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'Super 8' footage reminds me there are live-action movies starring kids that I can relate to


Last night, Paramount and director J.J. Abrams presented a 20-minute sneak peek at two scenes from Super 8 to a small audience in New York. They were centered around moments we’ve all seen in the trailer: A group of 14-year-olds (including Elle Fanning and newcomer Joel Courtney, pictured) shooting their own Super 8 movie by the railroad tracks when a train derails and an unseen “thing” escapes, and that “thing” starts terrorizing a gas station attendant. Abrams asked writers not to spoil anything, so we won’t talk specifics. But I think it’s fair to discuss the conversations being had as we all filed out of the theater. READ FULL STORY

Letterman tries to guilt Katie Couric into staying with 'CBS Evening News'

With Katie Couric’s contract with CBS Evening News due to expire June 4, rumors are again circulating that Couric may choose to leave the anchor desk. And David Letterman is having none of it. During a Late Show appearance Tuesday night, Couric told Letterman she is still figuring out what she wants to do. “Once you take the anchor chair, that’s what you do,” Letterman said. “Is that a CBS law?” Couric laughed. “No, but it’s not like it’s a temp gig.” Evoking names like Walter Cronkite and Peter Jennings, he said anchors, “get in it, they saddle up and they ride into the sunset. Into the sunset!” He told her flat-out she should not leave. “There’s a period of adjustment to get accustomed to the trust and build up faith in the character of the person presenting the news. And then you can’t just pull the rug out from under the viewers.”

“Okay,” Couric said sheepishly. “Okay, Dave.” Then they both laughed.

A rep for CBS Evening News had no comment on when the network expects a decision from Couric. Couric’s personal rep tells EW, “As Katie said, she is proud of the award-winning accomplishments of her team at CBS, but has not made a decision on her future.” When rumors circulated last October that Couric may leave CBS, 24 percent of readers responding to a PopWatch poll on her next move said she should stay with CBS Evening News, 19 percent suggested she return to Today, and 57 percent said she should do something entirely different.  READ FULL STORY

'Franklin & Bash' promos: Looks like TNT knows comedy, too

Get ready, viewers of TNT who do not fast-forward through commercials: Tomorrow, the network begins airing promos for Franklin & Bash, its new “buddy lawyer series” starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer premiering June 1. Judging from the first round of spots (watch a few below, catch more at weretotallylawyers.com), Gosselaar and Meyer have solid chemistry. We particularly enjoy when Gosselaar giggles after Meyer says “stipulated.” Also, it appears producers took our advice to keep Gosselaar’s hair short, even if he and Meyer begin the show as fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants street lawyers (who join a button-down law firm with an eccentric patriarch played by Malcolm McDowell). Gosselaar’s character, Peter Bash, is said to have a knack for connecting with jury and judge, so we assume he’s the heart of the show. Meyer’s character, Jared Franklin, meanwhile, loves sticking it to authority every chance he gets and apparently makes a killer margarita.

It’ll be interesting to see how much comedy there actually is in the series, which started out as a TBS pilot, and, if it goes the way of the returning Rizzoli & Isles or the canceled Trust Me. Because of our history with Gosselaar here at PopWatch HQ, we hope it’s the former. After watching this behind-the-scenes video and discovering their man cave not only has a bar but also a “shot station,” we are optimistic. READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter' finale featurette: Stop. Hurting. Hogwarts.

I remember the first time I read quotes from the Harry Potter trio talking about the destruction we’ll see in the saga’s final installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2. Because I teared up. Maybe it’s because I’ve been preparing myself to watch Harry’s walk through the forest without my turning into a blubbering fool in public that now, seeing Hogwarts under fire actually hits me harder than any tease of that scene. I suppose it could also be because Hogwarts represents all that is good in the Potter realm, as well as the best of imagination and wonder in ours. Watch the new featurette, with tons of action sequences below.  READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' promo: Yay, summer TV!

Maybe it’s because most of my regular shows are in repeats this month or there’s new scoop about season 4 of True Blood, but I’m starting to look forward to summer TV. Lifetime is, too, with a new promo for Drop Dead Diva‘s third season, which premieres in June. Watch it here. There’s no new footage, it’s just a nice recap of season 2 for those who missed it and a reminder of how much blood Grayson (Jackson Hurst) lost at the end of the season 2 finale for those who were too busy screaming at their TVs to fully notice.  READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter' set tour open to muggles in 2012

Dumbledore-officeImage Credit: Kevin KolczynskiPerhaps this will pacify Brits who were upset that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter landed in Orlando. Starting in Spring 2012, London will be home to a three-hour walking tour of sets (as well as costumes, animatronics, props and effects) used in the filming of the eight Harry Potter films. Tickets for the “Warner Bros. Studio Tour London — The Making of Harry Potter” at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, the production home of Harry Potter for over a decade, will go on sale later this year. Check out www.wbstudiotour.co.uk for updates. The Great Hall and Dumbledore’s office will definitely be included on the tour, with many more sets still to be announced. What are your must-haves? Is it weird that the first thing that came to my mind was the prefects’ bathroom?

Read more:
A preview of Harry Potter attractions
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'30 Rock': Breaking up and breaking bad

30-Rock-baby-Double-EdgedImage Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCIn two very different situations, both Jack and Liz had their relationships put to the ultimate test. Could they both survive the double-edged sword of dating versions of themselves? Keep reading to find out!

Jack and Avery headed off to Canada for one last rendezvous before their baby arrived. Unfortunately, Baby D had other plans, and decided to make her debut early. READ FULL STORY

'Bones' proposal episode: How screwed is Hannah?

Bones-613Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FoxDespite Bones producers (and writers) repeatedly telling us how much Brennan likes Booth’s girlfriend Hannah — which means we should, too — a large portion of the audience has never warmed to the character. That makes tonight’s episode, in which Booth and Sweets decide in the opening booze-filled scene to propose to each of their girlfriends, particularly interesting. Assuming Booth does end up popping the question, Hannah will be damned if she says “I do” and, perhaps, damned if she doesn’t. (Why wouldn’t she want to marry our Seeley?) How do you hope this plays out? And how do you think this plays out?  READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife': What's going to happen next week between Alicia and Will?

good-wifeImage Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/CBSIt’s taken me awhile to warm to Alicia’s brother on The Good Wife, but now that the promo for the Feb. 15 episode has shown him encouraging her to talk to Will about her feelings (and that second voicemail he left her), he’s my new best friend. I was already on a good TV-induced high from Will and Diane’s low-five last night after they tricked Derrick into firing some of his people, but when the promo embedded below started — “for this wife the waiting is finally over” — I almost passed out. How do you think that conversation, pictured, will play out? READ FULL STORY

Oscar promo: James Franco knows how to handle a wardrobe malfunction

The first on-air promo with Oscar hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway has arrived, and it shows the two of them “preparing for every possible Oscar emergency.” The highlight, obviously, is when he tackles her as she begins to have a wardrobe malfunction. Watch it below. Does it get you excited for their hosting gig? It did me. I’m curious what their playful energy will yield. And I’m suddenly hoping they continue the traditional bit of placing the host(s) in the Best Picture nominees. (Which would be easy for 127 Hours.) How would The Social Network have looked if Franco had starred in it? How would Black Swan have been different had it been Hathaway instead of Natalie Portman? I’m genuinely curious. I’d love to see them give us an actual taste of it before hitting us with the comedic twist. What’s your dream bit for these two now? If you need inspiration, here’s your full list of Oscar nominees. READ FULL STORY

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