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'Breaking Bad' catchup: The entire series in 8 minutes -- VIDEO

Can’t quite remember the intricacies of Breaking Bad‘s first few seasons — or haven’t seen a single episode in the first place? (If so: What is wrong with you?! The second half of season 5 premieres on AMC in five days; that gives you plenty of time to watch the whole series, provided you don’t plan to go to work or sleep.)

Ahem. Anyway! If you’d like to brush up on your BrBa before Sunday’s midseason premiere, you can’t do much better than this video by the Fine Bros. — a whirlwind summary of the entire series’ plot thus far, complete with yellow hazmat suits, magnet gifs, flippant asides about dull subplots (“Who cares about Ted? GET BACK TO THE DRUG WARS!”), and an ever-increasing body count (RIP Emilio, and Krazy 8, and No-Doze, and Tuco, and Tortuga, and Combo…).

Bonus: Watch all the way through for a tighty-whitey cameo!

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn release women's health PSA -- VIDEO


Although the debate about healthcare in this country is far from a laughing matter, professional funny people David Cross and Amber Tamblyn (who are married in real life) managed to find the humor in a not-so-hilarious situation, all while making a¬†succinct point about the United States’ issues with reproductive care.

In a new spot, written by “concerned American citizens Amber and David Tamblyn,” “Gynotician” features Cross and Tamblyn portraying a “doctor” and a patient who needs some medical attention. Sadly, Cross may be wearing a white lab coat, but he’s actually a politician who has no idea what he’s talking about. Imagine that!

Check out the buzzy short below: READ FULL STORY

'Blurred Lines' + the theme from 'Growing Pains' = perfection

Don’t waste another minute on your crying — it’d be better spent listening to this awesome mashup, which matches the cheese-tastic vocals of Growing Pains‘s theme song with the groovy beat of Robin Thicke’s hit song “Blurred Lines.”

The singer, of course, is the son of Alan Thicke, who starred in Growing Pains as all-knowing psychiatrist Dr. Jason Seaver. His photoshopped image also stars in the mashup’s video; who knew Dr. S got so nasty in his free time?


'Taylor Swift' (or Billy Eichner) learns life isn't always 'Glitter and Ribs' -- VIDEO


Billy Eichner, host of Fuse’s hilarious pop culture trivia/takedown show Billy on the Street, has debuted the music video for the new “Taylor Swift” single “Glitter and Ribs” on Funny or Die. Watch it below. The song, which laments love found and lost at summer’s last barbecue, is also now available on iTunes. Eichner’s trademark frustration is a perfect match for Swift’s angst.

Rebecca Black does acoustic Miley Cyrus cover, actually sounds pretty great -- VIDEO

A song by viral video star Rebecca Black that won’t make your ears bleed? A song by viral video star Rebecca Black that is, in fact, supremely pleasant, well-sung, and catchy?

Well, now I’ve heard everything.

For real, though: Black has clearly come a long way from “Friday.” (Which makes sense, since it’s Tuesday.) Like her infamous first single, this gentle, acoustic cover of Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” — a duet between Black and “Jon D.,” her shaggy-haired guitar player — is a serious earworm. But unlike “Friday,” it’s the type of tune you won’t mind having in your head all day long… or all week… or all of 2011. Theoretically.


'Sorkinisms II: The Sorkening' reminds us who Aaron Sorkin's favorite writer is -- VIDEO

Less than a week to go until we all get to yell about The Newsroom again!

In the meantime, whet your appetite for more quixotic antics, flighty women, and Internet hate with this masterful video — an expansion of Kevin Porter’s original Aaron Sorkinisms supercut, now revamped to prove that Sorkin’s latest series is also something of a Frankenstein’s monster.

David Hasselhoff peddles iced 'hoffee' (and channels David Brent?)


David Hasselhoff has a new music video that you’ll want to watch below. The song, “Thirsty for Love,” is an ad for the New England-based convenience store chain Cumberland Farms, which also used the Hoff in a campaign last summer, and its iced coffee. (Make that “Iced Hoffee,” as Ad Age notes.) Is it just us, or does the Hoff’s wardrobe look familiar?


Hey, Kelly Clarkson, it's time to release an album of cover songs

The time: More than a decade ago — 2002, to be specific — and it was Big Band Week on American Idol. Ugh, this week is going to suck, I said to myself, letting my distaste for the genre shine through. And I would have been correct in my assumption — had it not been for Kelly Clarkson’s rousing, fun-filled, and totally punchy performance of Betty Hutton’s “Stuff Like That There.” That was the first time I remember thinking, with 100 percent conviction, that Kelly Clarkson could sing anything — and it would be far from the last.

Fast forward to today, when I stumbled upon a two-week old YouTube video of her covering Mumford & Sons’s “I Will Wait,” which I’ve been rewinding Michael Scott-style on YouTube for the last four hours. READ FULL STORY

Prepare to cry watching military families reunite -- thanks, 'SportsCenter'

If you normally tear up watching videos of soldiers returning home (as you should), prepare to absolutely sob when you watch the six-minute SportsCenter video below of them surprising their families. Forward it around to hear your office neighbor sniffling through the wall. (I just did.) READ FULL STORY

'Bandz a' makes Stephanie Tanner dance

Full House actress Jodie Sweetin may have just separated from her husband in real life, but at least that gives us an excuse to celebrate the flyness of Stephanie Tanner. And she becomes all the more fly in a video that sets Steph’s dance, originally performed to the B-52’s “Love Shack,” to rapper Juicy J’s “Bandz a Make Her Dance.” Why? Because the Internet, that’s why. Watch it below. READ FULL STORY

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