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Bomb squad called when video game PR stunt goes wrong


New open-world action game Watch Dogs has the distinction of being the fastest-selling game in Ubisoft’s history. It’s also likely to be the video game publisher’s only title to be associated with a real-life bomb scare.

In a creative, yet ill-advised attempt to drum up publicity for the game, released Tuesday, Ubisoft sent promotional copies to select media outlets. A reporter at one of those companies, Australian online publication Ninemsn, received a suspicious package on Wednesday — a black safe with a blacked-out note asking the recipient to “check their voicemail.”

According to Ninemsn’s account of the events, the reporter doesn’t use voicemail, but had received a hang-up call from an unfamiliar number the day before. When the editorial staff attempted to open the safe, it began beeping. Calls were placed to other newsrooms to see if they had received similar packages; they hadn’t, and the cops were called.

The floor where the package was sent was evacuated and the staff sent home. A police rescue unit scanned the safe, took it to the basement, and forced it open, revealing a copy of Watch Dogs inside. READ FULL STORY

'Watch Dogs' review: The most anticipated game of 2014 is... a pretty good shooter


Watch Dogs is okay. It’s set in Chicago, represented as an open-world dystopic Ameritropolis. Watch Dogs‘ Chicago is boring compared to Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos, but it feels accurately boring, its banality an actual choice. The GTA games are all atmosphere — what the marketing team would term “attitude”– and so every street corner of every GTA feels like the infrastructural analogue of a poster you put on your wall freshman year. Watch Dogs is the plain white wall behind that poster: Muted colors, murky characters, a vigilante known only as “The Vigilante.” The central plot is an incoherence: You’re a hacker activist anarchist superhero fighting the mob and the government and the big corporation and all criminals everywhere. READ FULL STORY

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