watched in TV history; still, the sheer deficit between 2012 and 2013′s tweet totals is pretty remarkable.

According to Twitter’s own blog, users sent more than 24 million micro-messages over the course of last night’s Super Bowl. That dwarfs last year’s total of 13.7 million tweets. In fact, says Twitter, that number had already been surpassed by the beginning of the game’s second half.

Sunday’s tweet-a-palooza was driven to further heights by that 33-minute power outage, which gave spectators at home and in the Superdome no choice but to amuse themselves with the glow of their smartphones. The blackout drew 231,500 tweets per minute, making it by far the most-tweeted moments of the game. Savvy marketing teams also took it as an opportunity to promote their own products in a cheeky way:


Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd team up for Samsung's Super Bowl commercial -- VIDEO

Actually, that headline is sort of misleading. Though the following video is a teaser for ads that’ll play during a certain Big Game, Rogen and Rudd discover in it that they can’t actually use any copyrighted terms — meaning that “Super Bowl” itself, as well as the names of the teams playing, are out. Luckily, Breaking Bad‘s Bob Odenkirk is there to guide them over this hurdle. (That’s why you always call Saul). Check out the “next big thing” below:


Star of MTV's 'Catfish' weighs in on Manti Te'o fake girlfriend scandal

Before yesterday afternoon, Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o was famous for playing through an amazing season despite facing a set of personal tragedies. Now Te’o is infamous — thanks to a Deadspin investigation that revealed his beloved, cancer-stricken girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, to be the product of an elaborate hoax.

As of today, it’s unclear whether Te’o was duped by an online prankster, as he claims in this statement, or actively collaborated with Kekua’s creator in order to drum up publicity for his 2012 Heisman campaign. (Te’o ended up as the runner-up for that award.)

Either way, the story is the biggest thing to hit the world of college football — and perhaps even sports more generally — in quite some time.  READ FULL STORY

Especially cool Google Doodle celebrates ice master Frank Zamboni

google-doodleIce to meet you, new Google Doodle!

Today, the search giant is celebrating the 112th birthday of one Frank Zamboni, the guy who invented the ice resurfacing machine that bears his name. The timing for this one couldn’t be better — coincidentally, Frank’s birthday this year comes just three days before the NHL’s delayed 2012-2013 season is finally scheduled to begin following a 113-day labor lockout.

And while the Doodle clearly has nothing to do with the upcoming Michael Shannon film Iceman, I would like to think that it finally gives the emotional Zamboni driver from Happy Gilmore his due: READ FULL STORY

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