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'Vampire Diaries' death(s) coming this season: Whose time is it? -- POLL!

Nina Dobrev called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning and said there will be more mourning in Mystic Falls. Asked if any of the main characters will die this season, she said, “Yes, they will. There will be multiple main characters…. At the moment there’s talk of at least one or two.”

Of course, nothing’s set in stone, but we know this show isn’t afraid to pull the trigger, so let’s take it to a vote below: Who is most likely to bite it in season 4? Who better live to see season 5? For argument’s sake, let’s say Elena, Stefan, Damon, and Caroline are safe, and let’s not worry about the characters we’re just getting to know (too low impact).  READ FULL STORY

Slogan revealed for 2014 Sochi Olympics: Hot.Cool.Yours.

To mark the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, being just 500 days away, the organizing committee has announced the Games’ slogan: Hot.Cool.Yours. While I personally envision this in large type on a poster featuring attractive male skiers sitting in an outdoor hot tub surrounded by snow-covered mountains as a light powder continues to fall, that’s not what was intended.

The press release explains it thusly: READ FULL STORY

What should Gabby Douglas do during her 'Vampire Diaries' cameo?

Olympic gold medalist gymnast Gabby Douglas is in Atlanta today on the set of her favorite show, The Vampire Diaries, shooting a cameo and allowing Ian Somerhalder to take a bite of her hardware (pictured). The small guest role is in season 4′s seventh episode, airing Nov. 29, EW has confirmed. But Gabby won’t be playing herself. So, what’s your dream scenario?

She could just be a face in the crowd at the Grill or Mystic Falls High (they do occasionally go to class!). Maybe she could be in Elena’s gym class when Elena realizes she has to tone down her vampire athletic abilities. Nina Dobrev is a former rhythmic gymnast, so they could have some fun together. Or perhaps Elena will watch Gabby’s character walk by with that sweet smile, so full of life, and mourn the loss of her innocence.

It would be awesome if Klaus (or Damon, on a bender) drank from her, but that wouldn’t happen, right? What’s your pitch?

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'Covert Affairs': That Auggie/Annie moment you want to watch again -- VIDEO

The Auggie/Annie will-they-or-won’t-they continues to be smartly played by Covert Affairs. In the past, he’s the one who’s missed moments when the look on her face revealed the depth of her feelings for him because he’s blind. In last night’s episode, it was her tunnel vision when it came to bringing Lena to justice that made her incapable of seeing that Auggie’s realized he has feelings for her, too. Actually, strike that. Annie is a smart woman. I think she did understood what Auggie meant when he phoned her and begged her to leave Russia. Watch the clip below. READ FULL STORY

Spot Inspection: What TV show are you marathoning before Fall TV kicks in?

With the fall TV season on the horizon, chances are  you’re feeling under the gun to marathon a certain show. Either you want to be caught up by the time it starts its new season or, if it’s an older show, you simply want to finish it before you have to turn your attention to returning favorites and figuring out which new series warrant a season pass. Which show is it? READ FULL STORY

Watch 'The Mindy Project' sneak peek: Five Things to Like

As someone who considers herself stuck in the first half of a rom-com — as though my life is a DVD that refuses to skip over the damaged area so I never reach the montage where the positive changes happen that leads me to the happy ending — I am pretty much the target audience for Mindy Kaling’s new Fox comedy, The Mindy Project. You can watch the full Sept. 25 premiere below now, courtesy of Hulu. Kaling stars as Mindy, a single 31-year-old OB/GYN who’s always been obsessed with romantic comedies and has reached her own self-improvement montage — which, if all goes well, will obviously last for seasons. Here are five reasons I’m already a fan: READ FULL STORY

'Suits': An emotional twist, a rekindling of sexual tension, and Harvey about to punch Louis -- must be finale time!

If your DVR, like mine, cut off the promo for next week’s Suits season finale after last night’s episode, watch it in full below. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, do not watch that promo. MAJOR SPOILER. Let’s break it down. READ FULL STORY

'True Blood' predictor polls: What's gonna happen before the end of the season?

With two episodes left of True Blood‘s fifth season, we can’t wait to see how the many wars play out: vampire vs. human, vampire vs. fae, and V-drinking wolf vs. hot shirtless wolf (to name a few). Since we have no clue, really, we’re throwing it to you. Weigh in on the polls below.  READ FULL STORY

Michael Phelps for Shark Week 2013? Discovery would 'love' it.

After his final Olympic swim, Michael Phelps said his retirement plans include perfecting his golf game — which he’s since signed a deal to do on-camera with the help of Tiger Woods’ former swing coach Hank Haney for the Golf Channel reality series The Haney Project — and swimming with great white sharks in South Africa. If you were thinking Shark Week 2013, you weren’t the only one. “We’d love to get the two most powerful water superstars together,” Eileen O’Neill, group president of Discovery and TLC, tells EW. And there’s at least one veteran Shark Week filmmaker with an idea how to do it. READ FULL STORY

Olympics: Tim Daggett picks 10 women's gymnastics routines you don't want to miss

With the men’s gymnastics underway today in London, the women prepare to take center stage on Sunday. Tim Daggett, a member of the 1984 gold-medal winning men’s U.S. team who’s calling his sixth Olympics for NBC, recalls well Kerri Strug’s vault that clinched the team gold in 1996. “As soon as she landed, I knew she did something on her first vault. As she’s walking back, she’s shaking out her ankle. I’m thinking, ooh, this doesn’t look good. The most punishing thing on your ankle in gymnastics is vault. I remember thinking if there is a person in this arena that’s tough enough to run down and do that second vault, she’s it. And she was. I knew watching it this is an Olympic moment that will live forever.”

Which Olympic moments do you not want to miss in London? We asked Daggett to pick them. Sneak a peek below. READ FULL STORY

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