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Guest blogger Joshua Malina: Top 7 reasons 'Sports Night' will never get 'Arrested Development'-style revival

Last night I signed into my primary news source and was made aware by multiple tweets that Arrested Development — Mitch Hurwitz’s groundbreakingly kick-ass comedy — was slated to return to the air after a five-year absence. I’m delighted at the prospect, though I take it all with a grain of salt. Announcements of the show’s return have now run longer than the original series. Still, here’s hoping it happens.

On the heels of the A.D. bombshell, folks have been tweeting me throughout the day asking when they can expect the return of Sports Night, Aaron Sorkin’s proto-dramedy about the hijinks, hilarity, and heartbreak that go on behind the scenes of a cable sports show. The answer — in brief — is “Never.” Don’t get me wrong. I’d sign up now. I mean what am I doing today? I’m writing this. Hell, I’d be open to discussing a second season of Big Shots, or a third episode of Imagine That. I’m not the problem, people. But I have aggregated some of the issues that prevent a Sports Night reunion. Herewith, the top 7 reasons it’ll never happen:  READ FULL STORY

Hurricane Irene: What will you be watching?

The most important thing during a Hurricane watch is keeping everyone safe. Of course. But even if it’s a distant second, keeping yourself entertained is also an issue. So, if you’re in the line of Hurricane Irene, how are you planning to pass the weekend indoors? It’s a difficult call for me: The basement of my eight-unit apartment building is definitely going to flood at some point, and my super has already let us know that when it does, he’ll have to turn off the power and keep it off until 24 hours after the water recedes. I was planning on hunkering down with my DVR/life partner Peter and some DVDs (and then actually having the time/motivation to read a book by flashlight when the power goes out), but now that I see my New Jersey town’s officials are suggesting folks in my area spend the weekend elsewhere if possible, I’m thinking I should pack my flashlight and wine (Phase One of my personal hurricane preparedness) and crash with a friend. But that means spending the weekend with her DVR and DVDs. READ FULL STORY

'Magic Mike': Who -- and what -- do you need to see in Channing Tatum's stripper movie?

I was just talking to a friend who has yet to hear about Magic Mike, and it occurred to me that there might actually be people who aren’t counting the days until it hits theaters. I do not understand these people. It’s a movie based on Channing Tatum’s early days as a stripper, in which he’ll star as the titular mentor to a younger dancer played by I Am Four‘s Alex Pettyfer. The cast also includes Matthew McConaughey (who’ll play a former stripper who now owns the club, called Xquisite), White Collar‘s Matt Bomer (as another employee), and True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello (as a character named Big Dick Richie). How are you not excited about this? If it’s good, great. If it’s bad, it’s Showgirls, and I’m roadtesting a VIP DVD edition. What’s the male stripper equivalent of the ”Pin the Pasties on the Showgirl” game? I can’t wait to find out.

The film, directed by Steven Soderbergh, starts shooting next month, which, fingers crossed, means we still have time for more casting announcements. (And ladies don’t count!) READ FULL STORY

Alec Baldwin won't run for NYC mayor in 2013, but will enroll in a master's program in politics in 2012

In an interview with The New York Times, Alec Baldwin opens up about his political ambitions. Due to his 30 Rock contract, which requires him to film through April 2012, he does not expect to run for mayor of New York City in 2013. Instead, he plans to enroll in a master’s program in politics and government in the fall of 2012 “to help me better understand what the fiscal imperatives of that job are,” he tells the Times. “What’s the reality of the city unions, of contracts, agreements, teachers, infrastructure, decentralizing, everything? And utilities, Con Ed, the M.T.A. — how does it all work?”

Baldwin says he doesn’t see voters holding his past scandals — a nasty divorce from Kim Basinger that played out in public with a leaked answering-machine message on which he’s heard calling his daughter, then 11, a “pig” — against him. Nor does he think his star status will impede voters from feeling connected to him. “There are people who make a lot of money who become rich people, and then there are people who make a lot of money, but they don’t think like rich people do,” he says. “No matter how much money they have, they are the same from their own upbringing. I would definitely put myself in the latter class.” READ FULL STORY

'Friends With Benefits' costar Bryan Greenberg: Movie premiere Dos and Don'ts

Tonight, Friends With Benefits holds its premiere in New York City, sponsored by AXE Shower. (How perfect is that?) We asked costar Bryan Greenberg (HBO’s How to Make It In America, October Road) — whose favorite of the AXE Fixers is the Shock shower gel — if he’s ever had a situation to rival AXE’s commercials. After laughing, he came up with one: “I have a female audience, so I’ve had glimpses of that. If I’m the Midwest in a mall, it could get a little hairy,” he says. “But nothing that I can’t handle. I appreciate it when fans are supportive, so it’s all good.”

