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'Space Oddity' done right: Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings Bowie's hit in actual Space Station -- VIDEO

In space, no one can hear you sing. Well, unless you record yourself singing there, then post that video on YouTube.

Case in point: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield‘s incredible, anti-gravity rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” an awesome song made even more awesome by the fact that this dude is actually singing it in space. The commander, who’s currently wrapping up a five-month stay in the International Space Station, uploaded the clip yesterday; it’s already racked up over 1 million views. READ FULL STORY

Funny or Die gives 'Game of Thrones' the sassy gay treatment -- NSFW VIDEO

Everyone is watching Game of Thrones. But are you watching Funny or Die’s recap series “Gay of Thrones”? Because it is fabulous. This week was a react to Sunday’s “The Climb,” here retold to feature mostly DSLs, and little baby Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend. “Gay of Thrones” is very offensive but very spot-on. Hey, Maggie Smith! This season of the HBO show is, like, dense with characters, chaos, and exposition. (It only gets chaos-ier.) The only way to keep track is with a recap that ignores anything that isn’t naked, bleeding, or literally on fire. Go watch it, rightnow.com


Jimmy Kimmel honors Charles Ramsey with fake trailer for History channel doc -- VIDEO

Charles Ramsey — the man who is simultaneously famous for eating a Big Mac, rescuing three women from a presumed decade in captivity, and giving television interviews like it was “an evening at the Apollo” — has already been fêted with an Autotuning, multiple talk show spotlights, and (now) an ad for a cable TV special, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel. As the late-night host explained, “A star has been born.” A star who says some “hilarious s—.”

Check out the deep-voiced voice-over treatment below.


Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey viral interview gets autotune treatment -- VIDEO


In a tough situation — in this case, the incredible rescue last night in Cleveland of Amanda Berry, Georgina “Gina” DeJesus and Michele Knight after a decade in captivity — it’s no wonder people are looking for bright spots. And the Internet has quickly decided that one giant bright spot is local hero and neighbor Charles Ramsey, who heard Berry’s cries for help and busted open a door to help get her out, then called 911. Ramsey’s high-energy (but NSFW) interview with a local news reporter recounting the incident quickly went viral (and continues to be a top trending topic on Twitter). Now — as is inevitable in this meme-tastic age — autotune song versions of the spirited Q&A are cropping up on YouTube.

Check out some of the remixes of the interview below. Gregory Brothers, we’re still waiting for your take. READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel drank (a lot!) during his Time 100 toast -- VIDEO

The Time 100 Gala is about celebrating influence, about honoring great achievements in the arts, in business, and in political and civic life. It is also, according to Jimmy Kimmel, about “having dinner with the people who buy ads in their [Time] magazine.” The late-night host said this, and a bunch else, amidst a 4-minute toast during the event. Lena Dunham (“the kid genius”) cheers off-screen. Besam Yousef gets some advice (“move”). Kimmel drinks — and drinks. Most people laugh, kind of. Kimmel’s tablemate Jimmy Fallon thinks the whole thing is hi-larious. It is! The wine looks delicious!


North Dakota anchorman fired for on-air profanity

There are bad first days at a new job and then there are days like the one news anchor A.J. Clemente had at KFYR-TV in Bismarck, N.D. on Sunday. Unaware that his mic was live and he was on-air, Clemente’s first broadcast words were “f—in’ sh–” while he practiced the difficult-to-pronounce name of the winner of the London Marathon. His obviously rattled co-anchor Van Tieu tried to cover, but alas, the poor guy was fired by the station.

“Unfortunately KFYRTV has decided to let me go. Thank you to them and everyone in ND for the opportunity and everyone for the support,” Clemente tweeted yesterday.

Video of the incident spread like wildfire yesterday online, so much so that last night’s top-10 list on The Late Show With David Letterman was “Top 10 Signs Your First Day As A News Anchor Didn’t Go Well.”

For his part, Clemente has maintained a sense of humor about his “rookie mistake” tweeting things like “I’m a free agent. Can’t help but laugh at myself and stay positive. Wish I didn’t trip over my ‘Freaking Shoes’ out of the gate” and, more recently, “Find #teamAJ a job.”

Relive the Ron Burgundy-esque, NSFW magic below. READ FULL STORY

Michael Cera directs and stars in 'Brazzaville Teen-ager' -- VIDEO

We were extremely curious to find out what kind of content YouTube’s new talent-driven channel JASH would produce with the combined brilliance of Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts. Even though a Michael Cera-directed short film adaptation of Bruce Jay Friedman’s 1966 story Brazzaville Teen-ager seems a bit out of the box, we’re kind of delighted that JASH is pushing the boundaries of what a comedy channel can be. It’s not just parodies and sketches.

Cera’s 19-minute treatment of the classic short tells the story of Gunther, a young man hoping to connect with his sick father. When his father’s condition worsens, he believes that if he does something embarrassing — namely, getting his boss to perform with a doo-wop group — his father might finally be warm and communicative. The short stars Cera, Charles Grodin (Beethoven), Jack O’Connell (Skins), and Kelis (“Milkshake”).  Check it out below.


Michael Shannon does dramatic reading of world's craziest sorority email -- NSFW VIDEO

First, a member of the Delta Gamma sorority wrote a very long, very angry, very profane email to her sisters. It was indescribably awesome — except that Funny or Die then took it and made it describably awesome by getting moody-eyed, Oscar-nominated actor Michael Shannon to read that email, in full, beneath a spotlight. The shadows and editing only emphasize how close the language is to Mamet-levels of gutter poetry. I cannot quote even a single line of what is said.


North Dakota anchorman channels Ron Burgundy... by dropping an f-bomb -- VIDEO

UPDATE (April 23): A.J. Clemente fired for on-air profanity

ORIGINAL POST: Who doesn’t love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning?

Newly-minted news anchor A.J. Clemente must have been excited about hosting the weekend news for KFYR-TV in Bismarck, N.D. for the very first time this Sunday. Unfortunately, his anticipation manifested in just about the worst way possible. Right before he first appeared on air, Clemente — apparently unaware that his mic was on — was practicing saying “Tsegaye Kebede” out loud.  The London Marathon winner‘s name proved difficult for Clemente to wrap his head around — which prompted the anchor to mutter “f—in’ sh–” to himself, rattling both his co-anchor Van Tieu and the fine, honest folk of the Peace Garden State.

Once he looked up and made eye contact with the camera, he muttered some words about being from West Virginia that hopefully sounded better to him in his head. Somewhere, the Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy is smiling.

Watch the blunder here, if you don’t mind both strong language and incredible, incredible awkwardness.


'Game of Thrones' theme played from university bell tower -- VIDEO

File this under Things That Are Awesome! (which we have). Lyle Anderson, who’s been the official carillonneur at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for almost 30 years, treated the campus to the Game of Thrones theme song. Watch the video, posted on the university’s YouTube channel today, below. The only thing it’s missing is a crowd cheering at the end.  READ FULL STORY

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