We also asked him for tips on how to make it through a movie premiere. (Do eat beforehand and don’t wear a tie when it’s above 90 degrees are givens.)

– Don’t take a date. Tonight, he’ll be with his manager. “If you’re in the movie, your date isn’t gonna see much of you because you’re workin’ the room, people are talking to you, and you’re doing press. That’s an awful date to go on for the girl, I assume,” he says. “She’s like, ‘What about me?'” Parents and buddies are also acceptable.  READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter' ticket buyer's remorse: But then it will be over

Question: Has anyone else experienced Harry Potter ticket buyer’s remorse? Last night, when I ordered my Deathly Hallows — Part 2 tickets for tonight online, I wasn’t elated, like someone who’s been waiting for (and writing about) this movie for months should be. I was sad. Suddenly, the end of my Harry Potter movie experience had a time stamp. At 6:30 p.m. tonight, I stop living in a world where I have the Harry Potter finale to look forward to. By 9 p.m., I’ll know how I felt — and if I cried — watching Harry take that walk. I actually debated whether I should hold off on seeing the film a little longer. But even though I read the book (in one day, locked in my apartment, because I was spoilerphobic), I’m afraid of hearing details of the movie, so I’m going.

How did you feel after you bought your ticket? If you’ve already seen the movie, was a part of you sad when it was over? Or does the wonder not end when the credits roll?

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'Project Runway' season 9 designers unveiled for us to judge (based mostly on their headshots)

You better work! Lifetime has the 20 new designers for Project Runway season 9 up online, and it’s bothering me way more than it should that some of their Facebook “like” tallies are exponentially higher than the others. Is “Gunnar Deatherage” a) a real person and b) the most popular because he’s the only one wearing shades in his headshot? Should I be wearing my favorite big-ass mirrorball sunglasses while I blog? Should I start a campaign for everyone who reads this to log on and “like” Becky Ross right now? I’d feel so good about that, but also dishonest. She might be annoying. You guys. Facebook is crazy.

Fret not: In addition to their headshots and early popularity counts, Lifetime has home videos of the 20 designers and portfolios of their past work. My early standouts include Fallene Wells for design, Bryce Black for childhood overalls, and Joshua Christensen for potential to be a serial killer. What about you?

Annie on Twitter

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Emmy nominations announced Thursday: Which longshot are you rooting for most?

Emmy nominations will be announced Thursday morning at 8:35 a.m. ET. You can watch Mike & Molly‘s Melissa McCarthy and Fringe‘s Joshua Jackson do the honors on Emmys.com. Our critic Ken Tucker has posted both his predictions of who will be nominated, and his dream ballot of who should be nominated. For argument’s sake, let’s consider anything NOT on his predictions list a longshot. Which longshot are you rooting for most?

I’ve already emailed Ken to tell him that his predictions made me angry with the Academy and they haven’t even snubbed Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant yet. READ FULL STORY

Tony Bennett still has it. Who else?

The casual music fan who watched this season’s American Idol finale and saw Tony Bennett, who turns 85 next month, dueting with Haley Reinhart knows Bennett is still going strong, but you can’t really appreciate how amazing he sounds until you see him live. I caught a show recently, and he’s the first singer to ever make me tear up twice in the same song (“Maybe This Time”). After 60 years in the business, his voice is still powerful and he’s made holding a mic into an art form — he knows precisely how the distance from his mouth will affect not only the volume but the mood. I love it when he drops the mic by his side and the sound is faint, intimate, and pure.  READ FULL STORY

Update: Charlie Day, movie star, is happening. Help name his PopWatch category.

We’re starting to write about Charlie Day so often, it might be time for him to get his own PopWatch category. Feel free to nominate a name for it in the comments section. Like Skarsgard Your Loins, our reader-suggested category for Alexander Skarsagard, it should have his name in it somehow. Today’s news: Variety reports that the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star (and Going the Distance and Horrible Bosses scene-stealer) is in talks to join Guillermo del Toro’s alien invasion flick Pacific Rim. Per the trade, Day would play a professor, and the filmmakers, who have already tapped Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam, are looking to cast more rising talent. There’s no word on whether Day is the comic relief, but I’m hoping for a Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day-vibe. You?

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